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The Treatment of Conduct Disorder When Considering Comorbid Disorders, Attachment Theory, and Multisystemic and Multimodal Treatment.

I am a graduate student at Capella University studying Counseling Psychology in the Harold Abel School of Psychology. This is my Masters Final Project on the treatment of children and adolescents with conduct disorder across several settings and how treatment needs to be both multisystemic and multimodal to be successful. The first part is a literature review and the second part is an applied practice treatment plan.

Part One - Overview on current Literature Regarding Treatment of Conduct Disorder

Part 2 - Application: Treatment of Conduct Disorder with a Multimodal and Multisystemic Approach When Considering Comorbid Disorders and Attachment Style.

This manuscript and all information contained within cannot be copied or used without written permission from the author. All inquiries and questions should be sent to Nicole Ubinger at or to
1233 Anthony Street
Hancock MI 49930.