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Kings Of Destruction

Members Of KoD

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Hi all, Rob here. The site looks gay, I dont like HTML. Any moment now one of you could help me make a better site. I hope this takes away some of the confusion in the realms on who the members are. Now as long as you are here, take a look around, and dont be afraid to drop an opinion or two. Oh yeah, if any of you could design a nice graphic for KoD or perhaps draw and scan one if you are that good, it would be appriciated.
Okay now I dont have many rules here in KoD but the rules I do have are to be followed, lest immediate termination shall be prosecuted =p 1. Upon joining you are agreeing to make all other accounts mule accounts, we will rush you, and even help with items if we can, remember... if your going to join us, you must be serious about the dedication, this is why we require your KoD-Account to be your main account.
2. All people in KoD must have there account name prefix KoD- as well as all characters with the same tag KoD- No exceptions! Case sensitive, get it right!
3. No hacking! NONE! we are gg, we will remain that way! and NO FRIGGIN SCAMMING PEOPLE! We are an honest clan, that means no CHEATING, no LIEING, no STEALING. That is grounds for immediate termination (Due to the large number of mh users, I have decided to not include mh in this rule)
P.S Remember to always hang out in channel KoD in between games, give yourself a chance to get to know one another. And god dammit dont fight eachother, were a team, fight everyone else... side by side =))