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Braddock Carnegie Arts Program

Braddock Carnegie Arts Program Class Policy Information

Class Registration For The General Public:
Please register for classes as early as possible. Payment must accompany registration. You may register for classes by mail, by phone or in person. The Braddock Library currently accepts cash, check, and money orders as method of payment for classes. Please make all checks payable to The Braddock Carnegie Library.

~printable registration form~

Classes are cancelled one to two days before the first class session. Anyone signed up for class will be notified by phone and receive a refund.

Late registration
Classes may be registered for up until the second class session, with the exception of space available. Class fees are not prorated.

Class/Workshop Fees

All classes and workshops in the Braddock Carnegie Arts Program include material fees in the tuition unless stated otherwise.

Scholarships: Scholarship opportunities for children are available at the Braddock Carnegie Arts Program. Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate enthusiasm for making art and whose families demonstrate financial need. Scholarships are limited and are determined by demand and available funds.

To apply for scholarship you and your child must submit a completed application.

Scholarship Application Process: Children and partent/guardian must complete the Scholarship application. Applications will be processed by the Braddock Creative Arts Program. Once applications are approved, families will be notified of the dates and times of the scholarship workshop.

Scholarship applications can be picked up at the Braddock Carnegie Library and will soon be available on this website.

Braddock Carnegie Arts Program
Attn: Scholarships
419 Library Street
Braddock, PA. 15104

Photography of Children
Photographs may be taken during class sessions strictly for documentation and publicity of the Braddock Ceramics Arts Program. Any personal information about students will not be disclosed. Please request in writing if you wish that pictures are not taken of your child.

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