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History of Jurong Island

The idea for integrated chemicals hub was mooted in the 1980s, when it became evident that the chemical cluster was capable of contributing significantly to the economic growth of Singapore. With the appointment of JTC Corporation (JTC) as the agent of the Jurong Island project in 1991, the seeds of success were sown for the ‘Jurong Island Chemicals Hub’.

Since then, Jurong Island has been transformed from a sporadic collection of seven islets into an integrated island of industrial excellence with only one aim in mind: to nurture an optimal concentration of fully integrated chemical and supporting industries. The vision for Jurong Island is to develop it into a world-class chemicals hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

With more than half the island reclaimed, Jurong Island is now home to 72 petroleum, petrochemical, specialty chemical and supporting companies from around the world, with a total investment value worth approximately US$13 billion. Yet Jurong Island is still growing. With reclamation works targeted to be completed in 2004, Jurong Island will increase by more than three times to reach a land area of about 3,200 hectares.