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Ken Locke sustained a serious brain injury when a large tree limb fell on him, splitting his head open. He read about cannabis and decided to throw away the debilitating medicines the doctors gave him in favor of maijuana so that he could get back to work and support his family. It was a good decision. He just finished a cross country bike ride to educate people about cannabis therapy. You can read more about Ken's stand and what marijuana did for him, and watch the medical testimonies of Ken and other patients at KEN LOCKE'S Cannabis Bike Ride.

THC and cannabidiol (DBC) appear to protect brain cells from the damage that often occurs during a stroke by acting as powerful antioxidants. The findings also indicated that marijuana may be valuable in the treatment of brain injuries and diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

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Brain Injury Information Page. Understanding brain anatomy and conditions, such as seizure, is one of the focuses of The Brain Injury Information Page for TBI survivors, spouses and caregivers.

We of the Brain Injury Law Group make our living as advocates. But advocacy implies more than being a lawyer. It means dedicating oneself to the community we serve - the survivor, the family member of the survivor, the medical professional. To that end, we have created this home page, to provide information, resources and links, to help you learn and solve the problems you face. Visit:


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