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rom 7 God became 12.
Just as 1 is the number of divine unity, 2 the number of soul mates, 3 the number of reality manifestation, and 7 the number of completion of natural systems, 12 is the number of societal relations.

2.         The purpose of all social relations is to cause mind expansion. From the most basic type of relationship between two people, to the most complex type among all 12 tribes and 72 clans, the social activities that go on have this expansion as the primary purpose. A conversation between two people results in the sharing of information, and if some of that information has some truth in it, it causes the conscious mind to gain something new it didn't have before. This increases knowledge and causes the mind to naturally expand. In a similar way but on a much larger scale the interactions that go on among the tribes also cause mind expansion. The ultimate form of mind and heart expansion comes from divine unity, where you share your whole being with another or others.

3.         It's necessary to have expansion occur in the most efficient way possible, because God is perfect and efficiency is one of his/her attributes. When creating society, Black people naturally chose the most efficiently perfect number for expansion. To discover which number among all numbers is the most efficiently perfect for expansion, we have to talk about abstract forms.

4.         All things in the universe, seen and unseen, have forms. Physical things like trees and stones have obvious forms that can be seen, but unseen things also have forms, and their forms are called abstract forms. The shape of every abstract form is determined by its purpose. For example, the divine abstract form of the concept of leadership is a pyramid. This is determined by the purpose of leadership, which is to lead people to divine unity. The pyramid is the ideal abstract form for this. People climb as a mass of separate individuals from all four directions and go to the top, in stages, where they become one like the capstone, as I've described in a previous discussion.

5.         Similarly, the divine abstract form of social relationships is a sphere. (In truth, all things have abstract forms, including physical objects. Everything starts as an abstract idea until it manifests as a physical reality. The abstract forms of all physical objects, past, present, and future, exist in perfection in eternity, in the minds of the 24 Elders). So then the abstract form of all social relations is a sphere. This is determined by their purpose, which, as stated before, is expansion. The sphere is the most efficient form for expansion in that it expands equally in all directions at once. No other form has this type of quality. If you watch children build a snowball by adding snow to it from all sides, or by rolling it, it takes the shape of a sphere. This is the best shape for it to expand and grow as quickly as possible with minimum effort. For this same reason all planets and stars are spherical in shape.

6.         The expansion of the mind is also 'spherical' in its abstract shape. So too is the abstract shape of all nations and tribes, as well as friendships and every form of human relationship, including divine unity, because all of them have expansion as their primary purpose. So it can be said that God designed the tribes of the Black nation in the form of perfect spheres so that they can interact and expand in the most efficient way possible. God is the greatest mathematician. Not in the sense of one who studies mathematics, but one who is the source of all mathematical ideas. What God creates is perfect in every way, including mathematically, and becomes the source of all mathematical ideas and principles.

7.         The tribes of the Black nation are thus spherical in their social abstract shape. Now, there's a limit to the number of social 'spheres' that allows optimum efficiency of interaction, and that limit is 12. It can be demonstrated mathematically in the following way:

8.         Take small spherical objects like ping-pong balls for example, and put them together such that you have a number of them on the outside surrounding one in the center. Make sure there is no gap for another ball to fit, and see how many balls you can have surrounding the central one, all touching it.
That number is 12. No more and no less.

9.         This is a mathematical law of maximum efficient interaction. It's the perfect abstract ideal for the formation of society, whose purpose is to advance mind and heart unity, which is identical to mind and heart expansion. The perfect form for manifesting this purpose is a sphere because of its natural quality as the most perfect form for expansion. There is a natural maximum number of social 'spheres' or tribes that can surround the central unity of God. The tribes are all equal to one another and to God. None is closer to or farther removed from God than any other, and they are all in touch with his/her divine unity. That natural maximum number is 12, as can be seen in the physical model described above. That's the reason the number of tribes of the Black nation is 12...



hose are the first five divisions of God. They are represented by the 5 limbs surrounding the human torso; the legs, arms, and neck, and also by the 5 fingers and toes.

2.         For the purposes of teaching the fundamental origins of numbers, the middle finger is associated with 1, divine unity. The middle finger and ring finger together represent 2, or soul mates, man and woman. The middle finger, ring finger and small finger all together represent 3, man woman and child, or the manifestation of reality in the universe. The pointing finger by itself represents 7, the number of completion. The thumb, which stands aloof by itself from the other fingers, represents 12, which is not derived from the previous numbers in the way that the others before it are.

3.         By symmetry, the five fingers become ten fingers, and 10 naturally becomes the basis for counting. If you study the counting systems of our ancestors, the best recorded example being that of the ancient Egyptians, you'll see that they used 10 as the basis for counting. Their week had 10 days. Their day had 10 hours from sunrise to sunrise, and each hour had 100 minutes. Each minute had 100 seconds for a total of 100,000 seconds from sunrise to sunrise, corresponding to the total number of heartbeats per day in our original bodies. A second was measured by one heartbeat, and a minute by 100 heartbeats. Because of the deterioration of our bodies, our heartbeats have increased from 100,000 per day to about 110,000. But that is the explanation for the basis of our ancient clock and calendar system, and it was founded on the number 10. This system of counting was copied by succeeding civilizations and remains so to this day.

4.         Now, by repetition of the number 12, the Gods surrounded themselves with 12 assistants each. They became the 144 Chiefs. By using the number 10 repeated 3 times for a total of 1000 (10x10x10) the 144 Chiefs chose 1000 assistants each, who became the 144,000 Judges. By symmetry of soul mates, the 12 Gods became 24 Elders, and hence all the Chiefs and Judges also were chosen in soul mate couples, every man and his wife, every woman and her husband. The 144,000 Judges did like the Chiefs and chose 1000 people each to lead in their town, and the population on earth became 144,000,000.

5.         The 24 Elders allowed each citizen 7,000 years to live, and two children per couple, one child to replace each citizen. The population doubled then and became 2 x144 million or 288 million. The children grew up and became adults, and they too had two children per couple, tripling the population to 3 x 144 million.

6.         A new generation was born every 1,000 years and this continued for seven generations until the total population reached its natural maximum of 7x144,000,000 or 1 billion eight million. After that, when a new generation of 144 million people were born each millennium, the same number of senior citizens passed away, having lived 7,000 years, and so 1B8M became the fixed and permanent population on earth.

7.         That's how God became the sacred number of 1B8M people, who are the same 1B8M Black people alive today. That is the maximum population for a planet the size of earth in order for the people to live in perfect comfort. It allows complete freedom of movement over the whole earth, as well as proper land development without being overbearing on the natural resources or imposing on the plants and animals. Any number beyond this maximum is overpopulation.

8.         The world today is grossly overpopulated by 6 times its natural capacity; in other words, by an amount equaling the number of non-Blacks on earth.




osmology is the knowledge of how the cosmos (the universe) was created.
Our universe was created by our ancestors many trillions of years ago.

2.         One billion eight million ancestors came from the previous universe and created the present one. At the end of every universe, these same 1B8M original people form a new earth using the stars of the old universe as atoms, and become its first inhabitants. Then they create new stars and planets around the first earth to complete the creation.

3.         At the end of the previous universe, all the people in the universe were in an expanded state of mind called divine unity. They were all united in mind and heart as one person.

4.         This One Person is called God. Although there are many individuals in the divine unity, they nonetheless know themselves only as one. Each person knows himself/herself as the one and only God, without losing his/her sense of individuality. He/she is also aware that every other person is this same God because they are all united as one. That is a state of mind that the ancestors call heaven or eternity. And so heaven is not a place, but the state of mind described. It comes about as the end result of taking part in the various rituals of initiation. At the end of the universe, every person that has ever lived has taken part in all the rituals, especially the seven great rituals of the Black nation, and this state of mind becomes permanent in every individual. At that point the Judges declare that the universe has attained its purpose, and it comes to an end.

5.         When each and every individual in the universe enters this state of mind at the same time, the mind naturally expands. The expansion is so great that the mind not only encompasses the entire universe and every thing in it, but it exceeds the universe boundaries by an immeasurable extent. God becomes so much greater than the universe that the entire universal sphere is, so to speak, 'held in the palm of his hand'. And so God totally outgrows the universe. This brings about the necessity for a new and much larger universe where God can continue the experience of life.

6.         The newly expanded mind of God creates new space that extends far, far beyond the boundaries of the old universe. A new boundary of the universe is then set. It exceeds the old one by the same proportion that the whole universe exceeds the earth in size, and God's mind fills the new space right to its limits. So large is the expanded mind of the united people that the old universe can be seen far below as an object the size of the earth. It becomes the first earth of the new universe.

7.         The original people then descend upon this new earth in one billion eight million new bodies. Their new bodies are made instantly, the very moment they decide to descend upon the earth. They are made of the seven substances of the new earth, which are magnetism, electricity, light, ether, gases, liquids and solid matter. The fourth substance, ether, which is the pure blackness called space, is the central substance of the universe. It's the womb that contains the six other substances in itself. When the original people create bodies for themselves, their bodies take the color of the ether, black, which contains all colors in itself. Therefore God naturally has a black skin color.

8.         The new earth is called the first earth, and its inhabitants are called the first Gods. The first earth sits alone in space, in utter, complete darkness. The B8M Gods are able to see directly by the power of their minds. They are still united with all things, and 'see' them by being them. Mind sight, or inner vision, is different than eyesight. The mind recognizes all external objects as a part of itself, and thus sees them with a self generated inner light. The illumination that comes from this type of seeing is glorious beyond description. Its brightness and vividness are unimaginably beautiful. It is second only to the pure light of eternity in its magnificence.

9.         The perfect plants and animals of the first earth, called the original totems of life, come into existence instantly as well, the very moment the Gods appear on the first earth. They issue forth spontaneously from the 144,000 aspects of their perfect character. For many billions of years they are the only plants and animals on earth. The rest of the evolutionary species develop from them after the sun has been created.

10.         The first earth is the center of the universe. It becomes the central place, or hub, from which the rest of the universe is created.


The creation of time


od in the bodies of 1B8M people, physically lives on the first earth, but his/her mind fills space all around to the set boundaries of the new universe.

2.         For the first trillion years that the original Gods live on the first earth, there is no time. They know only in retrospect that the period of timelessness lasts for a trillion years because that is how long it takes for each subsequent star to form, and they all form the same way as the first solar system (except for the first earth). During this early stage the first earth is alone in absolute darkness. This darkness is called ether or space in modern words. It surrounds the first earth up to a distance of nearly 1 million miles, beyond which there is nothing. There are no physical substances beyond the boundaries of the universe. No physical bodies can go there. That region is occupied only by the mind, which has yet to condense into the seven substances. The first earth is totally still and dark. This absence of movement is the reason for the absence of time. Time comes into being the moment the earth starts to spin on its axis and orbit around the sun. The sun is the generator of time. But at this beginning period it has not yet been created and so time does not yet exist.

3.         During this timeless period the Gods measure 'time' by measuring duration. They set their appointments with each other by determining the duration of their activities. Since every person is united with every other person, they all know what all are doing and how long it takes. Therefore when they set appointments, they say, "I'll meet you at the end of such and such an activity," and then meet when the duration of that activity has come to an end. This type of 'time' measurement by duration is used in the eternal state of mind of the Elders in the future as well, where there is also no time.

4.         Although the Gods are involved in many earthly activities, their main activities involve the condensation of the expanded part of their mind into the seven substances, which will ultimately form the first sun and subsequent star systems that will eventually fill the entire universe. They take turns in the creative activity, in groups of 144,000 people or 72,000 couples. At important junctures in the creation, all 1B8M Gods work together.

5.         They create the universe by meditation. They bring the plan for each star system from its original place in eternity, in their united minds, where all things, past, present, and future, exist in perfection. They concentrate their minds on the type of sun that they want to create, and hold its image steady in their united mind. After meditating on the image for some 'time', that part of their expanded mind will begin to condense in the chosen location. The first substance of the sun will begin to condense as magnetism.

6.         It takes a period of 6,000 years of meditation to initiate the formation of one solar system. The Gods divide this 'time' among the 7,000 groups of 144,000 people. Each group meditates on the creation for a set period whose length is determined by their progress. The creation of the sun advances in very precise stages, and the duration of these stages is their way of measuring time.

7.         After 6,000 years of creative activity, they rest for 1,000 years before starting the creation of the next star system. The creation of stars is sequential for the most part, meaning one star system is created at a time. Simultaneously with the sequential creation, the Gods are involved in a larger process of pre arranging the placement of each system. They determine beforehand where the location of each star will be, what its movements will be, as well as its magnetic relationship with the rest of the universe. (By magnetic relationship I mean what modern scientists call 'gravitational' relationships. In reality, 'gravity' does not exist. What they call 'gravity' on earth is mostly atmospheric pressure. On a larger scale out in space, 'gravitational' attraction is actually magnetic attraction.) And so every 7,000 years the Gods begin the creation of a new star system. This creative process continues even today, and will continue until the entire universe is filled with its allocated number of star systems.

8.         It takes a trillion years for the first star system to be completed, and about the same amount of time for each subsequent system to reach completion. But the actual creative process of initiating the formation of each system takes only 6,000 years. After 6,000 years of continuous meditation, with the 7,000 groups relieving each other, all the necessary conditions are set in place for the star system to reach completion automatically. In other words, once the initial process is completed in the 6,000 year period, the rest of the process follows natural laws. If there is an earth like planet in that star system, it will be ready for habitation in about 1 trillion years. Thus the second earth is inhabited by settlers sent from the first earth after 1 trillion years. After that a new earth is inhabited every 7,000 years.



hen the 6,000 year period of creative meditation is completed, the substances will begin to condense. The first substance that condenses from the mind into existence is magnetism. So the first sun starts as a purely magnetic sun and remains that way for many billions of years.

2.         Now, the creation of the universe is a simple effortless process involving only the imagination, but the description of the process using words, written or spoken, is very difficult.

3.         The creation of all stars is sequential, as already stated, with one star being initiated or 'set in place' every 7,000 years. But before each star is set in its place, there is a larger process of coordination of all the heavenly bodies that will coexist in a given region. Such regions are divided into seven tiers, like circles within circles. The first tier or smallest circle is a solar system such as ours, and is made up of planets orbiting a sun. The second tier is made up of a group of solar systems revolving around a larger sun. These larger suns also form a group or family of suns that revolve around an even larger sun, forming a third tier. This pattern is repeated identically, with each tier much larger than the one before, up to the seventh tier.

4.         The seventh tier is a group of galaxies orbiting around what may be called a galactic sun, for lack of a better word. Therefore there are seven tiers or classes of suns. Our sun is a first tier sun, and together with its companions such as Alpha Centauri, Sirius, the Pleiades, and many other, revolve around a much larger sun, called a second tier, or second class sun. The second class suns are created before the first class suns, and the third class suns are created before the second class and so on, up to the seventh tier sun, which is the largest and the first to be created.

5.         But all the higher class suns remain as purely magnetic suns for a long time, even after the first class suns like ours have completely condensed and appear as orbs of light. Thus the higher tier suns remain invisible, and are known to modern scientists only by their 'gravitational' effects. As stated before, these effects are not 'gravitational', unless 'gravitational' is redefined as magnetic.

Black holes

6.         Because of the large size of these suns compared to first class suns like our sun, their magnetic attraction is much stronger. And because they remain as purely magnetic suns for a long time, without any light substance to make them visible, they're quite an enigma to modern scientists. They can detect the 'gravitational pull' (magnetic attraction) that it exerts on all neighboring space objects, even on light itself, yet they themselves remain invisible. For this reason they are called 'black holes'.

7.         They're called black holes because modern instruments cannot detect them, but can detect only their physical effects on surrounding bodies, including the effects they have on light. They exist in deep blackness because they have not yet formed an electrical and light substance. In addition, there's no ether around them for light to travel. So when light waves enter their region, the light appears to be 'swallowed' into an abyss and disappears. It becomes invisible due to the lack of ether. Light can only travel in ether or space. Without it, the movement of light is inhibited and the light waves eventually disintegrate and become one with the magnetic substance. Thus these magnetic suns form a region around themselves of pure blackness, where only their magnetic presence exists. Therefore they appear to the telescope as 'black holes'. That is the first type of black hole.

8.         A second type is formed when a regular sun or group of suns have reached the end of their allotted time of existence as light orbs. They then 'evaporate' and their light, ether, and electrical substances revert back to magnetic substance. Such suns, when they become purely magnetic suns, usually join together with others in their vicinity and form a large invisible magnetic body, though not as large as the higher tier suns. They form a second type of black hole for the same reason. Those that do not join with others form a smaller black hole still.

9.         Other suns 'die' differently, not by reverting to a higher substance, but by condensing further from light orbs and becoming gas orbs, somewhat like the planet Jupiter, but much larger. If they collapse further, they go from the gaseous stage and actually become giant solid planets. Because of their intense magnetic quality, they are not the type of planets suitable for habitation. When they're detected by modern instruments, they're called 'black or red or white dwarf suns', depending on their color.


The first appearance of light


ack on the first earth, many trillions of years before the other suns are formed, after about 1/2 trillion years since the beginning of the universe, the first sun has condensed through its first three stages of magnetism, electricity, and light.

2.         The sun is still invisible. The first earth is still enveloped in the darkness of its own ether, which only extends a relatively short distance beyond the earth's atmosphere (about 1 million miles). Soon after, the sun's light condenses further and becomes ether.

3.         This ether extends to the boundaries of the solar system and beyond, and will soon meet up with the ethers of other star systems as they come into being, and eventually cover all space. The appearance of the ether for the first time allows the movement of light across space. Light depends on the ether to travel and be seen, just like sound depends on air to travel and be heard.

4.         Modern scientists are oftentimes puzzled by the 'sudden' appearance of a star in a region where their telescopes revealed no star before. Usually they explain this by saying they did not have a strong enough telescope, or due to careless observation, or some such explanation. The real reason is that the star was there all the time, forming over a trillion years, but had not yet condensed an etheric substance by which its light could be seen. The entire spectrum of light and color, from red to violet and infrared (below red) to ultraviolet (above violet) requires ether to travel, and cannot be detected otherwise. When the ether condenses enough to provide movement of light, the light appears instantly, as if a star just appeared out of nowhere, when in fact it had been there all along, invisible.

5.         As soon as the ether of the first sun appears, the first earth is suddenly and instantly lit with physical light for the first time. This is heralded as the creation of the first moment of time for our universe. As soon as the light reaches the earth, magnetism and electricity from the sun also reach it. These two substances also travel in the ether, the dark womb of space. The sun's magnetic interaction with the earth cause a differentiation of the earth's magnetic poles, which were previously undifferentiated. They now obtain opposite polarities.

6.         The sun's electrical substance also interacts with that of the earth, and causes the first movement of electrical currents. This electrical movement is the first signal for the development of growth and movement on earth, and initiates the development of new, evolutionary type plants and animals from the perfect totems. The electrical and magnetic movements also cause the first circulation of currents, both of air and water. The waters of earth are separated for the first time, allowing clouds to form, and rain and rivers to flow, which had been perfectly still before then. The electrical movement due to the appearance of the sun also causes many other kinds of movements, growth and separations on earth, but perhaps the most significant is the first movement of the earth about its own axis.

7.         As the electrical and magnetic interaction between the earth and the sun increases, it increases the currents that circulate between the earth's north and south magnetic poles. These currents cause the rotation of the earth about its axis; exactly the same way that electromagnetic currents cause the rotation of an electric motor as they circulate between its opposite poles.

8.         As the earth rotates about its axis, day and night begin to alternate for the first time. The sun 'rises' and 'sets' as the earth alternately presents its opposite hemispheres, east and west, to the sun. This is the beginning of the first day. At the same time light falls upon the surface of the earth. Light is the first substance that provides friction. Magnetism and electricity are frictionless substances. They do not cause friction to objects passing through them. They may provide opposition, but it's a clean, frictionless force. Therefore they are perfectly 'non coarse' substances.

9.         Light is the first 'coarse' substance, but its coarseness is so fine that it cannot be detected by instruments. It can only be known by its effects. As the light falls on the earth for the first time, and as the earth begins to rotate about its axis creating the first hour of daytime, the 'coarseness' of the sunlight provides enough 'friction' on the rotating surface of the earth for the earth to actually roll on this friction in the same way a wheel rolls on a road. For the sake of description, the sun's rays falling on the earth can be thought of as a coarse substance as it covers the entire side of the earth exposed to it. Because the earth is spinning on its axis, the friction between the light and the surface of the earth provides 'traction'. The traction is so minute that it takes thousands of years for its effects to show.

10.         The earth's surface 'grabs' on this traction the same way a spinning wheel grabs the traction on the road and moves forward. In the same way the earth 'rides' on sunlight due to the friction it provides. This causes the earth to move forward, ever so slightly. The sun's magnetic attraction pulls the earth toward itself while the sunlight gently pushes it away. The two opposing forces cause a state of balance.

11.         The earth slowly accelerates through space ever so gently. The acceleration is so gentle that it takes millions of years for the earth to reach the equilibrium speed of 66,666 miles per hour. That is the speed at which earth like planets move through space as they orbit the sun, and is the same speed for our earth well. The first movement of the first earth through space is the beginning of the first year, which is by far the 'longest'. Thus the day and the year begin simultaneously. The day is due to the rotation of the earth about its axis, caused by electrical and magnetic currents. The year is due to the earth's movement through space around the sun, caused by the rotation of the earth and the friction of sunlight. And thus time begins.

12.         The first earth does not have seasons. It exists in an eternal spring, where there is neither the cold of winter nor the heat of summer. This is because its axis is perfectly vertical and is not tipped over like that of our earth and other planets. It's the only earth in the universe like that, because it's the only one formed before its sun. All other earths and planets, including our earth, are formed after their sun has been formed, and come directly from their sun's substance. That is how our earth was formed, from our sun's substance, 78 trillion years ago, some billions of years after our sun was formed.

13.         Soon after the first sun reaches this stage of its completion, other suns begin to form nearby, surrounding the first solar system. More suns form farther out as the trillions of years go by, until the entire set boundary of the universe is filled with stars. The planets accompanying the first earth, as well as those of other stars are formed in the following way:

14.         As soon as the sun's ether condenses into existence, God's mind starts the sun rotating on its axis. The rotation of the sun causes a movement of its magnetic field, which reaches the earth and causes an electrical system to be set up between its opposite poles, as already described.

15.         As soon as the sun starts spinning about its axis, its etheric substance condenses further and forms gases. These gases are thrown off the surface of the sun due to its spinning motion, or what is called centrifugal force. The gases are thrown off in large masses toward the edges of the solar system. They experience a magnetic pull from the sun such that they only travel so far before they stop and establish an orbital circuit. How far they go depends on their size and the force with which they were thrown off.

16.         Because the sun was spinning when it threw them off, the gaseous masses continue this rotational movement given them by the sun and orbit around it. They also spin around their axis for the same reason of electromagnetic current movements between their north and south poles.

17.         As soon as they reach a stable circuit away from the sun, they begin to condense further and form the last two types of substances; liquids and solids. Now the seven substances of the solar system are complete; magnetism, electricity, light, ether, gases, liquids, and solid substances. The smaller masses that are thrown off cool the quickest, forming the smaller planets and all the meteors, meteorites, and space dust particles. During this period of planet formation, as long as the sun continues to eject masses, a lot of collisions take place in space. The first earth in the meantime is protected from the debris of these collisions by its electrical and magnetic fields, as well as a high layer of atmosphere.

18.         The collisions break up some large masses that could have become planets and these become asteroids instead, scattered throughout the surrounding space. Some of the material is thrown off so far away that it forms comets whose orbits are so large that they circle the sun only once every dozens of years, some even longer.

19.         After many billions of years of this violent activity, the sun stabilizes and stops condensing. It stops throwing off gaseous material and the whole solar system becomes stable. All the planets 'plough' their way through this debris, so to speak. The larger planets collect many smaller bodies that become their moons, and hold them to themselves by a magnetic attraction. Some smaller planets lose their atmosphere and liquids to the larger planets, and become dry barren planets. As time moves on, all the space bodies establish their steady circuits. Each one finds its place in the solar system, and the solar system is complete. About a trillion years have passed.

20.         The first solar system, the abode of the first Gods, becomes stable and complete at that point. Far out in space, in stages lasting for many more trillions of years, other solar systems form in the same way, including our solar system.

21.         The end result of it is that the expanded mind of the b8m Gods, by a process of condensation, creates a new universe, its many stars and planets being formed, as it were, 'out of nothing'.

22.         22. The b8m original people live for a trillion years. That is how long it takes for the first solar system to become complete. During this time, they live in their everlasting, perfect bodies. They nourish their bodies with the food from the perfect plants. During this entire period, no new people are born on the first earth.

23.         After the solar system has reached a stable state, the original Gods form a model society. They themselves are perfect people, having reached absolute perfection in their previous universe. They do not need an organized society. They form a model society for the benefit of their descendents. That model society will be emulated for the rest of time, until the new universe reaches its own perfection, when all the people to be born in it will consciously become full God, just like their ancestors.

24.         The original Gods choose 24 among them, 12 men and 12 women, to be the Elders of the new nation. Then they choose 144 to be the Chiefs and 144,000 to be the Judges. They send the Judges to lay the foundations for 72,000 towns over the whole earth in 12 separate countries. The people separate themselves into 12 groups of 84 million people to form 12 tribes. Each tribe has a King and a Queen, 12 Chiefs, and 12,000 Judges. They deliberately leave the divine unity or oneness of their minds. They had existed in this unity for about 1 trillion years, most of which the earth was in physical darkness, alone in space.

25.         When they separate from the state of divine unity, they separate themselves from the 24 Elders, who are the only Gods that remain permanently in that state of mind. God separates himself/herself from eternity in order to bring new life to the universe, life that has never existed before. It is by this means that God creates himself/herself anew. When the universe attains its purpose, God rediscovers himself/herself again for the first time. The re discovery is a brand new experience for all the new people of the universe. Thus God is born anew again and again, rediscovering his/her eternal and glorious infiniteness for the first time every time. That is God's whole joy, delight, and ecstasy. It is how God increases, and begins a brand new experience with every new born baby, while in the Elders he/she remains as an eternal being who has no beginning.

26.         At the end of the trillion years, the b8m Gods begin to procreate. They stop eating the food of the trees of life, and begin to eat ordinary food. Soon most of them pass out of life and ascend after giving birth to a new generation.

27.         The new generations have no experience of divine unity. They are born as ordinary people, with a lifespan of 7,000 years. This becomes the normal lifespan of all ordinary people.

28.         Part of the reason for the 7,000 year lifespan is because the 7 great rituals of the Black nation occur over a period of 7,000 years, with one great festival every millennium. The ordinary human body/mind is designed to withstand the ecstasy of only one great ritual every 1,000 years. More than that it cannot stand.

29.         Another reason is that by agreement, concerning population control, 144 million people are born every millennium, such that the total number born after 7 generations or 7,000 years is one billion eight million, which is the maximum population the earth can sustain comfortably forever. So the oldest generation passes after 7,000 years when this maximum number is reached. Only the leaders are longer lived, but much shorter than the original Gods.

30.         The 24 Elders of the new generation live for 700,000 years, and are the longest lived people on earth. They are trained and then initiated into the eldership by the original Elders before they pass.

31.         The original people also establish the seven great rituals. These rituals will guarantee each person the experience of divine unity. Divine unity itself is held consciously and permanently by every generation of Elders. Every couple that is initiated into the eldership remain in that state of eternity for the rest of their lives, until they initiate a new couple before passing.

32.         Before they all pass, the b8m Gods also establish many other rituals and customs. They cover the entire spectrum of knowledge and science, beginning with farming, the cultivation of new plants, the taming of animals, genetics, the building of cities, commerce, agriculture, transportation and space travel, as well as all the knowledge concerning human and societal relations, the science of soul mates, marriage, and procreation. They leave all this knowledge in the hands of their initiates. The knowledge is passed from generation to generation in the form of customs and rituals of initiations, and not a bit of it is ever lost.

33.         Soon after the second star system is completed, the new inhabitants of the first earth, the descendents of the original Gods, send 144,000 settlers to inhabit it. Most star systems in the universe are created with an earth like planet. As the planets form, one of them will find itself in an ideal orbit at the proper distance from the sun, and about the size of an earth. When such a planet is completed, the scientists will travel to it from the first earth and seed it with life. They will take the germs of the original prototypes, first of plants, and seed them on that planet.

34.         Much later, when the plants have developed enough variety to support animal life, the scientists (or rather their descendents) will travel again and seed it with animal germs. After After about a million years, such a planet will be ready to support human life.

35.         A new solar system is completed every 7,000 years, and the vast majority of them have an earth like planet. Thus every 7,000 years settlers are sent from the first earth to inhabit a new earth. 144,000 volunteers leave their people and travel there to start a new life. Countless trillions of planets have been inhabited this way since the beginning of our universe. That is how our own planet was inhabited 78 trillion years ago. 144,000 ancestors came here from another star system to live on our earth. After about 7,000 years, their population had increased to one billion eight million.

36.         Our earth has been continuously inhabited since then. This settlement of the universe continues to this day, and will continue until every star system designed for the support of life has been inhabited. After many countless trillions of years, the entire universe will be inhabited, and our universe will attain its purpose and come to an end.

37.         My dear Elder Teacher, i find your Lessons very, very enlightning. may i know your view of the Sun and creation?

38.         The sun is the generator of time. When a new universe is being created, right at the beginning, there is no time. There is no movement, no planets, no stars, only the first earth exists by itself. So all is still and there is no way to measure time due to this absence of motion.

39.         As soon as the first sun is created by the minds of the creators, it slowly condenses and solidifies, but is without light. After it has condensed through the four stages of magnetism, electricity, ether, and light, then it shines light on the first earth for the first time. This causes the first earth to start orbiting around this new sun, and that's how time begins. Therefore the sun is called the giver of life because by creating time, it measures and allocates the lifespan of every living thing on earth.



he question of re-incarnation has been misrepresented by modern people, so much so that it has led to a great deal of misunderstanding.

2.         The misunderstanding arises due to a lack of knowledge about the different types of ancestral memories, or what modern people call collective memory.

3.         There are two types of ancestral memories. One is biological, and is handed down from generation to generation. The other is spiritual ancestral memory and does not depend on genes. This latter type of ancestral memory is the true basis for re incarnation, and I'll describe it last.

4.         First I'll describe the former kind, which is biologically based ancestral memory. This is the type of 're incarnation' that has been described in most new age books. It is a false concept of re incarnation. What it is is simply genetic memory of a person's ancestors. Every living person has in his DNA the genetic code of all his/her ancestors. The body's DNA is a recording mechanism that stores all of a person's life experiences. That is how ancestral memories are physically passed from generation to generation. The strands of DNA that pass from parents to child have a wide spectrum of frequencies, somewhat like the frequencies of sound or light. When a person is born, a particular segment of the DNA spectrum stands out as the strongest, and is unique to every person. So there is a 'fine tuning' of the DNA frequencies that result in every person having a unique type of body. Obviously siblings will have DNA frequencies that are very close in the entire spectrum of what they receive from their parents, and identical twins even closer.

5.         During the life of a person, it may happen that certain incidents will cause his/her DNA frequency to 'tune out' of its normal state or frequency within the spectrum. Each frequency is a recording of the life experiences of that person's ancestors. Many white people and other light skinned races, especially here in America, have remote Black ancestors.

6.         Now, these people are totally white (not part Black) because after seven generations of white/white breeding, the entire Black germ is removed. In other words, if the mixed race child of a Black/non Black couple later marries a non Black, and all the generations that follow do the same, then after the 7th generation there will not be a Black germ in their progeny, and they're no longer part Black, but totally white or other races. That is the reason why whites and other non Blacks can have Black ancestors who lived seven, eight or more generations before. When such a person is under hypnosis, trance, or some other appropriate condition, even though she will mostly remember her white ancestors, sometimes he or she can re live the life of the Black ancestor and believe it to be her own past incarnation as a Black queen, pharaoh, chief or whatever (note though that most reported cases of reincarnation are frauds perpetrated by charlatans).

7.         The misunderstanding about reincarnation comes when the person identifies that life as his/her own, instead of recognizing it as part of the wide spectrum of ancestral genetic memories. And so the modern person under trance mistakenly believes that he/she is re living a past incarnation. This remembrance or re living, caused by genetic memory, is purely biological, depending only on DNA, and is what modern people call re incarnation. This is a false concept of re incarnation.

8.         True re incarnation is spiritual and does not depend on genetic memory. It depends on eternal ancestral memory, or what we call the mind of God. I'll mention at the onset that the light race people do not have the mind of God in them; therefore they do not experience true reincarnation. This statement may surprise many Black people, but that's because most of us have lost the knowledge of who God really is. The reason God cannot incarnate in them is as follows:

9.         At the beginning of every new universe, there is only one earth, the first earth. It sits alone in infinite space, and is inhabited by one billion eight million original people. They are eternal people, the first Gods, who come from a recently completed universe. They descend upon the first earth in one billion eight million Black bodies, whose Blackness comes from the ether that surrounds the first earth. As I've described in an earlier post, ether, or space, is pure Blackness. The Gods take the Blackness of the ether as their skin color, because from this Blackness they can create every color of every living thing since the Black color contains all other colors in it. The Black color lives physically in the body in the dominant Black gene, which is the source of what modern people call melanin.

10.         The dominant Black gene is what in ancient scriptures is called the throne of God. The body is called the temple of God, and the Black gene is the throne upon which God is 'seated'. Without the dominant Black gene, there is no throne upon which God can 'sit'. In other words, God uses the Black gene as the source for the creation of all living things. It is the seat of the 144,000 aspects of God's goodness, or morality. It is the central point from which the original prototypes of life are created, each one taking its form according to each aspect of God's pure character, and each one also taking its coloring from the infinitude of colors contained in the Black germ.

11.         Therefore simply put, without the Black germ God cannot incarnate in a human body. He/she would be impotent, unable to create life or to give form and color to the universe. (When I say create life, I don't mean reproducing babies I mean creating animals and plants out of 'nothing', as described in the biology post).

12.         All the non Black people on earth were made from Black people. They were made not in the same way that animals and plants were created i.e. by giving form and color to new life but rather, they were made by removing color from their original Black ancestors. The way the original ancestors removed color from themselves was by suppressing their own dominant Black gene. Every Black person has a dominant Black gene and a recessive light gene. When the Black gene is accidentally suppressed, then the light gene comes to the fore, and the child born to such parents among Black people is an albino. Now, a Black albino still has the Black gene, the seat of God, but it's suppressed at conception. It's possible to create even from a suppressed Black gene, but the albino would have to undergo extensive rituals of initiation to bring the suppressed germ back to the forefront, much more so than is ordinarily the case.

13.         The light skinned races are different than Black albinos in that in them the Black gene is completely absent. It takes exactly seven generations of deliberate breeding to completely breed out the dominant Black gene. That is how the first race of light skinned people was made 6,000 years ago. From the first race (Hispanic/Latin/Greek people) was made the second race (Semitics, i.e. Arabs, Jews, Persians etc). From them was made the yellow race and from the yellow race was made the white race. All these races of non Blacks no longer have the Black gene in them. This is the reason why no light race parents can ever give birth to a Black baby.

14.         Because of the absence of the Black gene, there is no throne in their temple (body) upon which God can be seated. Therefore God incarnates only in Black people.

15.         Any Black person who feels even the slightest degree of discomfort when reading the above statement, should know that this is caused by sympathy due to a lack of knowledge. If all Black people on earth regained the true knowledge of who God is and who the devil is, they would immediately lose all sympathy for the light skinned races.

16.         The billion eight million original Gods are the ones who incarnate on earth every time a Black baby is born. They incarnate again and again, endlessly. Their incarnation is not determined by biological lineage. It is pre ordained by them in eternity long before they're born. The repeated incarnation of the b8m original Gods is the true form of re incarnation. Every Black person alive on earth today is an incarnation of one of the b8m original Gods. We have incarnated time and again since the beginning of the universe.

17.         Not only do we incarnate on earth, but we also simultaneously incarnate on other earths throughout the universe. God, the Black person, is not restricted to one location. Our incarnations transcend both time and space. At the conclusion of the universe, when every earth that can be inhabited will be inhabited, there will be over 125 billion trillion trillion inhabited earths in the universe, each one having a population of one billion eight million Black people all of whom are the incarnated personalities of the b8m original Gods that is you and me and every Black person on earth.
I hope that clarifies the falsehoods heard from 'new agers' about reincarnation.

2.         I was disappointed though that u didn't go deep enough into the difference between the two types of reincarnation, biological and ancestral, was it? Is it the ancestors reincarnating in successive generations? Could u expound on that? And u mention that the non black races were created by suppressing the "black gene". WHY were the light skinned races created?

19.         The people reincarnating as us are the one billion eight million original Gods. That's you and me. We have incarnated again and again, forming new personalities with every reincarnation. Therefore our ancestors are ourselves as different personalities. You have incarnated countless trillions of times ever since you, along with the b8m Gods, created our universe. But each personality is an independent, separate individual exactly as you are today.

20.         All these personalities, our ancestors, continue to exist forever as individuals after ascending into eternity, in the divine custodianship of the 24 Elders of our earth. At the end of the universe, you will unite with all your incarnational personalities, as will each of the b8m Gods. Even though there will be countless trillions upon trillions of individual personalities, they will be your personalities (meaning you as the original God, one of the b8m). Again there will be one billion eight million Gods, manifesting as innumerable personalities, each one knowing himself or herself as the one and only God due to the indescribable state of divine unity.

21.         'Biological incarnation' on the other hand is purely a recollection, a memory of the lives of our biological ancestors, never spiritual ancestors. The memories are permanently recorded in our DNA. When a light race person sees these lives or re lives them in her mind, she is not reliving her own past incarnation, because only the Gods re incarnate, and they re incarnate only in Black people.

22.         There is eternal continuity in the lives of Black people, caused by the repeated re incarnation of the same b8m Gods. There is no such continuity in the light skinned races. Every newborn one is brand new with only biological ancestors, but not spiritual ones, i.e. no mind of God in them. At the end of the universe, long after the light races are extinct, their incarnational experiences will be taken by their maker, the God Yakub, who will permanently hold them for all posterity as his creation and possession.

23.         As to why the non black races were created, I'll answer that when I talk about ASCENSION and the true Israelites, the chosen people of Yahweh.

2.         INTRIG said:
"Incorrect. This assumes that the mystical concept of reincarnation and karma is true. It is not. It's a complete fabrication. Every person born is brand new, never having lived before. It's God's way of renewing himself/herself. Only the mind of God, or as it's called, the spirit of God, is eternal in the person. It has no 'karma' and does not take part in the so called 'spiritual evolution', which is a fallacy."
You said that every black person was a reincarnation of one of the b8m gods, is that not true?? Is there a different type of reincarnation you speak about?

25.         Reincarnation as I've described it above, is true only for black people. There is a vast difference between true reincarnation and the mystical concept of 'reincarnation and karma' that originated out of the east, especially India. This false concept of reincarnation was brought to the west by various Indian 'gurus' and gullible westerners who went to India to learn it.

26.         It's a false concept, but like everything taught by the light races, its falseness is so subtle and close to the truth that it's easy to be misled. They teach that the 'souls' (by which they obviously mean consciousness) of ALL people are engaged in a never ending 'spiritual evolution'. The mechanics of this 'evolution' are such that the sins committed by the 'soul' in a previous life are 'atoned' for in the next life or lives. This cumbersome burden of a concept is called by them 'karma'.

27.         They also make other outrageous claims. For example they say that it's possible to 'evolve' backwards and lose ground, so to speak. The upshot of all this is that, according to them, the 'souls' go back and forth endlessly, trying to detach themselves from the merciless wheel of birth and rebirth. Some lucky 'souls', by means of some fluke of perhaps meeting the right 'guru' and parting with the right amount of money, can be taught certain 'mystical' practices by which they can reach 'enlightenment', and be done with the world. Then they'll live in 'nirvana', sucking eternally on nectar if they're buddhists or hindus, or playing the harp forever if they are Christians, or if she's a Muslim woman, she'll be turned into a virgin along with 71 of her sisters so they can service the perversions of some man. This is such a pathetic corruption of the truth invented by white people that it's not worth wasting any more time on it.

28.         There is a type of spiritual evolution that applies to non blacks in the mental realms. It's a search by them for God's absolute perfection, which they can never find because absolute perfection was absolute right from the 'beginning' of eternity. Anyone who is not eternal (i.e. who cannot unite with the eternal Self) cannot reach absolute perfection. Therefore they will be involved in an endless perfecting of their character, gaining forever in knowledge and glory as they ascend from heaven to heaven.

29.         This 'spiritual evolution' will not occur on earth. There will be no re incarnating of the non blacks on earth, as there has never been such. They do not have an original Self who reincarnates in them, as is the case with black people.

30.         They were created as images of us, and for a purpose. They will fulfill the purpose for which Yahweh made them, and cannot transform their existence to match that of black people, who are eternal beings.

31.         Thus by classing all people together, including us, in their mystical concept of 'reincarnation and karma', they do not serve the truth. They only serve to mislead those black people who will believe them, thinking that black people are the same as the light skinned races.



scension is the process whereby a person leaves his/her body and unites the mind with the minds of the Elders of his/her Tribe.

2.         In our natural ancient world, before the appearance of the light races, all people died consciously. When they had completed all seven great rituals of the Black nation, they soon thereafter decided it was time to ascend to eternity. They simply laid down their bodies while perfectly conscious. Their mind expanded until it united with the minds of the two Elders of their Tribe.

3.         At the instant of unity, the magnetic connection (the so-called spiritual cord) that linked them to the physical body is severed automatically, and the body is permanently abandoned, and left to be buried by family and friends. Today people ascend the same way, but they do so unconsciously. Moreover, they die not of their own choosing, but either by 'accident', disease, or other causes.

4.         Thus today a person can die at any age, according to the circumstances of his or her life, whereas in ancient days, every person died only at old age, after completing the seven great rituals.

5.         The great rituals, along with the major and minor ones they engaged in during their 7,000 years of life, developed their souls to the point where they became one with God. They reached a state of being where they became equal to the 24 Elders in knowledge, lacking equality with them only in wisdom. The 24 Elders exceed all people in wisdom because of their age. The youngest couple of the Elders are about 25,000 years old, and the oldest over 700,000 years old. They have long since completed the great rituals, and have been living consciously in a state of divine unity. Thus they have accumulated more life experience than all other people; and life experience is turned into wisdom by the knowledge and application of truth.

6.         So even though the senior citizens (7,000 years old or older) who ascended to eternity in the minds of the 24 Elders have accumulated all the knowledge possible while living on earth, they do not have as much wisdom as the Elders due to being younger. But the perfection of their knowledge is equal to that of the Elders, whereby they are equal to God in knowledge.
Thus when they ascend, they ascend as full Gods in knowledge, lacking only in experience and wisdom.

7.         In the modern age, people still ascend into the minds of the 24 Elders, but they do not consciously unite with them as they did in ancient days. The reason is because individuals are no longer taught and trained by the ritual methods of ancient days. Thus people today die before gaining enough knowledge and truth to make them full Gods. As a result of this lack of knowledge - this ignorance or self-forgetfulness - they are unable to consciously unite with the Elders of their Tribe.

8.         As I've mentioned before, every person has an unconscious mind as well as a conscious mind. The unconscious mind is the eternal part of the person, the original Self and creator of the universe, one of the b8m Gods. The conscious mind of the person on the other hand, is what makes the individual's personality, and is always made brand new in every life, whereas the unconscious mind is the same eternal, unchanging Godly aspect of the person. When a person ascends today, only the unconscious mind, the God in him/her, unites with the Elders. The individual personality on the other hand goes to a different place in 'heaven', where his or her life continues in a different state.

9.         When the light race people die, they are also separated, i.e. the conscious personality is separated from the unconscious mind. Now, the unconscious minds of all the non-Blacks belong to the God Yahweh.

10.         When Yahweh, also known as Yakub, created the non-Blacks 6,000 years ago, he gave them a collective unconscious from part of his own mind. Every person that lives must have both a conscious mind as well as an unconscious mind, which acts as a true guide in the person's life. No person that is called human can exist as a purely new personality without the presence of this inner guide, or what modern people call conscience.

11.         This does not necessarily mean the person will listen to his or her inner guide, as each person has complete free will. But the inner guide always suggests advice to the person's conscious mind, to either be accepted or rejected according to the person's nature and inclinations. In the case of Black people, the inner guide is a particular God, one of the b8m original Gods, because Black people are eternal, having no beginning, and so provide their own inner guide.

12.         In the case of the non-Blacks, their inner guide is Yahweh, or one of the 60,000 Elohim with whom he created the light races in our image. In order to guide these new people, they gave part of their mind to them to become their collective unconscious.

13.         Thus when a non-black person dies, his or her unconscious mind ascends back into the mind of the God Yahweh, whose mind is united with the minds of the Elohim. Their conscious individual minds go to the same place called heaven where all black people go today. Therefore in this present cycle, we live in a time when there is no longer conscious ascension of black people into eternity. Such conscious ascension will resume at the end of this age, when all the non-blacks that can be saved will be saved. They will ascend to a special heaven where they will continue to be trained in order to remove most of their imperfections that have led them to a sinful existence.

14.         Now, these 'heavens' that individuals go to in this age, are also in the minds of the Elders. The minds of the Elders are an expansive, infinite state of being consisting of an infinite number of levels of existence. These levels of existence are brought into reality as needed to accommodate the states of mind of the people who die and ascend to them.

15.         There are many levels of existence in the Elders' minds that are brand new. These new levels were brought into existence by necessity, due to the existence of the non-blacks, who are a new form of people that never existed before. This type of person lives, by and large, contrary to nature. Therefore they necessarily have a short life. They cannot be initiated into the seven great rituals, which require a much longer lifespan.

16.         The great rituals guarantee the perfection of a person's character while still living on earth. They are a powerful means of personality transformation. They require a continuous lifespan of at least 7,000 years in a physical body for a person to be initiated into all of them while living on earth. No person can be initiated into more than one great ritual every 1,000 years. There is no physical body that can withstand the ecstasy of eternity more than once every 1,000 years.

17.         In order to make the non-blacks, black people first had to shorten their own lifespan before they could give birth to new individuals who live a shorter life. Thus is was decided at the time of the making of the light races that all those Gods who so choose, would join the world of Yakub and the light races by sharing in their shortened lifespan and the subsequent self-forgetfulness. This was seen as the most efficient way to gain the full experience of their world.

18.         The Gods did so fearlessly, even though they anticipated a world full of sin and error. To them the experience and all that would be gained from it in terms of wisdom was worth all the anticipated suffering. Hence we are in a situation today where black people no longer ascend consciously to eternity. Also, when we die and ascend, we are sent to a place in heaven where we can continue to gain knowledge to complete what we could not be taught here on earth due to the absence of ancient rites of passage. Thus in the Elders' heaven there are many levels that people occupy according to their state of ignorance or wisdom at the time of death.

19.         In short then, there are two types of ascension. One is conscious ascension as it was in ancient days before the appearance of the light races. In this type of natural life every individual born on earth was educated using the various forms of initiation, climaxing in the seven great rituals. At the end of our life, our conscious and unconscious minds became one, and the person became full God. He/She was then equal to the Elders in every way except in longevity of experience, or wisdom. So then in ancient days people 'died' by consciously laying down their bodies and uniting with the Elders in eternity.

20.         Their individual personality formed in that life continues to exist until the end of the universe. Their original Self on the other hand would incarnate again and again, forming new personalities in each life, even as we continue to do today. The ascended individual personalities that remain in eternity until the end of the universe have an opportunity to gain more universal experience and increase in wisdom. Being in an eternal state, they're no longer bound by time and space. They move freely in every part of the universe, even in other universes and heavenly realms. That is the ancient form of ascension.

21.         The modern form is different and adjusted to today's conditions of self-forgetfulness. To summarize, when a person dies, either a black person or non-black, he or she cannot unite with his or her unconscious mind, called the mind of God in black people and the mind of Yahweh in non-blacks, who also call it their collective unconscious. This unconscious part of the non-blacks is re-united with its origin, which is the mind of Yahweh and the Elohim. It takes with it all that is of value in terms of goodness and truth - which is usually not much - from the life of that non-black. The person himself or herself is directed by his/her inner nature to one of the levels of heaven prepared for them by the Elders.

22.         Now, the existence of personalities in these levels of heaven is not a material or physical existence such as we have on earth. It's a type of existence somewhat like in a dream world. The person gains a body just like he or she had on earth, but this body has no weight. It's made stable not by its own weight, as is the case on earth, but entirely by thought. It can move about without effort, exactly the same way you move your dream body. Moreover, it can be improved as a person's character improves, and made glorious without end, if the person chooses everlasting life.

23.         Everything in that realm is made of mental substance, exactly the same substance used to make your dream world. The only difference between that reality and the dream world is that those heavenly worlds are more coherent. They are as permanent as the earth, and do not fluctuate like the worlds of dreams or fantasy. Other than that they are like the dream world in that everything in them is created directly by using the mind, without having to condense it into physical substance slowly over trillions of years as is the case in the physical universe. That is the reason objects there do not have weight, and can be created almost instantly, and people can move about at will without effort.

24.         There are as many of those heavenly worlds as there are types of people separated according to their different natures, from the lowest and most evil to the most elevated, loving, and kind. Each person becomes part of a community of people of the same nature as his. This is a natural way of dividing people because people of like mind and character are naturally attracted together. The purpose of dividing the light race people into different levels of goodness in those heavens is so that those who are inclined to goodness can have the opportunity to be saved.

25.         When Yakub made the light races, he knew that their bodies, as a new physical species, would only last for 7,000 years maximum. The first 6,000 years of their existence, they would rule the world according to their nature, which is inclined more to evil than good. During the last 1,000 years of their 7,000-year existence on earth, they would be given the opportunity to undo all the evil they did. This coming 1,000 years will thus see the application of justice in the form of punishment for all the sins committed by them and their ancestors. Every wrong committed by them or their ancestors will be righted by them. Many will suffer horribly and perish as a result of the coming application of justice. But some will survive and eventually repent.

26.         After that 1,000-year period (around the year 3,000 AD), they will all cease to exist as a physical species. Those individuals among them who have any chance of being reformed will be reformed if they so choose. They will ascend to the higher heavenly spheres. Their reformation, once started in the heavenly realms, will continue forever if they so choose. The reformation of the light races is an effort to make them perfect like eternal beings. But because the races are not eternal from the past, they cannot reach the full and complete perfection of eternal Gods. Therefore their spiritual improvement will continue forever.

27.         For them this is an ideal form of heavenly existence where they will continue to improve without end. It is a form of one-sided 'eternalness' called everlasting life, about which the more enlightened among them have preached over the ages. It's one-sided in that they will be eternal into the future without being eternal from the past. The difference between eternalness and everlastingness is that to be truly eternal, a being has to be eternal from the past, meaning to be without beginning. A person who has a beginning and cannot unite with his/her eternal Self, can continue to live forever as long as he/she continues to improve in goodness and truth. Such improvement is unlimited because God's perfection, which is their goal, is unlimited. Then such a person has everlasting life dependent upon the condition that he never regresses back into evil, but always improves in character. Under that condition, such a person will live forever in heaven.

28.         On earth and in the rest of the universe, matters are entirely different. The universe is the place where all new life first comes into being, created by those with eternal life in them. The only people that can continue to live forever in the universe as physical beings are those that have self-generated eternal life in themselves, having no beginning. Eternity is synonymous with goodness. If it were not so, eternal beings would have self-destructed long ago, because evil naturally leads to self-destruction. Thus any people that are made by removing goodness from them, in the way the light-skinned races were made, cannot have an everlasting physical life in the universe. Their lack of goodness or self-generation, guarantees that they will self-destruct.

29.         The light races were not made to be permanent residents of the earth. Like many species that have come and gone, they too are destined to disappear. The purpose for their creation is for the manifestation and experience of that part of God commonly called evil, but better called self-forgetfulness. Once all the Gods have gained this experience, then the species used to manifest it is no longer needed in the universe. Once a species of life has served its purpose, it disappears from the earth like any other species.

30.         The only difference between animal species and the light races is that they have individual personalities, or what is called a soul. But unlike black people, they do not have self-generation. Individual personalities have the capacity for self-knowledge, a quality that animals and plants do not have. Because of this quality, there is naturally the opportunity for self-improvement directed by the individual's will. Other life forms do not have this quality of self-will. Therefore when the earthly purpose of these other life forms is fulfilled, they cannot perpetuate their own existence in another state by the power of self will, as people can.

31.         As stated before, the light-skinned races do not have the power to perpetuate their physical existence forever. They have tried other methods to extend the life of their species. They started about 4,000 years ago, to genetically produce new races. They combined their own procreative genes with the hardy and more enduring genes of certain insects, reptiles, and mammals to engineer new races out of themselves. Many of their genetic experiments were unsuccessful, and the leftover products, those that survived, became abnormal monsters and beasts, some of which still exist to this day. But with the help of the Elohim, they finally became successful and created three basic new types of races.

32.         These new races were highly intelligent. They soon gained their independence from their genetic engineers, and were helped by the Elohim to leave the earth. They settled in different parts of our galaxy and became what are called extraterrestrials. They were created in three basic forms: human looking, just like earth humans; reptilian looking; and insect-like creatures.

33.         The first type, the mammalian human-looking genetic products are the most popularly seen types of extraterrestrials and have been reported to look either like blond caucasian or dark-haired asian humans. The reptilians also look human, but have a scaly skin like snakes and lizards. The insectoid beings are mostly what are called greys, who look somewhat like human-sized ants on two legs. These three races originated from earth as a product of genetic engineering by the light races, with the help of the Elohim, which took place about 4,000 years ago.

34.         The genetically engineered races have since colonized many planets in our galaxy. They have not only increased their populations, but they themselves have also genetically engineered many different types of new humanoid beings from their own genes in combination with other life-forms, both animals and plants. As a result, our galaxy is teeming with multitudes of humanoid beings. Many of them are self-conscious humans, whereas others are non-self conscious, and function as biological robots.

35.         At this point in time, as we reach the end of this present cycle, these genetically engineered humans have come up against a difficult problem. They are unable to prolong their physical existence by ordinary sexual procreation. The conditions under which they were engineered were such that they came from a severely limited genetic pool. The foundation of their genetic structure is based on the biology of the light races, who themselves are a genetically limited species because of the way they were made. The extraterrestrial races thus need a frequent infusion of fresh genetic material from the light races, as well from animals and plants, to bolster their genetic pool.

36.         Therefore they have come back to earth in large numbers and are presently involved in a gigantic project of collecting genetic material from the light races, and even from black people whenever they can. But because the light races are themselves a dying species, all the work of artificial insemination, hybridization, cloning, and so on going on can only extend the physical bodies of these races for a short time - one thousand more years at the most for the entire species. They too will perish like the light-skinned races at the end of the coming 1,000 years. Those among them who choose everlasting life will also ascend into the heavens of Yahweh, along with the light races.

37.         The races, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, do not have the power to perpetuate their physical existence forever, as stated. All these races have the opportunity for continued everlasting life in heaven by retaining the awareness and memory of their existence. This is called self-consciousness. Now, self-consciousness can be made everlasting if the individual sustains it with truth and goodness. The same self-consciousness can be destroyed if the individual willingly rejects the truth and dwells in ignorance and evil.

38.         All self-conscious existence lives for the purpose of attaining the goodness of God. And God is eternal life, meaning that goodness and eternity are two sides of the same coin. Any person who rejects goodness is automatically choosing self-destruction. According to the laws of nature set down by the original b8m Gods, every such person has exactly 7,000 years as an individual or as a race to choose either everlasting life or cessation of existence. Thus it will happen in the coming 1,000 years, which is the final part of the 7,000 year existence of the light races, that all of them will get to the heavenly realms where they will either choose to live forever or to cease to exist.

39.         In the mental or heavenly realms, a person's true nature cannot be hidden inside the body the way it can on earth. Thus every individual's true nature is revealed there. So every one of them will have the choice to either follow their evil nature as they did on earth, or to repent and seek everlasting life.

40.         Now, just as black people are present on earth among the light races, so will they be present in their heavens as well, to complete the experience. Just as we witnessed and experienced the manifestation of evil on earth, so will we witness and experience the reformation of those few among the races who will choose everlasting life. Many of them have so succumbed to their evil natures that it will be impossible for them to repent. And so they will die the second and final death, which is cessation of existence. But even among those who perish, whatever little is of value in their corrupt lives will be taken from them before they finally cease to exist, and will become the property of all black people, to be kept in the custody of their maker for the benefit of all posterity.

41.         The rest, who choose everlasting life, will live under the guidance and benevolence of their God and maker, Yahweh. He will be their God, and they will be his people forever and ever.

42.         Black people who were born in the last 6,000 years also need to complete the seven great rituals of the Black nation, as well as the other minor and major rites leading to the seven. They'll have this opportunity after they ascend into the Elder's special heavens. Once there, they'll begin a ritual education suited to their state of mind.

43.         The forms these rites will take will be suitable to the culture of each group or community. The forms of all the rites of passage change all the time according to circumstances, except the seven great rituals. The seven are always led by the Elders and remain the same everywhere. But the other major and minor rites change according to the designs of the leaders and their people. The rites as they are practiced in Africa today would be unsuitable for African-Americans, African-British, Jamaicans, and the rest of the Diasporeans. They all have a present culture that is different than that of Africans in many respects.

44.         For example, in Africa we still have poets called griots, who recite history and stories in a certain way. Here in the United States and other non-black countries, black people have created a modified form of griotship in the art of rap music. Much of rap music is contaminated by the destructive tendencies of some rappers to emulate the perversions and overly materialistic lifestyles of the light races. But there is nevertheless a small but potent segment of it dedicated to storytelling in the old style of African griotship. This is especially the case among those rappers allied with the teachings of the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths and other offshoots of the teachings of Elijah Muhammad.

45.         Their music represents an example of an ancient African teaching tool modified to suit modern times and a different culture. So too will the ritual education of each group of black people be modified to conform to their cultural spirit. In these new heavens, no people are thrust into a strange culture in which they will be made uncomfortable.

46.         Thus the divisions in the heavenly realm take into account not only the mental differences between people, but also regional differences as well as those of historical eras. Only at the end, when the people's education climaxes in one of the great rituals, will they come together and share the experience as one. The seven great rituals by their nature, reconcile all differences of time and space.
So each group or community will go from lesson to lesson according to how it suits their background.

47.         As black people progress with their education in the special heavens, they will increase in knowledge and wisdom. Their bodies will become progressively glorified by the power of their own will to reflect their wisdom, until they reach the same level of glory as the ancients. All their ritual education will be completed in the next 1,000 years instead of taking 7,000 years, as is the case on earth.

48.         This is possible because in the heavenly state, people are outside the bounds of time and space. Their progress is totally self-directed, meaning that time for them unfolds at a pace set by them, not by planetary orbits as is the case in the physical universe. After 1,000 years have passed on earth, all the black people ever born on earth will have completed the seven great rituals. There will be a great celebration in heaven at that time. All the people will unite with their original Self and become full God. Their dependence on Yahweh's world and heavens will then come to an end. They will be full God like all our ancestors who ascended consciously from earth before the advent of the light-skin races.

49.         As soon as they attain full Godhood, they will gain the power to leave the special heavens of Yahweh. They will join all the ancestors that have ascended in the past, since the beginning of the universe, who live in the original eternal heavens of the 24 Elders. After 1,000 years, the special heavens of Yahweh will be permanently inhabited only by the non-blacks. All the black people that were initiated in them in this 6,000-year cycle, will be able to come and go in them as they please, as will all other black people from the past or future who have an interest in seeing the progress of Yahweh's creatures.

50.         The new heavens of the non-Blacks exist in Yakub's mind, as already stated. But that part of his mind dedicated to them is held in the custody of the 24 Elders, who are the custodians of every type of mind unity. The fact that they exist in Yahweh's mind means that the non-blacks can never leave these heavens. Their entire future existence is 'restricted' to these realms. To black people who are outside these realms and are free to come and go in them as they please, this may seem like a severe restriction. But to the inhabitants themselves, the non-blacks, this is not a real restriction because the expansion of each heaven is unlimited. Not only that, but the number of levels that they can ascend to is also unlimited.

51.         Mathematically speaking, the part of Yahweh's mind in which the new heavens exist, is an infinity within a larger infinity. Yahweh, as one of the b8m Gods, is an infinite being, as are all the other Gods. Therefore the expansion of his mind cannot be limited. And so the expansion of part of his mind cannot be limited either. The mind, even though it is one, can be divided into an infinite number of parts, as is clear from the fact that new people are born every day on earth, each one with his or her own mind.

52.         Yahweh's creation of an entirely new realm of existence is an example of God's creative ability common to all the b8m Gods. This is not the first time such a creation has come into being. It is the first of its kind, but every God has his or her own creations. There are many such realms of existence created by other Gods individually or in collaboration with others, as Yahweh has done in this case. There are individual creations that all the b8m Gods produce, aside from the creation of the physical universe, which is produced by all of them together. The original people, in addition to creating collectively, also have an endless number of individual and group creations that they have been creating since the beginning of eternity that has no beginning.

53.         Yahweh's creation is unique only in the sense that it is the only one where God manifests what has been hidden as 'evil' in him/her until now. But it is not unique in terms of being an individual creation of a particular God or group of Gods. Every one of the b8m Gods has produced unique, individual creations before - and not once, but countless trillions of times. These creations still exist in the minds of their creators, and will continue to exist forever, as will Yahweh's creation. The living creatures that inhabit these creations worship their maker as their God. In the same way, all the non-black people will worship Yahweh as their God as soon as they discover the truth.

54.         Ultimately, the fact of the matter is that he brought them into existence, and will give everlasting life to those among them who will accept it. Reverence for him, when the time comes, will be nothing more than a natural reaction of their soon to be enlightened minds, to show their inexpressible gratitude to their maker for making them. In the same way do all the creatures of the other Gods show their appreciation through worship.

55.         Now, many black people born in this age of Yahweh will also worship him when he and the 60,000 Elohim come back to earth. They will rule the earth in peace for a period of 1,000 years. When Yahweh makes his majestic physical appearance on earth and makes himself known as its maker, all God-fearing people, including many black people, will fall to their knees in grateful worship of him. That is natural for persons who have come into being in the way that we and all the non-blacks have been brought into being in this 6,000-year cycle.

56.         But there will come a time, at the end of the coming 1,000 years of peace under Yahweh's rule, when all black people will complete their initiation - both those in heaven and on earth. They will unite with their original Self and then know Yahweh, their God, as their brother - one whom they have known and loved since eternity. They will stop worshiping him at that time; not out of spite or disrespect, but as a result of knowing the true facts of their situation.

57.         Thus at the end of the coming 1,000-year period, only Yahweh's creatures - the non-black races here on earth and extraterrestrial - will be left as the permanent inhabitants of his heavenly realms. They will continue to love and worship their God Yahweh forever, even as they grow in goodness and perfection in an attempt to be like him and his soul mate, and also to be like his brothers and sisters, the Elohim.

58.         Non-blacks are our images. There are many subtle differences between beings and living images of beings. One such difference, concerning this aspect of ascension, is in the way ascended blacks and non-blacks gain their glorious bodies in heaven.

59.         Of all the differences between a being and his/her image, the most important is this:
Real beings (black people) attain full Godhood after 7,000 years. Those created as images of real beings go on an everlasting spiritual evolution, increasing in perfection forever and ever, but never reaching absolute perfection, which is possible only in the state of divine unity. That is the fundamental difference between God and his/her creatures.

60.         This difference plays a part in heaven when blacks and non-blacks increase in glory due to increasing knowledge and wisdom. The body of a non-black reaches stages of glory conforming to his spiritual development, meaning the improvement of his moral character. As he improves to a certain point, he is able to ascend to the next level of heaven, and the higher glory of that level is reflected in the increased glory of his body. He lives in that level for an age and continues to improve until he has learned all that is available there, before ascending to the next level. He cannot live in any of the higher heavens as a permanent resident until he has spiritually evolved to that level. When he does, his body gains more in glory, and he ascends again. This goes on forever, without end. That is the situation for non-blacks.

61.         In the case of black people, our spiritual evolution does not come in endless steps. It reaches a climax when we permanently unite with our first Self and become full God. As soon as the unity takes place, all the levels of all the heavens ever created open up for us, including the most recent heavens, those of Yahweh where the non-blacks are to be found. Thus when a black person reaches divine unity after the completion of the seven great rituals, he/she gains the power to access all the heavens in existence, in their infinitude. Perfected Gods have the power to create a body for themselves with which they can inhabit any of the heavens in existence, and there is no end to their number.

62.         So the difference then is that people who progress in stages, gain a glorified body corresponding to the level of their spiritual development, and are detained in that level until they gain more knowledge, wisdom and perfection to ascend further.
Those who have attained divine unity, create a body for themselves according to which level of heaven they desire to visit.

63.         That is one subtle difference between a creator and an image. I'll mention others in their proper contexts in future discussions.

64.         This series of lessons has hopefully provided a brief but clear explanation of today's modified form of ascension, which gave rise to all the special heavens of Yahweh. Like every past creation of every God, these new realms of existence will continue forever, because what God creates can never be destroyed.

65.         In conclusion, I'll say the following:
God is perfect and good. He/she has been so ever since eternity, and has never known other than complete perfection. Thanks to Yakub's idea, a creation has been brought about wherein God can experience other than goodness (commonly called evil). In addition, God will experience what it's like to seek perfection and never find it in an absolute form.

66.         The non-black races are part of Yakub/Yahweh's mind, and are his personalities. Even though they are independent free-will beings, they are nonetheless the manifestation of Yakub. He lives in them as their mind of God, or divine spirit that will indwell every one of them who chooses everlasting life. Their experiences as evil beings in the past 6,000 years will become Yakub's experiences. Because of the divine unity of black people, they will become the experiences of all black people as well.

67.         Their coming spiritual progress in search of perfection will also become our experiences. God, who is eternally perfect and has known none other than absolute perfection, has created images of himself/herself through which he/she can experience the absence of absolute perfection.

68.         All things are in God, both in their eternal perfect nature as well as their opposites. It is God's intent today, as it has been throughout all time, to experience all that is in him/her. Those opposite qualities that God cannot experience directly as a perfect being, he/she will find a way to experience by creating beings in an image suitable for their manifestation. Some of these qualities have a limited cycle of time - such as evil or self-forgetfulness - which cannot last for longer than 6,000 years. But some of the opposite qualities can continue forever, as will be the case with the pursuit of God's absolute perfection by the non-black races.
Next, I intend to start a series of discussions on the true Israelites, the chosen people of Yahweh.

69.         Because of the effort you have put into this thread, take what I write in good heart.
Is there ANYTHING in antiquity that backs up what you have taken time to put in this forum.

70.         If you mean anything in the way of physical evidence, yes there is. The most absolute evidence is to be found only in the secret teachings of some African tribes of today.

71.         But there is plenty of physical evidence left in the cultures of ancient Sumer, India and Egypt. When read and interpreted correctly, the tomb writings of ancient Egypt talk very clearly about ascension and resurrection. There are some Egyptologists who are aware for instance that the great Pyramids were used as ascension or resurrection machines. But many of them interpret this truth as if it's just allegory instead of fact. They suspect that the ancient Pharaohs had burial rites performed inside the great pyramids, but make the mistake of expecting to find their bodies in there.

72.         The Chambers of the pyramids were indeed used for ascension, but the bodies were always removed after the soul ascended, and buried in a proper underground tomb. You will also find information where the Egyptians expected the soul of the king to ascend to the star Sirius, and the pyramids in fact have chambers aligned to that star. Such ascension to Sirius did take place at a certain point, and I'll discuss it later.

73.         If one is not in a position to directly study the tomb drawings and papyri of the ancients, then one has to learn to read between the lines of the writings of modern Egyptologists, Sumerologists and the like, because they attempt to explain matters in which they are not properly initiated, and hence confuse many clear facts.

74.         "Our earth and solar system were created 78 trillion years ago. As soon as the earth was ready, 144,000 ancestors came from another star system, the star called Sirius that was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. They inhabited the earth after preparing it by seeding it with plant and animal life. After about 7,000 years since their arrival, their population increased from 144,000 to one billion eight million (1b8m)".

75.         Does everything have to have evidence for you to know it? And what kind of evidence are you talking about? Does it have to be an ancient scripture? Everything can not come in evidence like that. You have to figure alot of things out from the God inside you. What good would you be if everything we find out has to come from something physically in front of us. Not only does Malachi Z.York know certain truths but alot of other people do too. Is the Caucasian media just saying that something happened any more evidence than when it comes from a brother that presents hard core facts hardly anyone else is?

76.         The brother answered your question very well. But I'll go even further. There are many among our people whose idea of good scholarly research is to absorb many things they get from white people of the past and present, while ignoring or rejecting what comes from black people.

77.         Whites are too young to know the truth. They're like little children on a discovery trip, and take their discoveries for the actual ancient truth. All that they and their ancestors have said about pre-Greek ancient history pertains to events in which our ancestors, not theirs, were the participants. Only the descendents of those ancient participants know what really happened. Whites, on the other hand, only speculate.

78.         There will come a time when all people on earth will realize that the only truth is actually that which is known by black people, and none by whites.

79.         Thanks for that response. But as few as it maybe there are some Whites in the world that are down for the cause and know the truth. Zacharia Sitchin for one has written books on Ancient Egypt and Summeria, the mothership Nibiru, and ancient Egypt technology, Gods and Goddesses.

80.         Yes, there are many like him who have discovered part of the truth, but not the whole truth. They fill the rest with a lot of self-serving speculations, so one still has to be careful and not take everything they say wholesale.

81.         "Only the descendents of those ancient participants know what really happened."

82.         Only they know what happened because the information was passed to them by their ancestors by means of ancient rituals of initiation. They in turn passed it down the same way, and so on ever since 6,000 years ago. And that is how it came to me. Such information is the only true truth there is. The rest, either written or spoken, that comes down to us, is full of error. That cannot be helped because of the way in which it is brought down, a way that relies mainly on individual memories rather than infallible rituals.


84.         By a true desire to have it.

85.         "The mind (consciousness) is of two kinds. The first is the unconscious mind. It is simply the memory given to us as a gift by our ancestors. It contains all the life experiences of our lineage of ancestors all the way back to the first God, who created our universe. "

Reasoning ISnot necessarily conscious in its operations, and that, in fact, a large part of the rational processes of the mind are performed below or above the field of consciousness. The sub-conscious field of the Intellect worked out problems, and then after a time passed on to the conscious field of the Intellect the solution of the matter. We purpose instructing you in the methods by which this part of the Intellect may be set to work for you. Many have stumbled upon bits of this truth for themselves, and, in fact, the majority of successful men and men who have attained eminence in any walk of life have made more or less use of this truth, although they seldom understand the reason of it...

(the brother went on to quote a long passage of rajayoga by YOGI RAMACHARAKA from:
http://www.ibiblio.org/sripedia/ebooks/rajayoga/10.txt which ended thus:)

87.         ...In the next lesson we will call your attention to other features and qualities of this great field of mind, showing you how you can put it to work, and Master it. Remember, always, the "I" is the Master. And its Mastery must always be remembered and asserted over all phases and planes of the mind. Do not be a slave to the sub-conscious, but be its MASTER.

88.         What is being described in the long quote you posted is nothing other than mental inspiration.

89.         Inspiration comes in two different ways; one way for black people and a different way for non-blacks. Among black people, inspiration always comes from your first Self, one of the b8m original Gods. Among non-blacks, the source of their inspiration is always their maker, Yahweh or the Elohim. When Yahweh uses part of his mind this way to guide them, they call it the 'collective unconscious'.

90.         The inspiration can come in many different ways - in dreams, concepts, images of ancestors, dead famous people, relatives, etc. But all these images and ideas have Yahweh as their source. Similarly inspiration among black people always has the first Self as its source. That's how mental inspiration occurs. Non-blacks, having been created in ignorance, are naturally ignorant of the origin of their inspiration. So they claim that it comes from their 'subconscious mind'. They further make the claim that they can master this 'subconscious mind'.

91.         Well, the so-called 'subconscious mind' of non-blacks is actually the mind of their maker, Yahweh. He is their creator and they are his creatures. No creature can be the master of his creator. Such a wishful thought is self-delusion born of pride and ignorance. The exercises described in the quote only help to open the person up to higher inspirations, not to be God's master.

92.         As for black people, we do not master our first Self. We become the first Self in divine unity.

93.         Parents, neighbours, culture, society, siblings, teachers, education, religion, spiritual teachings, all have some effect on your subconscious. You'll probably even remember something they've said in passing 30 years down the line for no real reason you can think off. It's not the real you so to speak, it is however what defines you and your perception of the world, its imagery even influences how you react to whatever life throws at you, in fact subconsciously we've already decided how to react to life situations, based on similar past experiences.

94.         The subconscious also doesn't know the differences between good and bad, and it is the source of your thinking, daydreams, and dream, so whatever you think of the most in life, your attitudes, beliefs, opinions etc, etc, is normally derived from whatever imagery you have stored in your subconscious, whether you've developed that imagery yourself or got it from your peers, media, and the rest, doesn't really matter. Bad people or evil people have mostly negative imagery influencing them, so-called good people have good imagery to influence them naturally.

95.         In my eyes there's little difference between the two. You can work out why based on what I've said here. The people you share imagery with, or I should say the people who have their subconscious imagery arranged in a similar fashion are normally the people you get on with the most, i.e you have an affinity with them, and the ones that don't share your imagery, or have it arranged differently you won't like, or you will feel repelled by them. It's pretty much that simple. With understanding it's easy to think differently of all people whatever their station in life.

96.         The soul, or pure consciousness, self, or whatever people call themselves thesedays is just along for the ride, because it doesn't know itself. Basically we could all end up believing anything if we don't know exactly how our own subconscious works. The souls only option is to follow whatever imagery the subconscious gives it, which in reality is the images we've got from life and other people. And we're are the ones who perpetuate that imagery regardless of whatever it is. It's why folks even upto today have being saying "know thyself.", " becareful what you wish for", and "we judge ourselves" etc, etc. The subconscious is pretty much our own personal heaven or hell, depending on how we think in life.

97.         I grant that what you say is presently true about the 'subconscious'. But I'll add two important points that are generally overlooked in this discussion:
1. The 'subconscious mind' as you have described it has not always been the way you observe it today. This is a very recent phenomenon in comparison to the length of our history on earth. As a matter of fact, it became this way starting only 50,000 years ago, but more especially so in the last 6,000 years. There was a great change in the human mind 6,000 years ago that is not observable by scientists in their theories of the 'evolution' of the human mind. This change was caused by a great change in our genetic structure, namely our DNA, that I'll discuss at length soon. So today's 'subconscious mind', which you have analyzed quite accurately, is actually an anomaly.
2. Even today, the 'subconscious mind' as you've described it is not that way in all people.
What causes this phenomenon in most people is the fact that generally speaking, we exist in a 'dreamy' kind of consciousness. Even in daytime wakefulness, most people are not entirely awake. Their memories are as hazy as those of their night dreams. But there are people in whom such is not the case. There are certain people in my culture that can be said to have total recall. Such people never forget anything they've ever experienced since their conception, beginning right in the womb, as soon as their nervous system could register stimuli. And by total recall I mean they are able to re-live their past experiences exactly as they happened then.
Such people are not in that class you described, whose minds and actions are dictated by habits rising up from their repressed memories. They simply do not have any repressed memories. So their actions, decisions and reactions are genuine and new every moment, being dictated by their willful reaction to present situations, regardless of how they reacted in the past.

98.         DNA has nothing to do with the subconscious mind, period. The conscious mind is another matter.

99.         DNA has everything to do with how memory is preserved. What you call the subconscious memory was at one time conscious memory. After time, it became repressed and thus became 'subconscious', meaning below conscious, and DNA is part of our nervous system and brain, where memories are preserved.

100.         The soul doesn't enter the body until birth.

101.         The soul is nothing other than personality. It does not 'enter' the body. It's formed anew, moment by moment, by each person.
What enters the body is the gift of ancestral memory, or what is commonly called the mind of God. It ALWAYS enters at conception, not at birth. It preserves and records all the baby's experiences while in the womb (and for the rest of his/her life). During certain rituals, it's quite easy for initiates to re-live these memories.

102.         When a child is born they are crying for weeks on end for some, because they know what they've come back to.

103.         She cries because the doctor has metal forceps tight around her tender head, pulling hard. Then he grabs her by her tiny ankles and slaps her. No wonder they cry!

104.         You say: "There are certain people in my culture that can be said to have total recall."
Again you've got have made conscious effort in the past life to become that way now.

105.         Incorrect. This assumes that the mystical concept of reincarnation and karma taught in the East, especially India, is true. It is not. It's a complete fabrication. Every person born is brand new, never having lived before. It's God's way of renewing himself/herself. Only the mind of God, or as it's called, the spirit of God, is eternal in the person. It has no 'karma' and does not take part in the so-called 'spiritual evolution', which is a fallacy.

106.         Every person is brand new when born. That is true but only in that particular body.
Most of the times souls have lived before in another time and another body. The body and brain is brand new which is why its hard to remember past lives.

107.         There is a confusion of words in the English language, where people sometimes speak interchangeably of the 'soul' and 'spirit'. Other times they speak of them in such a way that they mean two different things. So it's hard sometimes to know what a person is referring to when they say 'soul'.

108.         In ancient times, the human entity was described as being made of three things, namely body, soul, and spirit (I'm using the English words, obviously. The ancient words are different). Obviously the ancients meant two different things by 'soul' and 'spirit', otherwise if they were the same, then the human entity would be made of two, not three things - either body and soul or body and spirit.

109.         But it's clear that we are made of three, not two. The modern language defines them much more clearly.
We all know what the body is.
We also all know what personality is.
Thirdly, we all know what the mind is. (Even if we cannot quite define it, we use it, and are aware when we use it that we are using the mind, which is a different part of ourselves than our body or personality. Some call the mind consciousness).

110.         The reality of these three things, body, personality, and mind, is clear to every normal person. So I'll put it to you that when the ancients spoke of body, soul, and spirit, they meant what we today call body, personality, and mind, or consciousness. In other words, by 'soul' they meant personality, and by spirit they meant mind or consciousness.

111.         I'll also put it to you that no matter how hard you try, you will not find any other component of the human entity other than these three. (Some would suggest that 'life' is a fourth component.

112.         Life is not a thing that we are uniquely composed of. Only these three define our uniqueness as individuals. Life is what unites the three and enables the human entity to live and function on earth.)

113.         Now, if body, soul, and spirit mean body, personality, and mind, then where is the 'soul' that lived before? To say the 'soul' lived before is tantamount to saying our personality lived before, which is impossible because our personality is formed directly by our present experiences. We have no experiences when we are conceived. Conception is the starting point for every person, who then accumulates experiences that mold his/her unique personality or soul.

114.         So when you refer to the soul as something that lived before, then surely by 'soul' you must mean 'spirit' or mind. The mind of God (or spirit of God as others call it, or consciousness of God) is the only eternal part of the human entity. It's the same in every black person because the b8m Gods live in a permanent state of divine unity.

115.         To say that you yourself are the exact same person that lived before when the God incarnated previously is to diminish your unique individuality. Your ancestor that you deign to be you would also resent the diminishing of himself as a complete, unique individual.

116.         You are a unique individual who has never lived before. Your experience of the world is totally brand new, uncontaminated by any previous experiences. And so is mine and everyone else. God who is incarnated in me and you wanted it that way, and has it that way for a simple reason: to experience himself anew. If God brought a personality (soul) that has lived before into you, then the newness would surely be contaminated. The reason that compels a loving parent to allow his son to go out into the world and experience it for himself without undue influence from him, is the very same reason by which God will have it no other way than to bring new life to the world in the form of a brand new personality. This method makes sure that the re-discovery of God is 100% guaranteed to be a pure, new experience. Only in that does he find his whole delight and ecstasy.

117.         If he were to form new personalities by mixing them with the 'souls' of dead persons, then this newness and uniqueness would be compromised.

118.         And yet, that very same ancient God is incarnated in the new person as his/her Guide of Conscience. Each person is brought into the world to gain certain experiences. The guide (the first Self) leads him/her to them so that the purpose may be fulfilled. At some point the new person and the eternal Self will unite as one, and then (and only then) does the new person know that he/she has lived before, not as a past version of the present personality, but as the original Self, THE ONLY RE-INCARNATOR. He/She will then send his/her mind into yet another new person so he/she can live again anew. And again and again. It has been going on since eternity that has no beginning.

119.         So each one of the b8m Gods has innumerable personalities. When you experience divine unity, you realize that YOU are the original God (that's what oneness or unity means). So all the innumerable personalities are your very own personalities as an original God. That's what true reincarnation means.

120.         I was readin ur posts about how the non-blacks conscious individual minds go to the same place called heaven where all black ppl go today, and how those non-blacks can be saved. So are u saying that there are good "divine" non-blacks? And that after this cycle there could possibly be white ppl still living among us? Because we are Black ppl, God can dwell in us, but because white ppl cannot be lived in, how can they be saved? Are they going to become black in the next cycle? How have white ppl been led to a sinful existence? I thought they were evil by nature, that that was just who they are? I hope these questions do not appear to be an attack on your knowledge, because that is farthest from what I'm trying to do. I am just confused, and seek understanding. Thank you...

121.         There are no divine non-blacks, and they'll never become divine. Divine means to unite with the original Self and attain full Godhood. The non-blacks do not have an original Self. They have a collective unconscious that was given to them by their maker, from part of his mind.

122.         And yes, they're evil by nature. They can never become black by their own effort. The only way they can become black is if they intermarry with black people, and their descendents do the same until they become black. That would be grafting them back into the black nation. But this they'll never do wholesale. To them, it would mean the end of their race. They're more concerned about the survival of their race than they are about eternal life, which is possible only in a black body in the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE. In the mental universe, the so-called 'heaven', everlasting life is possible for all races. The primary difference between the physical universe and the mental realms is this:

123.         The physical universe is the only place where new beings or new life can be created. In the mental realms, after ascension, it's not possible to create new creations. This distinction is important in order to understand why the non-blacks cannot have everlasting life in the universe but can have it in the mental realms.

124.         The non-blacks are impotent beings. They don't have the ability to create due to the absence of the creative black germ. All creativity resides in the dominant black germ. A human body that is made by removing the black germ survives only on momentum. Everything in creation is given an initial momentum, and obeys the law of momentum. A simple example of momentum is when you throw a ball. Depending on how hard you throw it, it will go only that far. That is its momentum. Life also has this quality. The Gods designed the lives of human beings to have a momentum of 7,000 years. At the end of it, the life-force that produced the life-momentum must be renewed. If it's not renewed, then the people as a species will perish. To prevent their own self-destruction, black people put the germ of re-generation inside their own bodies. This is the black germ. It's the guarantee of self-regeneration.

125.         A new generation of black people is born every 1,000 years (in our natural world). Therefore after 7,000 years, there's a completion and regeneration, otherwise the black nation would perish. The probability of that ever happening has been permanently made zero by the presence of the black germ, which is called the throne of God in his temple, the body. The ancient Israelites called it the ark of the covenant in the tabernacle of God. It's a guarantee or covenant for eternal life in the physical universe.

126.         Now, after the 7,000-year momentum elapses, then the species that cannot self-regenerate can continue to exist in the mental realms. Ascension to the mental realms requires only one condition: self-consciousness.

127.         That's the quality by which a person remembers who he/she is, and is aware of his/her own existence. This awareness/memory is all that's needed for a person to transport himself/herself into the mental realms after death. So because the non-blacks have self-consciousness, they too will ascend to Yahweh's heavens, where black people also ascend to in this age. But they did not make these heavens. They were made for them by their maker. So their survival in them will depend entirely on Yahweh.

128.         Yahweh made the races for a reason, which is this:
First and foremost they were made to manifest the 'evil' in God. Secondly, they were made so God could experience the ABSENCE OF PERFECTION.

129.         You may wonder, why would God want to manifest evil and to experience non-perfection?
Well, aren't ALL THINGS contained in God?
God is fearless. He/she will experience all that is in him/her, whatever it is. Fortunately it so happens, as I already stated, that all things are given a set amount of momentum when they are made. The momentum of evil is 6,000 years. Because of the absence of the black germ in the races, they don't have the power of self-regeneration or self-renewal. Their 6,000-year time span of evil has now run its course. After 1,000 more years, they'll completely perish, and there'll only be black people on earth.

130.         But the non-blacks, (those who so choose), will continue to live forever in Yahweh's heavens, because the second reason for their creation continues. That reason, as I stated, is God's desire to experience what it's like to seek absolute perfection and never find it. God has always been absolutely perfect. But every one of his qualities has its opposite, and all the opposites must be experienced also. God is afraid of nothing.

131.         The only way for him/her to experience the opposites is to make beings that can manifest them. In the case of the absence of perfection, which starts as evil (self-forgetfulness), the light races are the necessary vehicles to bring the experience.

132.         Evil itself can only be manifested in the physical universe. It depends on the concept of 'time', which does not exist in the mental realms. Over there, there is no time delay between error and correction, or between sin and punishment. The wages of sin there are paid almost immediately after the sin is committed. So evil cannot exist for long there, because sinners would quickly self-destruct. The physical universe is the only ideal place for it. But the mental realms are ideal for manifesting the second purpose. So the non-blacks who choose salvation will live forever in Yahweh's heavens and provide God with the experience he/she intended to have.

133.         Although the non-blacks are independent, self-conscious beings with free will, their lives are nonetheless in their maker. In him they 'live, move, and have their being'. All their experiences are his property, as ours are the property of our real Self. We incarnated on earth for that, and we will unite with and become the first Self. Non-blacks live for Yahweh. They cannot unite with him and his soul mate and the Elohim, but he is conscious in them as their collective consciousness, and all their experiences belong to him. In a similar way, you yourself have creatures that you created long ago for a particular reason. They exist even now in your heavens, and will continue to exist forever, providing God (your first Self) with the experiences for which they were created.

134.         Such is the case with Yahweh's creatures, the non-blacks. They will cease to exist on earth because they refused to be grafted back, but they'll continue to live forever in heaven through the benevolence of their maker, in his mind.

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