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Check out our fine gourmet selection.

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  • Garlic Bread - Only the freshest garlic and finest bread used
  • Cheese Bread - Nothing beats this cheesy goodness
  • Breadsticks - Simply bread and butter
  • Fries - They don't get any tastier than these
  • Onion Rings - You'll never taste an onion ring better than these
  • Salad - A great choice for a heathy eater
  • Soup - An unusual appetizer but we emphasize diversity here at Gourmet Pizza.
  • Soda - Cola, Sprite, Root Beer...
  • Tea
  • Alchoholic Beverages - Beer, Wine...
  • Milk - Keep your bones stong!
  • Juice - Apple, orange, grape...
  • Ice Cream - Try our new flavor: tomato!
Main Course

  • Cheese Pizza - Fairly self-explanatory
  • Pepperoni Pizza - The classic pizza, just pepperoni and cheese.
  • Hawaiian Pizza - Ham,cheese, and pinapples. A very Refreshing choice.
  • Everything Pizza - A little bit of everything, pepperoni, sausage, ham, salami, olives, and mushrooms.
  • Hungry Man's Pizza - Can you surpass the hungyman's 5 layers of topping with a enormous crust to match it? If you can finish it, the bills on us.
  • Mystery Pizza - Can't decide what to get, then let us pick for you!
  • Hamburger - Pizza may not suit your taste but we gurantee you this burger will.
  • Pasta - 100% satisfaction rate.
  • Meatballs - Don't underestimat the flavor of this fine cusine.
Christopher Wallis 2007
Last updated March 09 2007