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Clan UDA

Clan UDA, the Undead Alliance, is a Warcraft 3:TFT clan that specializes in Wintermaul Wars (WMW) and Defense of the Ancients (DotA). This website has information on the clan itself, the clan's members, downloadable maps, strategy guides, upcoming events, and will have a link to our forums.

This Website is still -Under Construction-. I apologize for the advertisements that assault you with products you will never buy, and services which claim to be good, yet suck (take that, AOL!!). Anyways, eventually, hopefully soon, this website will move to a new host with a real domain name. This URL kinda sucks too, but trust me, the other choices were far more gruesome. Anyways, I'll end this rant and let you explore the four pages of one line of text each. Enjoy! ;)

Well, one more thing... I've personally noticed the back button doesn't like this web page, or perhaps I should say, it LOVES this web page, because it won't work. If you're having this problem as well, PLEASE send your angry letters to angelfire, not to me. Thanks! :)


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