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Colorandtalea-14.mp3 1.402.11.04 22:01:54COLOR AND TALEAMudd2002Gallery Of The Muse
Colorandtalea-05.mp3 1.902.11.04 22:01:54COLOR AND TALEATea For Todd2002Gallery Of The Muse
Colorandtalea-01.mp3 1.902.11.04 22:01:54COLOR AND TALEABad Bread2002Gallery Of The Muse
Colorandtalea-03.mp3 1.902.11.04 22:01:54COLOR AND TALEAChop Chop2002Gallery Of The Muse
Cat2004-04-02t01_64kb.mp3 2.904.07.05 21:07:15Color And Talea2004-04-02 - Wers Studios 88.9fm0:06:04 64S22
Cat2004-05-08t05_64kb.mp3 20:55:02Color And TaleaImprov W/ Brian Hamilton2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:06:33 64S22
Cat2004-05-08t02_64kb.mp3 3.604.07.11 21:00:47Color And TaleaProject Mayhem2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:07:40 64S22
Cat2004-05-08t07_64kb.mp3 3.704.07.11 20:27:17Color And TaleaRefocused2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:07:47 64S22
Cat2004-05-08t06_64kb.mp3 1.904.07.11 21:09:21Color And TaleaWor2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:04:03 64S22
Cat2004-05-08t04_64kb.mp3 20:31:30Color And TaleaInfestation Of Peanut Butter B2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:06:22 64S22
Cat2004-05-08t04_vbr.mp3 9.504.07.11 20:25:10Color And TaleaInfestation Of Peanut Butter B2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:09:53128S44
Cat2004-05-08t08_vbr.mp310.604.07.11 20:34:27Color And TaleaFlying Ruckus2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:11:08128S44
Cat2004-05-08t01_vbr.mp313.604.07.11 20:42:44Color And TaleaImprov2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:14:15128S44
Cat2004-05-08t01_64kb.mp3 20:38:41Color And TaleaImprov2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:08:49 64S22
Cat2004-05-08t03_vbr.mp3 5.604.07.11 21:08:13Color And TaleaSwampdance2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:05:55128S44
Cat2004-05-08t03_64kb.mp3 1.804.07.11 21:10:25Color And TaleaSwampdance2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:03:49 64S22
Cat2004-05-08t07_vbr.mp311.804.07.11 21:15:09Color And TaleaRefocused2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:12:21128S44
Cat2004-05-08t02_vbr.mp311.504.07.11 20:58:40Color And TaleaProject Mayhem2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:12:04128S44
Cat2004-05-08t05_vbr.mp3 9.404.07.11 20:50:20Color And TaleaImprov W/ Brian Hamilton2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:09:47128S44
Cat2004-05-08t08_64kb.mp3 20:52:09Color And TaleaFlying Ruckus2004-05-08 - Zeitgeist Gallery0:06:46 64S22
Cat2003-11-17t02_64kb.mp3 2.404.06.02 21:47:52Color And TaleaBebop & Rocksteady2003-11-17 - Wers Studios 88.9fm0:05:10 64S22
Cat2003-11-17t02_vbr.mp3 21:53:51Color And TaleaBebop & Rocksteady2003-11-17 - Wers Studios 88.9fm0:07:31128S44

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