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The Shaker Desk

Shaker furniture has never been more popular than it is today. Boehlke Wood Shop is inspired by the simple lines and uncluttered surfaces of this style of furniture. We have found very few woodworkers make Shaker portable desks. These Lap desks were used by the traveling ministry and made in small quantites for sale. That is how Boehlke Wood Shop builds all its Writing desks, one at a time. Our Shaker Style Lap Desk is inspired from the Mount Lebanon Shakers and features an ingenious ink-bottle drawer. One side is slotted and fitted with a keeper that stops the drawer from being pulled out. A full-size paper draw slides out on the left. The slanted top lefts up for more storage. Made from pine and brass hinges. This would be a welcome addition to any Shaker collection, county home or Bed & Breakfast Dimensions are approximately 00 deep, 00 wide, and 00 high.

Photo of the side draw open

Call for the price. 2403 N. Buffalo Bill Ave. North Platte, NE. 69101