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Girlguiding South West England
Grants and Loans
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Have you ever thought about applying for a Region grant for an international trip or a Girlguiding UK training course or event or a training or event which will lead to you gaining a new qualification? Girlguiding South West England can also offer interest free loans over a 5 year period to help with the cost of a building or maintenance project or the purchase of necessary equipment for your headquarters.

Since writing to you last year we have updated the criteria for the grant and loan funds that we can offer you. A summary of the grant and loan funds available from Girlguiding South West England is outlined below.

If you are uncertain about whether you would be eligible to apply for a grant or loan please contact the Executive Administrator at Region Headquarters who will be pleased to try and help you.

Girlguiding South West England,
St Ann's Manor, 6-8 St Ann Street
Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 2DN

Office Hours:

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Grants and Loans given by Girlguiding South West England
Leadership and Training Grants
Leadership and Training grants are available to assist Senior Section Members, Guiders and Commissioners from all Counties and Islands to apply for a grant towards the costs of:
  • training at and/or travelling to a Girlguiding UK Training and Activity Centre
  • attending training events organised by Girlguiding UK
  • attending trainings or events which will lead to a qualification

A grant of 33% will be awarded for approved applications. The grant is based on travel costs, event fee, accommodation and food if it is not already included in the event fee.

Region International Travel Grants
Region International Travel grants are available:
  • for leaders and delegates taking part in Area or Unit group international visits
  • for individual members participating in International Guiding events or going on international visits with a Guiding purpose

A grant of 5% will be awarded for approved applications. The grant is based on travel costs, event fee, accommodation and food if it is not already included in the event fee.

The Revolving Fund
Interest free loans of up to £2,000 are available from the South West England Revolving Fund. The loans are to help Units, Districts, Divisions or Counties/Islands with the cost of building or maintenance projects for the benefit of members of Girlguiding South West England. For example, loans will be considered for:
  • Acquiring a new building
  • Maintenance, repair or improvements to existing buildings
  • Purchase of necessary equipment for a building
  • Maintenance, repair or improvement of existing equipment

Approved loans will normally be repaid in 5 years.

The Buchanan Legacy
Grants from the Buchanan Legacy are awarded at the sole discretion of the Chief Commissioner to fund "special projects".

"Special projects" are likely to be something, which does not fall into the criteria for any other South West England grant. It could be for a "one-off, chance of a lifetime" experience or for a specific interest that will ultimately benefit Guiding in South West England. It could be a special training course leading to a qualification – in fact it could be anything.

If you are interested in applying for a Buchanan Legacy grant, please write a letter of application giving details of your "special project" and send it to the Chief Commissioner at Region Headquarters.