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Presentation Vs. Content

     When one is making a website, you want to make it fit in the gray area between presentation and content, You want to do this so that your site has plenty to teach or entertain but at the same time not look drab and boring. The main point of a website should be content. Most people surfing the web are going to be searching for content rather that presentation. This doesn't, however, mean that it outweighs presentation. Presentation can attract people to the content and keep them interested in a site.
     Presentation is going to be the first thing somebody notices when they enter a site. If the presentation is too unorganized and boring, regardless of how good the content is, your visitors will probably leave. You want to make your website look stylish and welcoming. Presentation, however, should not be overdone, if there's no content to it, then what's the point of the presentation? It is important to remember that the main point of a website is its content rather than its presentation.
     Lets say you were looking up information on cows, this site has plenty of information but only two or three pictures, however this site, well, it's just flat out weird.


Created February 22 2007
Last Updated February 22 2007
2007 Christopher Wallis