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CoPait Coalition for Police Accountability and Institutional Transparency


These are the words of Brown students.

Fall 2004

  • I tried to follow a white male into Keeney because I didn’t have card access. When I got closer to him, he started to walk away and almost run. Then I asked him if he could open the door. He proceeded to ask me “You’re not going to steal anything, are you?”
  • You’re not going to steal anything, are you?

Fall 2006

  • I was stopped by a DPS officer on Thayer Street. The officer asked me where I lived and whether I attended Brown. I responded that I was a freshmen and I lived in Emory. He asked me to show my Brown ID, and I complied. He told me that they were looking for a suspect who was a black male wearing a black hoodie.

Fall 2006

  • I was standing outside of Keeney talking on my phone when a Providence police officer approached me and told me to get off my phone. He asked me what my business was
  • What is your business here?
  • What is your business here? Show me your brown ID
  • After I showed him brown id he asked for my state ID
  • He asked me to show my state ID

Spring 2004

  • I was walking with a white friend at dusk when a sedan with 4 white women sped past. The car came back around the block and slowed down to follow us. From the passenger seat one woman yelled to my friend “Get away from that fucking chink!”
  • Get away from that fucking chink!
  • Because I didn’t have a license plate number DPS said nothing could be done for me.
  • DPS said nothing could be done for me
  • Nothing could be done for me

Fall 2005

  • Some racially charged obscenities were written on my door and I called DPS as was the protocol. When the police officer arrived he saw a picture of my friend and spent the whole time talking about how pretty she was. I felt violated and disgusted by his behavior. How dare he trivialize what had happened to me. I didn’t know who to report it to, I didn’t know who would care.

2003, 2005 & 2006

  • I have had 3 experiences in 3 years with sexual assault on Brown’s campus. The first time, I was raped and I said nothing because it was too traumatic.
  • The second time I was an RA for a high school student in Brown’s summer program who was raped while she was here. This time I did report it because she was a minor under my care. When DPS came they were incredibly disorganized and rude to the victim and me. She and I had to answer the same questions repeatedly. After the incident, she was expelled because she had been drinking when she was raped. And the DPS officers tried to get me fired.
  • In my third encounter with sexual assault, I was again the victim. This time, I didn’t report it. Not because it was too traumatic or I couldn’t speak but because I knew that nothing would be done about it.
  • Not because it was too traumatic
  • Not because I couldn’t speak
  • I didn’t report it because I knew that nothing would be done about it

Spring 2006

  • I was returning from the CIT, early in the morning, around 5 o'clock, after a long paper writing session. It was raining so I had on a black rain coat, my pajamas and flipflops, and my backpack. I was returning to my dorm in Grad Center. The streets where empty besides a PPD car in front of DPS. As I made my way towards the grad center ramp, the cop started to drive about 60 miles and hour in reverse. I kept walking until I heard him whistle at me. He whistled again and yelled, “Hey, papi!”
  • Hey Papi! When I turned around, the cop in the car, who was white, beckoned me to come to the car. I put my hands to my face, and to shield it from the bright lights and started walking forward. The cop asked me if I went to Brown and asked to see my ID. When I put my hand in my pocket, I couldn’t help think of stories where wallets had been mistaken for guns. After I showed my ID the cop just said "wrong person" then pulled off. No apology. No explanation. The thing that really made me angry was the lack of respect. This incident this incidence made me feel powerless, vulnerable and angry. I wanted to make a complaint but I didn't write down the police car number or get the guy’s name, so I felt that it would be fruitless.


Fall 2006

  • I was assaulted by officers, while officers of Brown Police and Providence Police were either present or involved in the beating.
  • Brown Police and Providence Police were either present or involved in the beating
  • This stemmed from me walking away from Brown police after being asked to show ID. Luckily there were two witnesses who are also Brown students.  Among other things, I have concerns surrounding my arrest, the amount of force used, and the way officers reacted to witnesses watching the incident.

Fall 2006

  • Early this fall I hosted a party in my dorm. DPS showed up at 3:30. The officers screamed “Jesus Christ, shut the fuck up!” and “What the fuck is wrong with you people?”
  • What the fuck is wrong with you people?
  • The other officer eventually called us “Motherfuckers.” I said, “You don’t have to talk to us like that.” He responded abruptly and aggressively. He said that if I didn’t “shut the fuck up” that I would be “locked up.” Officer Timothy Dube’s response was even more aggressive. He jerked me by the shirt and attempted to pull me outside the room. I pulled away from the officer and said several times, “Why are you putting your hands on me? Don’t put your hands on me.” He said, “Come talk to me outside pure playa. Come here gangsta.” Since when did I become a gangsta?
  • Since when did I become a gangsta? A criminal? Had my gathering been a cocktail party, had I been dressed in a tuxedo, had I been playing classical music instead of Hip Hop, had I been white, would he have referred to me as a “gangsta?” The officers tried to convince us that if we didn’t file a report against them we would get in less trouble. That is a conspiracy to falsify a police report. The police report was incomplete and included fabricated information.
  • “I hate other ethnicities” was written on my white board. DPS said there was nothing they could do about it.
  • 3 white males approached me. They talked about how they were going to gang rape me. Said things like, “Oo, you’d love us long time, right?”
  • Oo, you’d love us long time, right?
  • “Fuck Blax Minorities” written on my whiteboard
  • Walking on Thayer. Truck of white males. They shouted, “Go back to where you came from!”
  • Go back to where you came from!
  • Walking down the street. Car of white males shouted “White Power!”
  • Outside of Keeney and on Thayer. They shouted, “Nigger!” and, “Go back home!”
  • Walking by the Van Wickle Gates. Car passed and threw two eggs. They shouted, “Find your own school!”
  • Find your own school!
  • This is our Brown experience.
  • We have been violated by people who are supposed to protect us. We have been taught that these experiences are not legitimate concerns in the eyes of DPS and the administration.
  • Our experiences are not legitimate?
  • Our experiences have been trivialized
  • We have been told by those who are supposed to protect us that there is nothing that can be done.
  • That they can do nothing for us. That they will do nothing for us.
  • In doing nothing, DPS and the administration have enabled us to be violated repeatedly. They have supported this abuse by not supporting us. And they have silenced us.
  • We have been silenced. But we will not be silenced anymore
  • We will not be silenced anymore
  • We will not be silenced anymore
  • We will not be silenced anymore
  • We will not be silenced anymore