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Steps for using CEM EOD Data Downloader & Converter

  1. Select ‘Download Data from BSE & NSE’ from main menu.
  2. Select date range & exchange (BSE or NSE) then click ‘download’.  (data of BSE are available for past 3 months & NSE are available since 1995)
  3. After download select ‘Organize Favorite Scripts’ from Main Menu.
  4. Now click ‘Open’ & select any downloaded NSE EOD data file. (It will be in folder ‘Application Path/Download/NSE’)
  5. You will get list of all scripts. Select any scripts & right click on it to add to your favorite.
  6. Now Right click on any favorite script & select ‘open data’.
  7. On the ‘Data’ Menu click ‘Import’. All data’s of that scripts will be extracted from downloaded EOD data of NSE.
  8. Now you can calculate ATP, %change etc. or you can sort data by Date, High, open, close or ATP etc. You can also export data for Amibroker or FCharts.
  9. Other way to import downloaded data – If you have many scripts in your favorite, you do not need to open each script & Import. Simply click ‘Import Downloaded Data’ from Main Menu.
  10. To directly convert data for other TA software (Skip para 6 to 9 above), click 'Data Converter' from Main Menu. You can convert EOD data (downloaded by our software) for Metastock, FCharts & Amibroker.
  11. There is also a feature to export data directly to Amibroker.

Data will be converted for your Favorite scripts only. This will save time in unnecessarily converting data of all scripts. To add script to your favorite, please read para 3 to 5 above.

We will further update it for filtering stocks for Buy or Sell alerts. For this we need expert’s formula. If you have any idea, please mail us at

Software Best Performs with Windows XP. If you are using Windows 98, You will need MDAC2.8 installed on your system. If you doesn't have MDAC2.8, please install it from the link given below. If you do not know about it, it is advised to install it first before installing CEM EOD Downloader.

Click Here to Download CEM EOD Downloader New

Updates are available at -

Download Link for MDAC2.8 (For Win 98 Users)

How To Import in -