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Chris Zack


Kitteridge Commons Box 305 Boulder, CO 80307 United States

Email Address: Phone (work):  303-303-0000 Phone (other):  n/a Fax (work):  n/a


Profiler 2006 - Present NSA National Security Agency Denver, CO United States  

    Board Membership and Affiliations 

  Honorary 2005 - Present F.O.P. Fraternal Order of Policev Denver, CO United States  


  B.S., Criminal justice 1993 - 1997 University of Colorado Boulder, CO United States  


  Ju Jitsu Black Belt Third Degree 1998 Kenkojuko Association  


  2006--- Chris Zack known as "ZenMaster Zack" has resided in Boulder Colorado for the last 25 years. Chris' livelihood has been bounty hunting special case suspects for Federal Departments as a contractor.

The past 5 years his concentration has been on all the people who have tried to associate themselves with the Jon Benet Murder Case of 1996. His concern is not to solve that case, but to follow the trail left behind by those who interfered with the investigation and seek out their true motives and current livelihoods.

Besides this issue, Chris has worked with local authorities to compile a library of information about Boulder's liberal extremist community. Those who show themselves in times of protest or in support for issues frowned on by the law.

These people and their groups consist of a wide array of cliques and organizations that seem to band together when the need is there, and can block civilian activities and mototraffic by gathering up to a thousand dissidents at one time on Boulder's city streets.

Chris has infiltrated the groups through the years as a Zenlike Hippy type but his description wont be revealed here; too many people have become acquainted with him and it would create serious consequences if his true identity was revealed and expose his connections to vigilante work. This is how Chris earned his meals and mattress.

Key figures in his hunt have turned out to be members in the Green Party, Libertarians, Oddfellows, Freemasons.

Other communities he has evaluated have been the Rave Kids of the 90's and Mother Earth Sound Systems and their Affiliates; also the 500 who gathered at "The Launch Pad" with the "Double Dose Twins"; and also the 300 who participated in the mostly defunct "Sacred Herb Church" which caused a circus of mischief through the central city for years.

There was an earlier Hemp Affiliation with a number of activists who also made the news in their own ways:The Boulder Hemp Initiative (a.k.a. CHI - Colorado Hemp Initiative) This was the group that created the first bill to a state legislature about the proposal of Compassionate Cannibas; a rival to the Medical Marijuana bill. This group viewed Medical Marijuana pursuit as an unneccesary step towards the legalization of Marijuana. They believed the law should simply be compassionate to the individual user who lives a lifestyle using Hempproducts and smoking Marijuana as long as they are not involved in violent or illicit crime.

The actions of some of these people have raised red-flags for the authorities and they needed investigating. Most of these individuals have shown up on FBI lists of suspiscion 2 or 3 times previously.

Some of the hottest targets Chris has followed up on are as follows:

Walter Lee Hill: known by several names, formerly assistant DA in SanDiego. He posed as an Attorney in Boulder and infiltrated the Jon Benet Ramsey Case for alterior motives. He was on the defense team for Leonard Peletier also for alterior motives. He works with the radical terrorist organization in the American Indian Movement and has been quietly the head of a Special Ops group supported by the CIA. He is suspected to be CIA himself all this time. Walter Lee Hill is now a seriously hunted man, who may have gone underground or is already dead. State and federal warrants are out on this man. He vanished in 2003.

This trail leads to many people in Boulder. Attorney Dennis Blewit a high ranking officer in the Freemasons who seemed to sabotage all his colleague Hill was investigating.

Another man appeared as Hill's messenger then later posed as Hill's partner who also went by several names Tom, Chris, John etc.. who turned out to work for the Bush Administration and had direct ties with Israeli government officials.

Other people on Chris' list are the late John Sherwood-retired CIA who apparently talked too much around town about his career and feared for his life and ended up dead from what was called a suicide but was very suspiscious. There is a handful of CIA in Boulder who will remain unammed because they are still powerful, but Chris put much surveillance on them as well, especially a certain giant man possibly a former "Super-Soldier".

Several reproters were subjects of Chris' investigations, particularly the tablloid journalist who violated every possible law during the Jon Benet investigation: Jeff Shapiro, then of the National Enquirer. Which also led Chris to a social work assistant helping runaways in Boulder, the late Beverly Turner who interviewed several Jon-Benet murder suspects already incarcerated for other offenses and believed she knew the true killer.

Also there were the Marijuana Church people: Tom Brown-Former Mayor of Ankorage Alaska and President Clinton's neighbor in Little Rock Arkansas. He officiated the indoctrinating of the reverend Mike Domangue into Boulder's history; who presented a Nazi flag to the Mayor of Boulder on live television, while having huge Smoke Outs in the center of the city. To protect his congregation from Harrassment, He created a false bomb scare as a covert tactic to get the Police to stop harrassing his people and focus on a different thing. He often incited revolution to his followers. Rev. Domangue was chased out of town by the FBI, just to return and to be harrased by Feds for one newsworthy stint after another. His successor Reverend Evan Rude (cant tell if that's this guy's real name) was a very outspoken man, honest but also inciteful, but was squelched quickly when his life was turned upside down by the "Trafficking" of his own daughter; this kept him in a legal loophole for years. The authorities were content to keep it that way.

Then a New York kid put into place to head the "Sacred Herb Church" and made a run for Mayor of Boulder. Jahn Kefa was his penname that stuck, but he was really Joshua Katzenberg. A three time listing on the FBI watchlist since childhood. His earliest record wasn't clear, having to do with himself being Trafficked on the Black Market as an infant during Congress' 1960's attempt to remove Native American Children from their reservations and put them in foster homes. As a teen, was an organizer in the SHAD Alliance during the Anti-Nuclear movement during the late 70's and was listed as a militant with knowledge of pyrotechnics, small explosives and martial-arts. Kefa didnt show up again on the watchlist until he arrived in 1996 at the Church in Boulder and was caught on film. Later he affiliated with the previously mentioned CIA operative Walter Lee Hill and became an informant. Chris traced Kefa to New England in 2003 when the kid interfered with Human Trafficking Cases as his own vigilante. According to northeast offices, Kefa has been squelched by other authorities and no other info is available.

Agua Das the well known Hemp Activist has tried promoting all the health benefits and industrial resources that could be made from Hemp or Marijuana. He has tried to promote these methods but the Feds do their best to keep him unssuccessful. He and his colleagues and 150 Medical Marijuana Patients from the early hemp movement in Boulder and on the front range had fallen victim to FBI raids in 2003. Other notable people who stemmed from the Early Hempsters and victimized by these raids: Laura Kriho the infamous Juror's rights Activist. Cathy Brown of One Brown Mouse Bakery and Michael "Grateful Fred" Smith 3 time Mayor Candidate. Chris Zack has investigated them all and there are many more; and has built a Library of information for the Feds.

The Launch Pad and Mother Earth were just the many soldiers and participants in the gatherings and protests which obstructed justice.

This is just the surface that was scratched by Chris. To the Federal Government he has many merits.

Chris Zack has a wife and 2 kids and a beautiful Aspen home in the Rockies; his well earned reward for going undercover and living the streetlife in one part of town and a suitman on the professional side of town. In 2006 he has been offered an impressive position with the NSA. But after that, he will no longer be known as Chris Zack or the Zenmaster.

Profile Provided by Joe Stammer - Campus Press, Boulder Colorado