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BCAP Clay Studio

Welcome to the Clay Studio, an integral part of the Braddock Carnegie Arts Program. The children and adults who participate in clay classes and workshops have the opportunity to explore a variety of techniques
through the equipment in the studio. It is important that people of all ages and levels of interest find the studio as a place of
possibility, discovery, and therapy. Please see the images of classes and workshops that have taken place since summer 2005.

10 Pacifica Pottery Wheels

NorthStar Wall-Mounted Extruder (with a variety of dies)
Brent SR-200 Slab Roller

Testing Area / Ware Carts

L & L Electric Kiln
Chemical Tabels

Glaze Area

Gas Kiln
(designed by Gerry Wagner)

2 Electric test kilns

Glaze Spraying Booth (under construction)
Soldner Clay Mixer / Pug Mill