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This section is split into four parts - books about Caroline, books featuring Caroline (such as interviews),
books that contain only passing mentions and/or just photos of Caroline, and a separate section 
on James Bond books. They are arranged alphabetically by author.

Books About Caroline     Books Featuring Caroline     Passing Mentions     James Bond

Books About Caroline


From Brighton to Bond.JPG (32732 bytes)

Groom, Graham. Caroline Munro: from Brighton to Bond and back again! Little Darren Books, 2005. pbk. ISBN 0-9532481-3-5
- the first published biography pf Caroline
- country of publication: UK





Autograph Guide.JPG (15427 bytes)

Groom, Graham. Caroline Munro: the first lady of fantasy films: an autograph study guide. Little Darren Books, 2004. pbk. ISBN 0-9532481-2-7
- limited edition of 30 numbered copies
- country of publication: UK






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