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The Importance of Meta tags

Assignment 2

     Meta tags are things that tell search engines, such as Google or Yahoo! how to describe your website. This makes meta tags extremely significant because most visitors to a website are probably going to come through a search engine. Most people probably aren't even going to bother with a site that has no description since they won't know what to expect and will make you seem like an amatuer, but if put a descriptive meta tag, people may spark interest in your topic and visit your site. Your meta tag, is going to be your first impression, as minor as it seems, it's one of the most important step in website creation.
     A meta tags function doesn't stop there though, it also attaches key words to your website, so if somebody types in a key word that matches yours, your website will show up, probably not immediatly but somewhere down the list, it will. If you don't put in key words, then nobody will find your website. It's also important that you put in keywords that match your website so that you get the right people coming to your site. This is even more important than your meta tag description because whats the point of a description if nobody can see it? Meta tags are a significant part of any website and should be always be there if you expect to see any visitors to your site.