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Fashionably ANorexic

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"Excessively thin” is the aesthetically preferred body type in America. Ideal body type within a society is a determined by a biopsychosocially-guided preference, and in America, body type is overwhelmingly controlled by the media’s skewed representation of a healthy body. Fashion models have become a hallmark representation of the aesthetically thin body, and the rampant display of their excessively thin bodies generates pressure for all other bodies to conform to their standard. The medium used to project this unhealthy body image includes everything from fashion advertising to television programs. Insecurity is created when average bodies are unable to compare to ideal bodies. The fashion industry is supported by insecurity when the ideal body is sold to the average body in the form of a product. It is no wonder so many girls turn to anorexia when they cannot achieve the ideal body on their own.

Click on the video to see models speak out against the medias obsession with THIN.