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chemical warfare

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Types of Chemicals

There were many chemicals gases that were used in war.During war they use chemicals that affect many people in war they use gases such as a lachrymators this gas was designed to affect the eyes and cause respiratory problems.They also use a gas called asphyxiators this gas was made to enter the lungs and prevent oxygen from reaching the blood.In the war they mainly used chemical gas named the sternuttators thise gas was one of the main gas they used because it makes respiratory irritation and sneezing nausea and vomoting. The first use of chemical gases!

The first use of chemical gas was by the Germans in the eastern front on january 3,1915.The first use on the western front came later on in april 22,1915 in the village of langemarck near Ypres.At 1700 hours the Germans released a 5 mile wide cloud of chlorine gas from 520 cylinders.The greenish-yellow cloud drifted over and into French and Algerian trenches where it caused wide spread panic and death.The time of chemical warfare had begun. most deadliest chemical!

World war 1 was the first war to use mustard was the most deadlieast biological weapon that was used in the trenches.Mustard gas was odourless it took 12 hours to take effectit was also very powerfull and obsolete!