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Rating: NC-17
Summary: Spike. Xander. Comfort food in the form of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Comfort Food

Robin the Crossover Junkie

“You’ve got that look on your face, luv,” Spike sighed, moving over to his lover, putting a cool hand on the young man’s tense neck. “What’s wrong?”

Xander sighed. Spike could be so cruel, sarcastic, and rude, but it was all for show. In their home, when they were alone, he was completely tender and sweet. Xander couldn’t figure out why he could be so lucky as to have Spike in his life.

“Nothing,” he said, going back to flipping through the channels on the television.

“Yeah. Right,” Spike replied. Okay, so he could be sarcastic when he was tender, too.

“Really, it’s nothing. It’ll pass.” Spike seemed to let go for a moment.

“Anything I can do to help it pass?” he asked softly, stroking Xander’s dark hair. Xander lifted one corner of his mouth in a weak smile.

“I wouldn’t mind some ice cream,” he said, blushing a little. He hated asking Spike to coddle him, but he really didn’t feel like getting up to get his own ice cream.

Spike reached for Xander’s face and held his warm chin in his hand, forcing the man-child to look into his eyes. “Any time you want something, you just ask, ok, Xan? You don’t have to be shy with me. I’ve had my tongue in your ass. You cannot surprise me.”

“Wow, Spike, you’re doing really well with not embarrassing me. Keep it up, really,” Xander said, with a little too much bitterness in his voice. Normally he wouldn’t mind, but he was in such a crappy mood to begin with.

Spike just looked at him for a moment before coming to a decision and nodding his head slightly. Xander guessed he was going to let Xander’s crankiness pass, and had gone to get the ice cream. He heard the freezer door opening, shuffling, and then a drawer opening. What he didn’t hear was a bowl being pulled from the cupboard or a spoon from the drawer. After a few minutes of silence, he finally pushed up off the couch to investigate.

It took him only seconds to reach the entry to the kitchen, but in that time he managed to get angry. He was in a horrible mood, and he didn’t know why. And here, Spike seemed like he was going to be helpful and useful for once, and he goes into the kitchen, and was probably eating the ice cream himself while Xander sat on the sofa feeling crappy. Xander was seething.

Until, of course, he stepped into the kitchen and saw that Spike was NOT there, eating his ice cream. He wasn’t there at all. Xander was livid. The stupid vampire had gone and buggered off, leaving Xander alone in the apartment without even telling him! Xander went to the freezer and jerked it open. He’d get his own damned ice cream, thank you very much.

Only that wasn’t going to happen, because there was no ice cream in the freezer, either. There HAD been, this morning, Xander knew, because he had put it there. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. And now, it was gone.

Xander was…more than livid. He was incensed. Rage ignited in the pit of his stomach. Every fiber in his being was directed at the anger he felt at Spike. If he’d had access to all the magic in the world, he would have conjured up a big ball of sunshine to shove up his vampire’s ass.

His anger grew and grew until it was almost a tangible force within his body as he stomped through the apartment. Spike would have had to go through the front room, where Xander had been sitting in, to leave, and he hadn’t so he was still here somewhere. And Xander was going to have words with the Evil Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Stealing Bastard (TM).

Finally, he wrenched open the bedroom door, preparing to yell at his evil vampire boyfriend. His mouth opened wide, but no sound came out. He didn’t breathe. He couldn’t even move. He was frozen in place, shock almost stopping his heart.

Spike was lying on his back, completely nude, with dollops of the green and brown treat periodically dropped on his body, melting only slightly, due to his room temperature skin. One gob of the ice cream was on his left nipple, and his left hand was up, his fingers playing in the cool substance, as he stared at Xander in the doorway, his blue eyes smoldering as he smirked at his lover.

“Got your ice cream, luv,” he purred, and Xander’s knees almost gave out. To keep from falling, he stepped forward the few steps it took to reach the bed, and crawled up along Spike’s body, licking ice cream off his hip bone, his navel, his rib cage, his nipple, his collar bone, and finally making it to his lips, and kissing the daylights out of him.

“S’good,” Xander murmured, dipping his finger into the slightly melted, just-soft-enough ice cream, and holding the treat up to Spike’s lips. Spike sucked the digit into his mouth and wrapped his tongue around it, cleaning it of all remaining traces of the minty and chocolate flavors. Xander groaned as he pulled his finger out and replaced it with his tongue, trying to steal the ice cream back from Spike, and only barely succeeding.

Spike rolled him over onto his back, settling his own weight on top of the mortal, licking his way down his golden body.

“My turn,” he growled, using his fingers to slap some ice cream on different parts of Xander’s anatomy, and licking it up from top to bottom. Then he worked his way up again, and when all the ice cream was licked up off of Xander’s body, Spike put his cold mouth over Xander’s erection and sucked wetly.

The sensations were too much for Xander. Spike’s mouth had been all over him, enticing, arousing, and finally he was having that cool mouth, that incredible sensation, on his aching cock.

Xander let out a loud cry and came, driven into a frenzy by Spike’s talented mouth in no time. Spike slowly moved up Xander’s body, his eyes laughing as Xander desperately tried to catch his breath.

“Evil Bastard,” Xander panted with a mock glare. Spike just growled lightly and snapped his teeth teasingly at Xander’s nose. Xander laughed breathlessly and lay back on the pillows, boneless.

“Eh, luv, I know this whole exercise was for you and all, but I’m sort of…” Spike started, gesturing down at his still jutting, hard cock. Xander raised an eyebrow and brought his knees up so that his feet were flat on the mattress and his heels were only about a foot from his buttocks. He spread his legs out wantonly, and then reached over to the bucket of partially melted ice cream. He held it up for Spike’s perusal.

“Try to keep the chocolate chips to a minimum,” he said with a coy grin. Spike groaned lustily and dove down to kiss Xander’s mouth. His hands traveled all over Xander’s chest and belly, as he lay down between the mortal’s legs. He started to move against Xander, trying to coax some more life into his satisfied cock. With Spike’s touch and coaxing, it didn’t take long. Soon Xander was moaning and asking for more, and Spike pulled away with a grin.

“Gonna be chilly, luv,” he smirked, and held up a fingerful of the melting ice cream for Xander to lick off. Xander did so, with gusto. Mint chocolate chip ice cream was good, but mint chocolate chip ice cream eaten from Spike’s finger was better. Finally, Spike pulled away his finger, and when Xander moaned dejectedly, there were suddenly icy, ice creamy fingers at his entrance, sliding in. The moan turned into a high-pitched squeak at the shock of the temperature. Xander looked at Spike in surprise.

“How’d you get the chips out with one hand?” he said, his voice still one octave higher than normal as Spike pumped his fingers into his channel, sliding the ice cream in. Spike didn’t answer him, simply crooking his fingers into that one little nub that sent sparks shooting through Xander’s already muddled brain, and making him squeak out a cry of delight.

Suddenly, Spike’s cool fingers were out of his body and into Spike’s lips, as he licked off the traces of ice cream left there. He sighed contentedly, closing his eyes in mint ice cream induced rapture, then smirked suggestively at Xander.

“If your cock isn’t in my ass in the next 3 seconds, I will tie you up and lick ice cream off your entire body for a month, and NOT let you come,” Xander threatened, eyes nearly black with desire. Spike smirked again, and then was suddenly inside Xander, thrusting gently.

“Vampire speed is a beautiful thing,” Xander gasped out, wrapping his arms around his lover’s back. Spike shut him up by pressing his lips to the young mortal’s, treating him to a tongue tasting of mint and cream.

His thrusts sped up, and the melted ice cream lubricating his actions began dripping from Xander’s stretched hole. Both men were moaning, panting, and gasping with pleasure until finally Xander arched back, cried out, and came all over his abdomen. The resulting contractions around Spike’s driving cock sent him over the precipice as well, until he was shuddering over Xander’s body. After a few moments of recuperating, Spike rolled off his lover, and Xander curled up in the crook of his arm, snuggling in.

“Better mood, Luv?” Spike asked, still breathing heavily, despite his lack of need of oxygen.

“There’s no comfort food like mint chocolate chip ice cream,” Xander said, as Spike scooped up a fingerful of the melted confection and held it up for Xander to lick.

The End

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