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My name is William Henry Lewis. Most recent acquaintances only know me as "Wil Lewis." I am the co-founder of KINGDOM ENTERPRISE$ (since 1989), Xtravagant Worship (XW) and the [human] developer of BASIC TRAINING DISCIPLESHIP SYSTEMS.

This is a by-invitation-only web page developed only as a temporary "just for the record" documentation tool used by myself to make known some little known information to a few special people I hope to be working and enjoying life with for a very long time.

My personal "Rapid-Transformation Challenge" officially begins February 22, 2006 -- as I launch the new "Alliance" of Xtravagant Worship, which is aimed at creating momentum among ministries and ministry-minded people.....

. . . . . . . { more to come! } . . . . . . .

PLEASE NOTE: I threw this page up in an hour or so today JUST to have a web presence to link you to. At my earliest opportunity, I will organize information here with additional links, etc; but for now, suffice it to say:

As of the eve of February 22 (Feb. 21; 5:55 PM), this is my "ground zero" starting point:

NO cash savings

NO established income

NO bank accounts

NO credit cards

NO established or decent credit - due to identity theft & credit fraud

NO known contacts for personal financial favors

NO automobile

NO residential phone service of my own

NO cellular phone service

NO computer (laptop or desktop)

NO voicemail service

NO home address of my own (temporarily at a family member's)

BUT... I DO have GOD and a divine opportunity in marketplace ministry with a God-centered Company!

Click here to see my goals.

Return here in 7-10 days, 30 days, 60 days and 100 days to witness the RAPID TRANSFORMATION in EVERY ARENA of my life!!!