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Welcome to Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide was officially opened on Monday
5th of March 2007th

Welcome to the Realm of Crimson Tide where
Emperor Otto WolfGang and Empress Phoenix
Wolfgang reside with their family and Members!

In the absence of Emperor and Empress, King
Sage and Queen Charisma are the rulers of
Crimson Tide. If you ever have a problem,
please go to them and they will be happy to

The Emperor and Empress will be returning when
the time is right. So please be on your best
behavior and be kind to one another. Because
they will find out about it when they return.

If u do not want to leave the page lookin at
the links Please right click and it will open
in browser. smiles
CT Rules
Wedding Present Present Page

This is a no kill zone{NKZ} & no capture
zone{NCZ} Neither will be honoured here at any

Page was made by Emperor and Empress' daughter Queen Charisma