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Welcome to "A Bibliography of Caroline Munro", an attempt to list as many of the books, magazines, journals and other publications in which the former James Bond actress has appeared in. This is by no means a comprehensive list and is being continually updated as more details come to light. To do a fully comprehensive bibliography is an impossibility. Caroline has appeared in so many books and magazines here in the United Kingdom as well as America, Europe and other parts of the world, in interviews, features, profiles, articles etc, as well as passing mentions and publications just using her photographs. And I'm NOT even going to attempt to do a list of newspaper features!!

The aim of the bibliography is to try and bring together in one place as many references to Caroline in books and magazines as is possible for anyone with an interest in the actress so that they can build a reference library of their own, and for people doing research on Caroline and her career.

As I say, this is not comprehensive so if you have any details and scans of works that are not featured here please do contact me at the email address below. All contributors will, of course, be acknowledged. If anyone could provide me with copies (original or good quality photocopies) of any I have missed then please do contact me. I will be happy to pay all reasonable costs and expenses.

Many thanks to everyone for taking the time and trouble to check out this site.

Graham Groom


This site was created in May 2006 and last updated on the 09 July 2006

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