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Cassie Destino
Cassie Destino
941 Robinson Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026
- London Film School
MFA Art and Technique of Film Making
Documentary Thesis
- University of California at Los Angeles
Cinema Program
- University of California at Santa Barbara
Sociology Major
Work Experience
- Chain Camera Pictures, Los Angeles, California
7/2005  9/2005
I provided office and set assistance to Kirby Dick,
director and Eddie Schmidt, 
producer during the production of This Film Is Not Yet
- Guest Lecturer and Documentary Filmmaker in
Residence - London Film School
I guided students through their documentary projects
using my films as a guide and I was responsible for
producing, directing and editing a promotional film
for the school.
Resident Director - Faction Films, London
I was the only American at an American based
documentary production company. I 
developed various projects with the other directors
and producers, filmed my own 
projects and provided general support to several
production teams.
- Personal Assistant to Jon Reiss, Filmmaker - Los
Angeles, California
1996- 2000
We made two films during this time.
Better Living Through Circuitry, documentary 1999
This is a film about the culture of electronic music
at that time.
My duties included working in the production office,
second unit directing and managing production
Cleopatra's Second Husband, fiction 1997
My duties included casting assistant, on set
production assistant along with countless other duties
on both films.
Primary Film Experience
Pokermama (producer, camera and director)
Documentary shot in Las Vegas and Los Angeles on Dvcam
Color, 2003, 36 min
A character study of my relationship with my mother
set against the backdrop of the World Series of Poker.
This film has played in several festivals all over the
world and aired on British television.
Pursuit (director)
Shot entirely on location in London on 16mm
Black and While, silent, 2000, approx. 3 minutes
A man mysteriously runs through the London streets
causing much bother.
The Railroad Earth (director and editor)
Shot entirely on location in London on 16mm
Color, 2000, approx. 3 minutes
A visual montage featuring a poem read by Jack Kerouac
The Opportunist's Guide (producer, director and
A music video for the band Strain shot in Los Angeles
on miniDV
A band plays to an indifferent audience at a coffee
shop cut with stages live performance
Eddie Schmidt, Producer of Chain Camera Pictures
Jon Reiss, filmmaker
Ben Gibson, Director of The London Film School
+44 (0) 207 836 9642
Sylvia Stevens, Executive Producer at Faction Films,
+44 (0) 207 690 4447