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Welcome to Cece Celestial Goddess

I welcome you as a Goddess in training, and as a Wife and mother, grandparent, friend,and sister. If YOU are one of US, then you can understand the Complex nature of Womanhood. We find that WE are so many things to So many people. And usually wear a variety of different Hats. But what of OURSELFS? Do we take the time to celebrate OUR diversity? To nurture OURSELFS at least as well as we do our own families? Some of us do, others forget that to Pamper/celebrate/ and nurture one self is to allow and acknowledge our OWN limitations, and importance. Thus, to see the NEED to enhance and restore our physical, spiritual, and mental well-being so we can be better people to our families and others. Fuel, and tune up the machine, as it may be. I'm a LUCKY Lady. I work doing what I like to do. I'm a designer, working in many mediums. Most of my time is spent creek side under the shade of our own private forest. The sound of running water permeates all my creations. I dress, as I want, casual bikini w/sarong or perhaps some flowing Goddess like attire is what I'll choose. Depending on the "task at hand", even shorts, jeans and a tool belt may grace my form.I read quite a bit, and take time for facials, and the painting of toes.I listen to Enya and Baka beyond type of music, and eat lots of vegetables. I am currently raising 2 boys, as my 2 girls have grown and moved on . I'm married to a wonderful man, who embraces Women energy, and he is genuinely appreciative of who I am. He cares & likes me. So as NOT to loose my Women energy in a household of men, I work at REMEMBERING that I am beautiful, talented, and can TRY anything, and often do succeed at it. Id like to connect more spiritually with local women in my community thru women's circle, yet residing rurally distances often can make that difficult. Living as we do, in a small town we all know that it often takes a whole village to raise one child. What often helps another helps oneself. Remembering our own needs, with inner confidence, opens doorways to self-fulfillment, and happiness. If WE don't, who will? It's the trickle down effect.

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