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David's Pet Emporium


"Looking after your pets needs"

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Dave's Pet Emporium

Dave's Pet Emporium was founded by Dave Wards in 1999 but is now operated by his son Dave Junior.
When "Big" Dave first went into business back in 1949 it was Dave's Sheep shack in Te Kuiti.
He was a sheep farmer and people from miles around would come to his shack for his world class farming services.
Since then his business has carried on by his family and they have continued his legacy of world class service.
For over 50 years they have provided communities with sound advice and care.
Expanding from farm care to domestic pet services and including a brand new mobile service.

Your locally owned and operated pet store

Pet Products Summary

  1. Pet Toys- Balls, chew toys

  2. Pet Care products-Shampoo, scent, combs and brushes

Pet services Summary

  • Vet Services- worming, vaccinations day surgery

  • Pet grooming- Washing (inc mobile), hair and nail trimming

  • Pet Counselling- our very own pet whisperer can help your angry pet, calm down.

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