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The Black Sheep

Introducing The Black Sheep

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The Black Sheep are Andrew Jones and Ciaran Murtagh, a brace of writers, producers, comedians and actors with a desire to create shows

which are entertaining, engaging and stimulating

which treat the audience as a respected equal

which extend the boundaries of comedy and drama

which refuse to compromise quality in favour of the expectations of fashion and industry

Ciaran and Andrew met as writers and performers with Ubersausage, an acclaimed comedy sketch group formed by Ciaran in 1998. Over the years, the style and quality of the show matured, with the 2001 show 'UberArmy', written by Ciaran and Andrew, receiving overwhelming critical approval. In February, they put on a show which was simultaneously a work-in-progress (universally hailed by long-term fans as their best show ever) and also the final outing under the Ubersausage name. To mark the work's coming-of-age, and to provide a remit for a greater range of shows in future, Ubersausage was laid to rest and a new company name chosen.

Other artists will be joining The Black Sheep on a project-by-project basis, developing over time into a pool of talent sharing a collective outlook of focussed anarchy and continuous improvement.

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