Rating: R for naughty language

Disclaimer: I don’t own either of the boys, or any part of Mutant Enemy’s spoils, or you’d have seen SEVERAL All-Naked-All-Gay episodes of both Buffy AND Angel.

Summary: Spike and Xander get ready to go out to a Halloween party. It’s all just dialogue, but I hope you get the jist anyway.

Dedication: To all my muses, because you decided to share the crack. To Carrie, because you’re hot. To all my list-sibs, for giving me slash to make me happy. And to my mom, because if I mention you, maybe you won’t get too mad when you one day inevitably stumble upon my site and see all my lovely gay sex stories.

Costume Party

Robin the Crossover Junkie

“That’s NOT funny, Harris.”

“It’s Harris now, is it? Last night I was ‘Pet’ and ‘Luv’ and ‘God’.”

“If you leave the house dressed like that, I will never shag you again.”

“Says the vamp who can’t keep his hands off me for five minutes.”

“Xan, you can’t go out like that. You’ll make us both look like bloody pillocks.”

“Oh, Spike, come on. Don’t pout. Stop it. I’m not changing. This is my Halloween costume, and this is how I’m dressing.”

“You don’t love me.”

“I said to stop pouting. Spike, turn the puppy-dog eyes off. Spi-i-ike. Sto-o-op. I’m not looking anymore. Nope, not looking.”

“Xa-a-an. Ple-e-ease?”

“It’s a good costume.”

“It’s humiliating.”

“But don’t you think I look sexy?”

“The leather pants are…mmph…very nice. And the shirt makes me want to rip it apart…in the good way. The boots are a little too new, but worn in properly, would be decent. The duster, Luv…that’s the best part.”

“So what’s the…oh…what’s the p-problem?”

“The hair, Luv. You just weren’t meant to be blonde.”

“W-wanna stay in? Skip the party?”


“Oh. Good. Fuck me?”


The End

Xander in costume

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