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The Braddock Carnegie Arts Program... In the News

Volunteers Serve In King's Memory In Braddock Communities:

By Justin Vellucci TRIBUNE-REVIEW Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jeffrey Schwarz spent part of the holiday in the basement ceramic studio at Braddock's Carnegie Library, creating up to
80 clay water filters to be shipped to South Africa. "Clean ... drinking water is the right of all people," said Schwarz, 33, of
Portersville in Butler County, a KEYS Service Corps member and studio coordinator of Braddock Carnegie Arts Program.
"We do it because we care about other human beings." "I think that's part of being an AmeriCorps member," added
KEYS Service Corps member Alyssa Veshecco, 22, of Coraopolis, as she weighed a pile of clay for the filters. "We always
look for an opportunity to serve."

June 2007

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