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Thursday, 1 February 2007
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Mood:  not sure
Topic: Reading: Gender Blur
This reading was irritating because it is one more piece of literature that compares men and women. Men are always portrayed as beer guzzling, sports watching, agressive, creatures and women are portrayed as just the opposite. In this story in general, I find the old exuse about testosterone an annoying point. I don't care what proof they have about testosterone because I am a woman made up of estrogen, and I am a "tough cookie" as my parents would put it.
My sex is Female and as far as gender goes, I guess I would be in-between. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I will wake up and feel ultra girly, so to speak, and I will throw some hot curlers in my hair and put on my nicest skirt, other days, I feel "slushy," and I only feel like wearing my brothers old football sweatshirt and some baggy sweat-like pants. Does this go against what traditinalists call "feminine?"
I grew up in a small town called Pioneer, which is about 1.5 hours into California from South Shore Lake Tahoe. My favorite toys growing up were: a metal back-o, a plastic dumptruck (construction equiptment), a game called "girl talk," and an assortment of Barbie Dolls. I would have to say Ariel was my favorite because she is a red head like me.
I also only had two brothers, and their names are John (one year, 2 months, and 7 days younger than me-I love him very much), and Jason (not too fond of him). I would do things with them such as: 4-wheeling, collect scorpians (I would try to get the biggest), and just plain get dirty! I would do other things that were more girly with my Aunt Diane whom raised me sinse I was about 2-years-old. We would do manicures/pedicures, play with each others hair and color pretty pictures. I would also like to try make-up on and shave my legs (when she wasn't looking). She always did tell me that I was too young to shave my legs, but I wanted to be pretty like the other girls at school.
Everday for kindergarten my Uncle Jack would put a colorful ribbon in my hair and dress me in a 80's style dress (those pictures are worth a million!!). I would go to school and get dirty playing wall ball, teather ball, and football with the boys sometimes.
I think my interests have more to do with where I grew up, and who I grew up with as opposed to wanting to be "masculine" in my ways. I would say I am about 80% girly, and 10% guyish, and 10% confused. I love to dress and prep as a girl, but my interests in activites may be a little bit on the guyish side. I know the Indianapolis Colts are going to bring it home!!!!!!!

Posted by planet/countrygirlrachel at 6:41 PM PST
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