Rating: NC-17 for smut, fluff, and chocolate.
Pairing: Spike, Xander, and chocolate.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, but you knew that. I also have never tried the chocolate bar described here, but I hear it should be called “Captain Fuck-Me’s Orgasmic Intense Dark Chocolate”. I hear. That’s not mine, either.
Warnings: Chocolate. Gay sex. Two of the most wonderful things in the world, combined.
Dedication: To Leon, for telling me about the chocolate bar. And for calling me mature. You loon. And to all my muses, for being my muses. And, of course, to chocolate, my major downfall and mistress. Mm. Chocolate.


Robin the Crossover Junkie

Xander sat, staring at the delicious looking treat in front of him. It was thick, at three inches, and just long enough, at seven inches. His pupils dilated at the thought of tasting it, and his mouth watered at the scent wafting off it. He ran his index finger down the side, then placed the finger in his mouth, suckling it hungrily. Then he brought the treat to his mouth, first licking the tip and moaning at the taste. He closed his eyes, then closed his lips around the treat, moaning deep in his throat and swirling his tongue around the tip. The taste was driving him insane, and he couldn’t stop moaning.

He slowly sucked it deeper into his mouth, his moans almost continuous as it slipped further and further in.

Spike opened the door to their shared apartment, his ears perking at the sound of Xander’s moans. Rage and disbelief blinded him as he realized what the sounds coming from the bedroom could only mean. Xander’s sheer ecstasy was audible, and his mouth was obviously full. Spike was hurt and angry at the thought that Xander was cheating on him. He stood dumbly, unsure as to whether to enter the bedroom or to simply leave and not come back.

“Oh, man. That was so good. That was amazing. I want more,” Xander sighed form the bedroom, and Spike became livid. He stomped to the room, and threw the door open savagely.

“What the bloody fuck do you think you’re…” He stopped as he saw Xander sitting on the bed, alone, licking his lips and sucking his fingers. “Er… Xan? What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Xander said too quickly.

“Bullshit. Where is he?”

“I’m sorry?” Xander asked, confusion on his face.

“Where the fuck is he hiding? Who is he? Is he human? If he’s not human, I’m going to fucking skin him…” Spike raged, stalking to the bed, and looking under it. He saw nothing but dirty laundry, so he stalked to the closet and ripped the door off. Nobody was hiding inside. He began growling. The window was open, so he moved toward it, and looked around outside. Nobody.

“Who are you looking for?” Xander asked, coming up behind his lover.

“Who were you sucking off, you cheating bastard?!” Spike growled, gamefaced. He leaned toward Xander threateningly.

“I’m sorry?” Xander sputtered. “There’s no one here, and there hasn’t been anyone here.”

“I heard you! You were moaning, and then you said he tasted good! I want to know where he went!” Spike sniffed, expecting to smell semen on Xander’s breath, hoping that would identify the bastard who was taking his lover away from him. He stopped when he didn’t smell sex of any kind on his boy. Xander smelled like soap, sweat, sawdust…and chocolate.

“You…you bastard!” Spike growled, even more vehemently than before. Suddenly he kissed Xander, forcing his tongue into the mortal’s mouth, sweeping his palate for the chocolate, sucking up as much of the taste as he could. “You son of a bleeding bitch! I can’t believe you’d do this to me!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Xander said weakly. He knew he’d been caught.

“You had one, didn’t you? And you didn’t even save any for me!!” His tongue was suddenly in Xander’s mouth again, searching forlornly for more of the chocolate essence.

“Had one what?” Xander asked, attempting to keep up the charade.

“A Terra Nostra Organic 73% Intense Dark Chocolate bar, you bloody bastard!” Spike growled, pushing Xander roughly to the bed.

“I couldn’t wait for you to get home!” Xander protested before Spike was on him, sucking roughly at his lips and tongue, trying to taste more of the sweet candy bar.

When all of the chocolate had been sucked from Xander’s mouth, Spike moved to his fingers and started sucking at them, one by one, to try and taste more. Xander moaned in arousal, Spike’s single-minded administrations driving him insane after the intense experience he’d just had with the magnificent chocolate bar.

Spike noticed his lover’s predicament, and instantly took pity on him. He stripped the panting man down until he was naked, then tore his own clothes off, the taste of the chocolate enough to drive him into his own frenzy. They kissed heatedly, writhing together on the silk coverlet. Spike moved down Xander’s body, tracing a trail of licks, nibbles, and kisses down his chest and abdomen, dipping his tongue into Xander’s navel, until finally he reached his lover’s hard cock, and swiftly enveloped it. Xander gave a shout and began moaning and thrusting his hips up in wild abandon.

“Wanna taste you too,” he gasped as Spike sucked him down to the root and began squeezing the head of his cock with his throat muscles. Spike, without letting go of Xander’s erection, swiveled until his cock was inches from Xander’s face, and Xander’s mouth leapt up and sucked it into the wet heat. Spike moaned at the sensation, the vibrations in his throat causing Xander to jerk and moan himself, which caused another moan to escape from Spike, which in turn caused Xander to moan again. Both men, driven into a tumultuous whirl of arousal, were moaning and gasping, and Xander was the first to let go, thrusting his hips up in a rapid series of jerks, groaning deep in his belly as his seed spilled into Spike’s hungry mouth. Spike swallowed roughly while he thrust his own hips into Xander’s face, fucking his lover’s mouth wildly until he, too, released a flood of semen, which Xander swallowed happily.

They fell back, exhausted, panting. “Bloody bastard. Hiding chocolate from me. And not just any chocolate, either,” Spike muttered, still panting for breath he didn’t need that badly.

“Quit whining, Spike. There’s another one in the nightstand.” With a sudden burst of energy, Spike was opening the drawer with preternatural speed, and unwrapping the delectable chocolate bar. He immediately took a large bite and moaned, chewing while he glared at his human.

“Bloody pillock,” he mumbled around his mouthful.

Xander just smiled. “Finish that, so I can suck it off your tongue, and you can ride me like a pony, and I’ll tell you where the other ones are hidden,” he said, leering at Spike’s pale, lithe body. Spike raised an eyebrow, and continued eating his chocolate, his cock already beginning to harden again at the idea of riding Xander hard.

“Do I get to use the riding crop?” he asked innocently after a moment.

Xander simply smiled again, enigmatically. “Depends how much chocolate you leave me.”

The End

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