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Welcome to my website. I am very happy that you came to visit me today.

Do you ever wonder…
•  What your life purpose is?
•  Why your life never seems to change the way you want it to? 
•  What your future holds?

My name is Cheryl Scheinin, I am a Healer, Clairvoyant, and Spiritual Medium. My spiritual gifts have opened my heart and helped me to see who I really am. The challenges I’ve overcome in my life and having the proper teachers guide me to fine- tune my spiritual gifts has helped me grow and be able to be a nurturing teacher to others.

When we learn to look at the opportunities in everyday challenges, life can teach us many things. Personally, I’ve had many spiritual experiences which have taught me to re-examine my life and look at every experience as a lesson. There have been many times that I’ve felt that life was cheating or confusing me. No doubt, that sometimes, I still do. I would allow these challenges to stop my progress. But I have learned to sit and examine challenging situations in my life and explore the growth opportunities that they offer me. I have grown spiritually from each and every one.

Conflicts with people in my life have opened my eyes to a new horizon. It’s like putting up a mirror to my soul – I see myself from a whole new perspective. What used to bring about arguments with other people, I’ve discovered, is most often what I need to learn about myself. It took me a long time to view the hardships I’ve experienced in my life as lessons. My relationship with Spirits has truly opened my eyes to really feel and hear the messages either in my heart or my head. Spirit has shown me how I have truly hurt myself along my own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual journey.

Life is only hard if we allow the lessons in our life to be hard. I truly feel that we can set our own life intentions; every thought we think is a very powerful tool for creating our own life path – good and bad. We have the ability to challenge the universe with our words. We can have the happiness, inner peace, love and joy that we crave for ourselves by understanding who we are and what Spirit really wants for us. Above all, we have to want it for ourselves and truly believe that it can happen!

Each and every one of us wants good things to come our way. We must also expect this for others. Once we understand the concept of karma, we see that what comes around goes around. There are karmic lessons for us with each person we meet and we grow from each and every one. It was really hard for me to understand my karmic life lesson with each loving person or negative person that I shared my conflicts with. I can tell you that I have learned to appreciate every relationship I have – even if that means letting people go who no longer serve a purpose in my life.

Let’s begin your new journey by looking into your life now.  Allow me to help you find the answers to your questions today. I want to help you find your destined path in your career, love relationship, family, personal, and spiritual life. I am happy to assist you through any healing area of your life. Let’s start shutting the old doors that no longer need to be open and exploring the new doors that will soon be opening in your life. Exciting changes are on the horizon for you!


 You can contact me at (800) 476-1125  or Email me directly at

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1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 01931526


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