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3-23-03_2_Rich_and_Rose.mp317.903.04.03 02:20:120:42:42 56M22
083 Jesus Died And Rose.mp3 8.903.08.31 14:12:01083 Jesus Died And Rose0:14:59 80S22
Gun And Rose.mp3 09:03:51
Loveis.mp3 2.602.09.01 17:03:21Darlin' And RoseLove Is The Answer2002Tomorrow, YesterdayAll Rights Reserved0:02:14160S44
Myles Cochran - Myles Cochran - 01 - 4.400.12.07 20:12:000:04:35128S44
3-23-03_2_Rich_and_Rose.mp317.903.04.03 02:20:120:42:42 56M22
Agua_-_Robert_And_Rose.mp3 2.5AguaRobert And Rose0:02:40128S44
GoldandRose.mp3 4.400.05.17 03:44:15Myles CochranGold And RoseMarginal Street0:04:35128S44
Love Is The Answer.mp3 0.702.08.19 19:09:34Darlin' And RoseLove Is The Answer2002Tomorrow, Yesterday0:00:44128S44
Buttercup.mp3 1.402.08.19 19:11:54Darlin' And RoseButtercup2002Tomorrow, Yesterday0:01:30128S44
Memories.mp3 0.801.02.23 02:27:46Darlin' And RoseMemories2001Self-titled (DNR-1401)Produced by Sven-Erk0:00:55128S44
Honkytonkeyes.mp3 0.801.02.23 02:15:45Darlin' And RoseHonky Tonk Eyes2001Self-titled (DNR-1401)Produced by Sven-Erk0:00:52128S44
Illbeonlyyours.mp3 02:22:44Darlin' And RoseI'll Be Only Yours2001Self-titled (DNR-1401)Produced by Sven-Erk0:01:15128S44
House Of Dreams.mp3 0.802.08.19 19:10:27Darlin' And RoseHouse Of Dreams2002Tomorrow, Yesterday0:00:50128S44
Stuck In The Past.mp3 0.602.08.19 19:09:12Darlin' And RoseTomorow Yesterday2002Tomorrow, Yesterday0:00:43128S44
Dont Make A Cowboy Cry In Texas.mp3 1.402.08.19 19:11:10Darlin' And RoseDon't Make A Cowboy Cry...2002Tomorrow, Yesterday0:01:30128S44
How Do We Get There.mp3 19:10:03Darlin' And RoseHow Do We Get There2002Tomorrow, Yesterday0:01:02128S44
Memories.mp3 0.801.02.23 02:27:46Darlin' And RoseMemories2001Self-titled (DNR-1401)Produced by Sven-Erk0:00:55128S44
20040426.mp313.004.04.26 18:35:57Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Apr 26 2004http://www.warroom.c1:36:57 18M11
20040304.mp313.904.03.05 03:36:16Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Mar 4 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040513.mp313.404.05.14 03:39:16Quinn And RoseThe Warroom May 13 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040524.mp313.404.05.24 17:17:47Quinn And RoseThe Warroom May 24 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040610.mp313.204.06.10 18:41:00Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jun 10 2004http://www.warroom.c0:13:50128S44
20040603.mp313.404.06.03 14:57:36Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jun 3 2004http://www.warroom.c0:28:00 64M44
20040528.mp313.404.05.28 19:51:28Quinn And RoseThe Warroom May 28 2004http://www.warroom.c0:28:03 64M44
20040607.mp313.204.06.07 17:32:52Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jun 7 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040602.mp313.404.06.02 19:34:12Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jun 2 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040527.mp313.404.05.27 18:31:48Quinn And RoseThe Warroom May 27 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040531.mp313.604.06.01 17:55:32Quinn And RoseThe Warroom May 31 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040611.mp313.204.06.11 19:13:25Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jun 11 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040526.mp313.404.05.26 15:17:41Quinn And RoseThe Warroom May 26 2004http://www.warroom.c0:14:01128M44
20040601.mp313.304.06.01 18:16:39Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jun 1 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040608.mp313.204.06.08 20:54:05Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jun 8 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040609.mp313.204.06.09 18:19:54Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jun 9 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040130.mp313.404.01.30 20:26:18Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jan 30 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040128.mp313.504.01.29 03:41:43Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jan 28 2004http://www.warroom.c1:15:26 24S22
20040129.mp313.604.01.29 22:52:28Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jan 29 2004http://www.warroom.c0:28:22 64M22
20040308.mp313.404.03.08 19:05:48Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Mar 8 2004http://www.warroom.c
20040707.mp313.204.07.07 14:28:12Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jul 7 2004http://www.warroom.c0:15:49112S44
20040722.mp313.104.07.22 20:39:01Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jul 22 2004http://www.warroom.c0:09:08192M44
20040723.mp313.204.07.23 17:58:40Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Jul 23 2004http://www.warroom.c
Bob Vogt - Days Of Wine And 2.804.02.29 10:22:45Bob VogtBob Vogt - Days Of Wine And RoPiano With Feeling0:02:59128S44
20040422.mp313.304.04.23 01:40:17Quinn And RoseThe Warroom Apr 22 2004http://www.warroom.c
Myles Cochran - Gold And Rose.mp3 4.402.02.07 12:51:00Myles CochranGold And RoseMarginal Street0:04:35128S44

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