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This section is split into four parts - books about Caroline, books featuring Caroline (such as interviews),
books that contain only passing mentions and/or just photos of Caroline, and a separate section 
on James Bond books. They are arranged alphabetically by author.

Books About Caroline     Books Featuring Caroline     Passing Mentions     James Bond

James Bond Books


d'Abo, Maryam and Cork, John. Bond girls are forever: the women of James Bond. Boxtree, 2003. hbk. ISBN 0-7522-1550-7
- full colour photo of Caroline p163
- quotes p163
- passing mentions p59 and p172
- country of publication: UK

Dougall, Alastair. James Bond: the secret world of 007. Dorling Kindersley, 2000. hbk. ISBN 0-7513-2860-X
- photo of Caroline and paragraph on Naomi p67
- photo of Caroline p134
- Caroline is not listed in the index of this book
- country of publication: UK

Hibbin, Sally. The official James Bond movie book. Hamlyn, 1987. hbk. ISBN 0-600-50361-5
- 1 paragraph on Naomi p84
- country of publication: UK

Fleming, Ian, Lawrence Jim and Horak, Yaroslav. James Bond 007: the spy who loved me. Titan Books, 2005. pbk. ISBN 1-84576-174-X
- graphic novel
- introduction - Loving the spy - by Caroline Munro p3 (unnumbered and includes helicopter photo of Naomi/Caroline)
- country of publication: UK

Pfeiffer, Lee and Worrall, Dave. The essential Bond: the authorised guide to the world of 007. Boxtree, 1998. hbk. ISBN (1999 reprint) 0-7522-2477-8
- paragraph on Naomi/Caroline p108
- colour photo of Caroline p109
- paragraph on Stromberg's helicopter/Naomi p111
- country of publication: UK

Rye, Graham. The James Bond girls. Boxtree, 1999. hbk. ISBN 0-7522-1147-1
- full colour photo of Caroline p62
- black and white photo of Caroline p63
- black and white photo and paragraph on Caroline p65
- black and white photo of Caroline p105
- country of publication: UK