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I'd be lying if I said my head isn't world famous for being gigantic.
As such it seems only fair to document the stylish evolution of my brain holster:

a tribute to the beast

June 2002
The most unmanageable, impractical haircut.
It was like winning the lottery when it
DID look like it was supposed to;
but then you went to lay down and-
back to the bathroom to douse yourself in hairspray.

Winter 2003
People always ask me on
e of two questions:
"What is your natural hair color?" or
"What did you look like with long hair?"
This picture reveals just how blonde I am
and that, no, I don't look any less creepy with a full head of hair.

January 1, 2004
Inspired by a lethal dose of pop punk
and the comic icon 'Tank Girl',
I shaved the back of my head.
This haircut came to be my trademark look
and stayed with me until I sold out to private school.

January 10, 2004
My mother had always been very straight forward about hair dying.
I was allowed to do anything that wasn't permanent.
But when my friend gave me a bottle of Fire Engine Red Manic Panic
as a going away present, my fate was sealed.
I had incited an addiction that I've yet to break.

?, ?, 2004
Fishbowl Green. The pinnacle of my hair history.
I have yet to look that faux punk fabulous again.
This picture also triggers fond memories of being worshipped
and making my own trashy fashions. Hoorah 13.
Or 14. Whatever.

?, ?, 2004
Last days of the shaved head thing.
By now it was falling into a disarray,
and I knew I'd have to hack it for a more sociable look
as I was plucked from public high school
and sent into
the big leagues.




(not like you'd steal this junk)