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This section is split into four parts - books about Caroline, books featuring Caroline (such as interviews),
books that contain only passing mentions and/or just photos of Caroline, and a separate section 
on James Bond books. They are  arranged alphabetically by author.

Books About Caroline     Books Featuring Caroline     Passing Mentions     James Bond

Books Featuring Caroline

Bryce, Allan (editor). Fantasy females: from Buffy to Vampirella: the screen's sexiest sirens uncovered! Stray Cat Publishing, n.d. pbk. ISBN 0-9533261-4-4
- interview with Caroline - The Caroline chronicles  by Steve Swires - p118-125. Lavishly illustrated with colour and black and white photos.
- small photo on cover and on pages 3 and 4
- country of publication: UK

Howe, David J and Walker, Stephen James. Doctor Who the handbook: the seventh Doctor. Doctor Who Books, 1998. pbk. ISBN 0-426-20527-8
- Caroline's involvement in the proposed 1980's Doctor Who film p184-186
- country of publication: UK

Shepard, Jewel. Invasion of the B-girls. Eclipse, 1992. pbk. ISBN 1-56060-158-2
- interview with Caroline p84-91
- country of publication: USA