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Boehlke Woodshop

18th - 19th Century reproduction maker of portable writing desks and slopes. The desks will add to your county home, authenticity to any historic impression, living history museum, film industries, exhibits, calligraphy, or a great gift for the one who has it all. WHY WRITING DESKS... Portable writing desks have had a long history as the portable office. Now it the portable lap top computer. The old portable writing desks came in many styles, such as the Shearaton, Georgian, Victorian, and in America, the Jefferson. Theses desks were built with two basic construction styles, slope and box. Slopes are a desk that consists of a lid that is also the sloped writing surface. This lid is hinged at the top or the bottom. Our Civil War and Shaker stlye are made this way. The second construction style is the box. This is divied on a slant and is hinged in the center, this opens up to a large slanted writing surface. our Georgian and small callergaph desks are maded this way. These great desks were made to write on an angle is more ergonomic for the body, elimainating the need to hunch. Also a place to keep all one's writing tools and supplies together and out of sight. Many famous writiers used had a portable writing desk. From Shakeseare to William Cowper to Walt Whitman, evan Thomas Jefferson had one made to his design. Boehlke Wood Shop is one of the few wood Shop that makes these early portable offices of the past. For more information, or a price, E-mail at or the old fashion way, write: 2403 N. Buffalo Bill Ave. North Platte, NE. 69101

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