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This section is split into four parts - books about Caroline, books featuring Caroline (such as interviews),
books that contain only passing mentions and/or just photos of Caroline, and a separate section 
on James Bond books. They are arranged alphabetically by author.

Books About Caroline     Books Featuring Caroline     Passing Mentions     James Bond

Passing Mentions in Books

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. At the Earth's core. Doubleday Science-Fiction Book Club, 1976.
- film tie-in book
- includes black and white photos from the film, including Caroline
- no further details known
- country of publication: UK


JHC Believe This.JPG (19826 bytes)

Chase, James Hadley. Believe this ... you'll believe anything. Thriller Book Club, 1976. 
hbk. No ISBN.
- Caroline on the cover of this edition (not sure if on the cover of Robert Hale edition)
- country of publication: UK




JHC_Lilies.JPG (25390 bytes)

Chase, James Hadley. Lay her among the lilies. Corgi, 1975. pbk. ISBN 0-552-09551-6
- Caroline on the cover of this edition
- country of publication: UK

Golden voyage of Sinbad, The.
- press book
- 12 pages long
- country of publication: UK

Harryhausen, Ray and Dalton, Tony. Ray Harryhausen: an animated life: adventures in fantasy. Aurum Press, 2003. hbk. ISBN 1-85410-940-5
- The Golden Voyage of Sinbad p220:
"Caroline Munro, an attractive and pleasant girl, was chosen to play Margiana. Being the early 1970's, her costume revealed a voluptuous display which up until that time was more than we were used to from our heroines."
- country of publication: UK

Hart, Steve. The golden voyage of Sinbad. Pan, 1973. pbk. ISBN 0-330-23716-0
- film tie-in book
- includes colour photos from the film, including Caroline
- country of publication: UK

Kiel, Richard. Making it big in the movies. Reynolds and Hearn, 2002. pbk. ISBN 1-903111-31-5
- passing mentions on p124 and p187 (only p124 listed in the index)
- photo on back cover of book
- country of publication: UK

Maxford, Howard. Hammer, house of horror: behind the screams. Batsford, 1996. pbk. ISBN 0-7134-7768-7
- half page colour Dracula AD 72 photo of Caroline opposite p113
- passing mention p122
- photo on back cover of book
- country of publication: UK

Starcrash Press Book
- no further details known