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                                                Chez Michelle Persians        


          Welcome to My New Website !!!!  

   Pronounced ( Shay Michelle ) 


                                 John and I have been showing cats in  AFCA, SPCA ,TICA & CFA since 1992. We started out in Household Pet Class. I worked hard perfecting my grooming skills and what it actually took to have a winner.

           John, with the help of Jan Chambers, set up an Excel spread sheet program to keep up to the minute statistics of our competitors and of course our Cats chances of placing a Regional or International winner.

Our ultimate Goal is to raise top quality Persians. In the meantime, we enjoy competing in the Show Hall !

     We had our 1st Litter in October of 2007 . I love it ! We decided to KEEP our 1st born ! Now how can you not love a kitten???? But you know what? Two kittens are far more much FUN!


                                                                             Cathy & John 


                          Contact us at :



Just some of our past Show Cats



ITICA INCATS 1992-  "4th Best" All White Division out of over 73 solid WHITE CATS

SPCA 1995 " "BEST OF THE BEST" in Show"

                                                 TICA SUPREME GRAND MASTER , 

                                          1999 TICA South Central 

                                                                                                  14th BEST Household Pet                                                          





                                                                               Diego Legend Of Zorro 

                                                                                                              now 9 yrs old 

                                                                                                                            a very spoiled 10 POUND BOY



                                       CFA GRAND PREMIER                        CFA GRAND, TICA TRIPLE GRAND CHAMPION  

                       TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter                  Bayou Moon Little Bit-of-Honey of Chez Michelle        

                      2006 6th Best Alter - South Central Region                             " Miss Honey"

                          Cacao Tabbie Teaser Delight  (DeDe)                                 


                                                                              TICA 2006-07

                                                                         Supreme Grand Champion, South Central Region 12th Best Longhair        

                                                              CFA Champion     BAYOU MOON PHANTOM OF Chez Michelle





                                                                             CFA GRAND CHAMPION

                                                       TICA SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION ALTER

                                                                 KAPULO ALL THE HARD WAYS ("Hardy")

                                                                 will be a South Central Regional Winner          

                                                                              2007-2008 Season in TICA 



                                                          WE FEED EXCLUSIVELY

                           "ROYAL CANIN PRO PERSIAN"






STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION -----grrrrr!!! Vista Publisher is not working for me!!! ALL PHOTOS BY HELMI FLICK, CHANAN & LARRY JOHNSON