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e will pick up later where we left off with the ancient history of our people. Some events in the history require the understanding of more scientific concepts. So we continue now with an ancient perspective on chemistry, using modern concepts.

2.         We have already explained that physics and astronomy are the same. The first deals with atoms and electrons, while the latter deals with stars and planets. Atoms and electrons are tiny stars and planets. Not metaphorically, but in actual fact. They are the star systems of the previous universe that became the seed that gave birth to the present universe. That is how God expands His mind outside of eternity, and simultaneously increases the creation. Not by a big bang, but as naturally as a flower grows from a seed.

3.         The law of creation is: As above, so below. By studying one, we will know the other, because what is above is identical to what is below, differing only in size. The laws and proportions are identical.

4.         The next question then to be answered is: What is chemistry? Is it related to physics/astronomy?

5.         Chemistry is the understanding of how atoms combine to form compounds, using the magnetic laws of attraction.

6.         Compounds are things like water, air, fake nails, rocks, jell-o, and gold teeth. They are all made of atoms combining or compounding with each other according to two basic laws of attraction called the first magnetic law of attraction and the second magnetic law of attraction.

7.         Modern scientists have discovered the basic natural elements. They then added artificial elements to the list to make up what they call their periodic table of elements. The periodic table of elements is a list of all the basic natural elements found on earth.

8.         Basic natural elements are naturally occurring elements, i.e. not man-made, after being reduced to their simplest form.

9.         All that I have said so far may sound complicated. I did that on purpose to expose you, if you have never been exposed before, to how modern scientists teach and complicate simple things.
Here is another way:

10.         Atoms are solar systems of the previous universe. Each solar system has planets circling around a sun. Each sun has either 1 planet, 2 planets, 3 planets and so on up to 100 planets circling around.

11.         I'll repeat in case modern scientists think my tongue slipped.
There are solar systems with 100 planets circling their sun, others with 99, some with 98 and so on all the way down to the smallest solar systems, which have only 1 planet orbiting its sun.

12.         That makes 100 different kinds of solar systems.
On earth, there are exactly 100 basic natural elements. Do you make the connection?

13.         When the first earth of a new universe is created, the star systems of the previous universe become the atoms of that first earth. In that previous universe, there are countless trillions of what can be called type 1 star systems. Those are star systems with only 1 planet. Then there are countless trillions with 2 planets, or type 2. Similarly, there are countless trillions of type3, type 4 and so on, up to type 100, which are the largest star systems having 100 planets.

14.         The first law of magnetic attraction attracts the star systems of the same type to each other. That is, type 1 stars are attracted to other type 1, type 2 to type 2 and so on. Toward the end of the universe, the star systems actually move through space over a period of trillions of years until they find each other and group together in clusters.

15.         Those with 1 planet form clusters that are described by modern scientists as having a nucleus and 1 electron, i.e. the sun and the single planet. When trillions of these star systems cluster together they form a natural element on earth called hydrogen.

16.         What is hydrogen?
Them: It's a gas made of atoms with 1 electron circling a nucleus.
Us: It's a gas made of star systems of the previous universe, all of which have 1 planet circling the sun.

17.         What is a gold tooth?
Them: It's a metal made of atoms that have 79 electrons orbiting the nucleus.
Us: It's a metal made of star systems from the previous universe with 79 planets circling their sun.



ow are the star systems brought together to form hydrogen, gold and the rest of the natural elements?

2.         By the first law of magnetic attraction.
How does this law work?
It brings together all star systems that are alike, causing them to find each other.

3.         So here's a question:
Which clusters of star systems will have a stronger magnetic bond; those with 1 planet or 100 planets?

4.         Those with 100 planets. There are more planets to form magnetic bonds, so they'll be held together more strongly. Not only that, but they'll be packed closer together, and thirdly, they'll be much heavier.

5.         Therefore iron, gold and the other heavy metals will sink into the new earth, while hydrogen, oxygen and other gases will float on top, forming water and the atmosphere.

6.         The gases are much lighter and loosely bonded, due to the fewer number of planets, while the metals are much heavier, with stronger bonds due to the large number of planets in their star systems (atoms).

7.         And all this happens because of the first law of magnetic attraction, which attracts like to like.

8.         What about the second law? The second law of magnetic attraction attracts unlike to unlike.

9.         Star systems are also attracted to those unlike them, those having a different number of planets, and they form what are called molecules. A molecule is made of two or more star systems, and many molecules cluster together to form compounds.

10.         What is a water molecule? Them: It's hydrogen + hydrogen + oxygen, or H2O.
Us: It is made of two star systems, each with 1 planet (called hydrogen) being magnetically attracted to a third system with 8 planets (called oxygen).

11.         In how many different ways does the first law of magnetic attraction work? In exactly 100 different ways.
It attracts all type 1 star systems together, and it attracts all type 2's together and so on until it attracts all type 100's together.
That's exactly 100 different ways.

12.         That's why there are exactly 100 basic natural elements on earth. They are listed in the periodic table of elements that can be found in any chemistry textbook. They start with hydrogen (1 planet), followed by helium (2 planets), all the way to fermium (100 planets, or as they say, 100 electrons). The rest over 100 are artificial elements either man-made, or ephemeral natural combinations (i.e. temporary elements that disintegrate almost immediately as soon as they are exposed to the air and warm temperature).

13.         In how many different ways does the second law work? In almost endless ways. That's why we have shoes, coca-cola, aspirin, iron oxide, water, and fake nails, all made from the basic natural elements combining in one way or another.

14.         Now here's a question that has been asked before: In a new universe, if all the stars of the previous universe are used as atoms to form the first earth, how are all the new stars around it formed? Where does the material come from to form all the new stars?

15.         We have talked about the clustering together of the 100 different types of solar systems, attracted like to like by means of the first law of magnetic attraction. They form the hundred basic natural elements found on earth. The first of these is hydrogen, formed by all star systems having 1 planet and its sun. The last is fermium, bonded much more strongly, and so much heavier that when the earth is formed, these clusters of 100-planet systems will sink into the earth, burying themselves deep in the crust after the earth has cooled over billions of years.

16.         Indeed it takes billions of years for the earth to form. It takes trillions upon trillions more for the universe to be filled with new stars that form around the first earth and fill space up to a distance of 16 trillion trillion miles across.

17.         Where do these new stars come from? All the stars of the previous universe are used to make only the first earth, giving it its 125 billion trillion trillion atoms. And yet the earth has its sun and companion planets, not to mention the countless stars filling the sky.

18.         Here is their theory of where the stars come from. They (modern scientists) say a moment before the big bang the whole universe was concentrated into a dense ball not bigger than a fist. They say the dense ball exploded with such great force that it formed all the stars and planets of the whole universe. That is the complete theory of the big bang.
How many people believe it?
How many of them do you think believe their own theory?

19.         Our ancestors tell a completely different story of how the sky is filled with new stars, thereby expanding the universe.
They say the purpose of creation is for God to increase.
God is infinite.
So how can God increase if He's already infinite?

20.         Our teachers tell us that God is infinite only in eternity, but not in creation. One of the purposes of creation is to duplicate this infinity of God as it is known in eternity, and bring it into the universe. Since infinity means unfinishable, creation will go on forever because the eternal infinity of God cannot be duplicated in a final and finished form.
Therefore the universes will always expand. Every new universe will be larger than the one before, without end.

21.         What does this mean in terms of new stars?
It means new stars must be created out of nothing. If they are created out of something, as in the case of a dense ball exploding, there is no increase. If you start with a dense ball and explode it all over the place, you still have only the same amount of matter you started with. Increase only happens when new matter comes out of nothing, adding to what was already there. Therefore, according to our teachers, that is one of the reasons why the big bang theory is a false, misguided concept.

22.         So how does matter come out of nothing?
Chemistry as we have explained it using modern concepts only deals with 3 types of matter called gases, liquids, and solids. There are 4 other types of substances above these 3, which modern chemistry does not include in its study. The total number of substances in the universe is 7.

23.         The first substance of the universe is magnetism, and it's created by condensation.
Condensation of what?
Condensation of the Mind.

24.         God condenses part of His Mind, which is in an expanded state, and forms the first substance, magnetism. Magnetism condenses further and forms the second substance, called electricity. Electricity condenses into light, the third substance of the universe, which further condenses into the fourth substance, called ether or space. The last 3 substances, gases, liquids, and solids, condense in three stages out of the ether.

25.         Those are the 7 substances of the universe, all coming out of nothing, or the Mind of God.

26.         You mentioned that some elements on the periodic table were manmade? I hope I didn't misinterpret that. If so, which ones?

27.         The elements 114 and 116 are synthetic elements, or man-made. 114(Uuq) is called un-un-quaternium, and is made by blowing calcium on plutonium. Element 116(Uuh) is called un-un-hexium and is made in a similar way, using different elements. (Their weird names should tell you right there they are unnatural. Once they're made, they last for about 30 seconds before disappearing into nothingness.)



hen we say the mind of God is nothing, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It means the mind is not a thing. It's obvious to everyone that the mind, or consciousness, is not a tangible thing, yet it is the source of all things.

2.         At the end of the previous universe, our ancestors expanded their mind beyond measure until it encompassed their whole universe. That process of expansion caused an apparent "contraction" of their universe until it was "reduced" to the size of a single planet. The universe was not reduced in reality, but when the mind is expanding, it appears as if the universe is "contracting".

3.         The apparent "contraction" of the universe was not followed by a big bang or any other kind of explosion. It was followed by a condensation process, where part of the expanded mind condensed in stages in the empty space surrounding the new earth, creating the seven substances, which eventually formed the new stars after many trillions of years.

4.         Now since space itself is a substance, it means the mind creates space at the same time it occupies that very space.

5.         Stars are the condensation of the mind of our ancestors who came from the previous universe. They increase their own mind by expansion, which simultaneously causes the creation to increase as well. That is how God increases himself in creation to make himself like he is in eternity.

6.         How do the ancestors cause their mind to expand?
The answer to this question is 90% of the subject and reason for these discussions. The achievement of this mind expansion is the primary purpose of the universe. Everything we will discuss concerning the activities of our ancestors will be seen to be directed toward the achievement of this single purpose called mind unity, or mind expansion.

7.         So we may say chemistry as it is taught today is only 3/7 of what true chemistry really is. It deals with only 3 of the 7 substances of the universe, ignoring the other 4. It will never reach an understanding of the fundamental reasons for the existence of the basic elements and their combining into an endless variety of compounds. Hence 99% of the concoctions that modern scientists brew in their laboratories will always be poisonous to the body and the environment.

8.         But more importantly, they ignore the source of all substances, which is the mind. All the basic natural elements are prepared at the beginning of the universe using the first law of magnetic attraction, the law of attracting like to like.

9.         What is the source of the two magnetic laws? The mind of our ancestors. These laws are simply the decision of our ancestors to combine star systems in that particular way, so that their descendants can use them to form compounds they'll need to run their society. To modern scientists the natural elements are just objects of chance that happened to form out of a chaotic chemical soup that came out of the big bang.

10.         That is the essential difference between modern science and Blackroots science. The minds of our ancestors are the Black roots of true science. When they condense part of their mind to form the stars and planets, they leave "instructions" that become part of the condensation. Over the trillions of years the stars will be inwardly impelled to seek each other magnetically and then combine according to those "instructions". Therefore matter is "pre-programmed", for lack of a better word.

11.         For that reason, moderners (the light races) will never be able to master matter. Matter can be mastered only by those who created it and their descendants, because the mind of our ancestors became our minds by a process of separation. Our minds will once again become one mind by a process of unity.

12.         Next we'll begin a discussion of the third science, biology/genetics, and find out how the ancient people view this subject from their perspective.




n the ancient society, children were not taught as children are taught in today's schools. They were not incarcerated in classrooms for hours on end, being denied the natural physical movement that all children crave, and the freedom to roam free for miles around and investigate everything.

2.         Their education was not an intellectual indoctrination that today's education clearly is. Rather, it was education through experience, allowing all children to discover first-hand what adults already knew, all the while under their guidance.
Their teaching system was called initiation.

3.         The education of young people was divided into segments of seven-year periods. At the end of each segment, they graduated as a group in their town or district or clan. Their graduations were called initiation festivals. They were large feasts with music and dancing, and the entire clan was invited.

4.         They were taught biology from the age of about seven. The first lesson was to teach them the definition of biology. They asked many questions along the way, and their teachers answered every single one in a practical real life way. In order to bring us close to their teaching situation, and in order to convey their knowledge as accurately as I can, I will narrate the following as if it is a discussion between me and one of the teachers, with me asking all the questions.
So the first question I would ask is:

5.         What is biology?
It is the knowledge of how the plants and animals and the body of the Black man and woman were created.

6.         How were the plants and animals created?
All the species of plants and animals that exist on earth today developed from the 144,000 original prototypes.

7.         What are the 144,000 original prototypes?
They are the 144,000 parts of the Black person's character.
They include courage, wisdom, goodness, strength, grace, honesty, authority, gentleness, abundance, beauty, friendliness, unlaziness, humor, and many, many more totaling 144,000. The vast majority of the parts or aspects of character do not have names in the English language. In the original languages, every aspect has two names, one for the animal and one for the plant. One original plant and one original animal were created for each aspect of your character.

8.         So every aspect of a Black person's character is represented by a plant or animal?
Yes. But only the original plants and animals represent character. All the other millions of species develop from these original prototypes.

9.         What about the body of the Black person? How was it created?
Originally the 144,000 characters were united as one character and it had a form. That form is the body of the Black man and woman. The two bodies differ because while many of the aspects are neutral, a large number of them are more masculine, and the same number are more feminine, although both men and women have all 144,000.

10.         Then after the aspects were united as one in the human body, they were then separated into 144,000 individual parts and each part was given a form. Those forms became the original plants and animals.

11.         Where are these prototype plants and animals?
They are in the custody of the 144,000 Judges.

12.         Where? Right here on earth?
They were, yes. And they will be again soon. They are temporarily removed to a safe place for a cycle. When the present cycle comes to an end, they will be returned to their original place.



re they edible? Are they like chickens and cows and fruits?
None of the animals are used for food. Some of the plants are edible. All the prototype plants used for food are called the trees of life. They are used by the leaders to prolong their lives beyond the normal 7,000-year lifespan. The Elders live for over 700,000 years using the trees of life as nourishment.

2.         Can anyone really live that long?
Believe it. You'll soon witness it.

3.         What causes sickness? Are there separate causes for every illness, or is there one genetic reason why people become ill?
This may sound strange to most people, but among the people of the Black Nation in their natural environment there is no sickness.
Sickness did not exist before 6,000 years ago, and will cease to exist after the end of this cycle.

4.         All sickness is caused by neglecting some aspect of your character. That will sound even stranger to all modern people who have been raised and educated to believe in the physical causes of illness alone. Every illness is related to some aspect of your character.

5.         The body is the unity of all aspects of character, and neglecting one or more of them results in illness in the corresponding part of the body. Among our people in our natural environment there is no neglecting of any part of our character. We also know the proper foods to eat and the right time to eat them. So sickness does not have the slightest chance to exist.

6.         Even the common cold?
Even the common cold. Isn't it obvious that the common cold is caused by stress? When the weather changes, especially from one season to the next, it exerts an external stress on the body. If the body is already under the internal stress of modern life, then you easily become prey to viruses. If you could remove all internal stress, thereby restoring that aspect of your character, external stresses would have no effect on you.

7.         It's almost impossible to remove internal stress. There's so much pressure in everyday modern life.
Yes. This is the time for such things. It wasn't always this way, nor will it remain like this for much longer.

8.         I know you said to keep the questions to the present subject. But you've mentioned the cycles before. Can I ask you more about that?
We'll have enough time to discuss all the details concerning cycles, but first things first.

9.         So all the people were taught about the aspects of character and how to stay healthy?
There are 10 festivals that we call life rituals. During each one, the people are taught about the aspects. The character of every individual develops in a timely manner starting from childhood. The first 7,000 aspects of character are taught to children from the age of 7 until they are 14 years old.

10.         The "school system" is set up such that they attend the rituals 3 or 4 times a week for about 7 months of every year. The attendance is not continuous, naturally. They break during the planting and harvesting seasons and at other times. As I already mentioned, the ancient calendar division had a week of 10 days, making 3 weeks to every month. The twelve months have 30 days each, with 5 or 6 days added at the end of the year, depending on whether it's a regular or leap year. This calendar is exactly as our ancestors, the ancient Egyptians, recorded it in their writings; they kept that system well into about 2,000 years ago.

11.         I heard Dr. Jewel Pookrum reveal in one of her lectures similar ideas about the real nature of illness, the body, and the spirit. For example, she shared that often women who are knock kneed have suffered some sort of sexual abuse. As a result (and protective mechanism), the knees instinctly turned in to prevent further violation. Can you elaborate by sharing some specific illnesses and the character flaws or deficiencies to which they relate? I think sharing that information will help us who've been disconnected from the ritual process. Thanks!

12.         Diseases fall under two classes of causes; those caused by a deficiency in the individuals own character, and those imposed on them due to a deficiency in someone else's character. The example you gave falls under the second class, where the deformity is not the result of a particular deficiency in that individual, but a character flaw in another person who then imposes it on her by committing a crime against her. There are many examples of this type of imposition, some due to neglect, some unintended, resulting in deformities, traumas, addictions and diseases. One common example is improper or inadequate breastfeeding. A lot of mothers in modern society breastfeed their children very inadequately, if at all. Once a child has had mother's milk directly from her breast, there is no substitute that can take its place. But many women are advised to feed artificial formulas to their children.

13.         The most common damage that results from this comes in adulthood in the form of cigarette addiction. Unbelievable as it may sound, a large percentage of addiction to cigarettes is the result of insufficient time spent at the mother's breast. Cigarette companies know this, and design cigarette butts the same color as a white woman's nipple, and make the rest of it white like milk to evoke those childhood memories, not to mention the chemicals they add to make sure people stay addicted.

14.         Other drug addictions are caused by insufficient love given to infants, who need it the most. Later in adulthood, after experiencing the "high" of drugs, it reminds them of the parental love that they experienced but a few times and have been yearning for ever since. After the first "high" they seek in vain to recapture that feeling and thus become addicted.

15.         All such ignorant impositions can be removed easily by training all people from childhood to develop their character properly. Such training would result in proper ways of raising children. At present this ignorance is passed from generation to generation.

16.         Adding to that are the diseases that come from the person's own character deficiencies. These are caused mostly by lack of character development or improper development as a child. The biggest of these is the non development of the natural courage in children. So many children are raised in conditions of fear. They are taught to fear strangers, to fear their own parents, to fear the dark and even their own fantasies that come from their imaginations. This instilling of fear destroys the natural fearlessness or courage that all children are born with. The fear then later on causes many diseases such as asthma and allergies.

17.         Neglecting to develop self love in children warps their character the most and results in a myriad of diseases such as diabetes, obesity and so on. As we continue with biology/genetics I'll give more examples of other diseases and the character flaws that cause them.

18.         Can you provide more information about the science of food energy? Do foods have feminine and masculine energies? If so, how does this impact our individual health and how can you tell what energy exists around specific food?

19.         Rather than female and male, food energies would more appropriately be called positive, negative, and neutral. Even these words give a false meaning. More accurate words would be energizing, harmonizing and neutral, or stabilizing. There are foods to be eaten when people are low in energy, and their opposite to be eaten when they're hyperactive. These harmonize the energy back into balance. In addition, there's a third type of food in the middle, so to speak. They're called staple foods, such as grains, and keep the energy more or less steady.

20.         Human beings are vegetarians under natural circumstances. At present our bodies are in a less than natural state, so the eating of foods like cow milk is necessary, as well as a little meat, but much less than people usually consume. There are enough proteins in plant foods to nourish even the most active people, so it's possible to live completely without meat, as long as one takes a little milk.

21.         Plant foods can thus be divided into these three classes. They correspond to the three divisions of the human body, the head area, the chest area, and the intestinal area and lower body. The plant has a correspondence to these three parts in an exactly upside down way. In other words, the roots of plants correspond to the head area. Foods like carrots and other edible roots nourish the brain and the head area (not potatoes, though, which are not roots but stems. Their roots are little hairs coming out of the tuber, so tubers are not root foods). Edible roots are thus positive or energizing foods.

22.         The stems of plants, which include grains like wheat, and beans, are chest foods and nourish the middle part of the body. These are neutral, or staple foods. The third group are those that grow at the highest part of the plant, meaning the leaves and fruits. They harmonize the body's energy level.

23.         Although both men and women need all three kinds of foods, women need the higher parts more, corresponding to the lower and middle body, and men need the lower part of the plant more, corresponding to the upper chest and head area. As far as specific foods to eat and how often to eat them, it would take too long to list. Besides, an accurate book has been written on nutrition. It's a little book you could read in a day or two, and has no equal as far as the teachings on nutrition and proper eating habits. It's called "How to eat to live, part 1 and 2" by Elijah Muhammad.

24.         What's your take on the tidal waves that have recently hit the area around southern Asia areas filled with Blak people? I remember hearing a tape by Dr. Delbert Blair where he alluded to such "weather occurences" being man made specifically created to assist in wiping out Blak people. What say you?

25.         my thought exactly. After reading about the incident, I thought the same thing. I believe that yt possess the power (with the help of technology that is) to manipulate the weather and cause the earth to tremble. I knew this ever since I was a child. I remember that every time they tried to go up in space, there was a tremendous change in the weather. It would rain for days and I would think to myself that they were interfering with "Mother Nature". I do believe that this was manmade to help wipe out the Blak race. I am not an expert on this matter, but I do believe in my heart that they do have a hand in any & everything that is the opposite of life & anything that is good. This is just my opinion. Peace!

26.         Sisters, man made disasters are nothing compared to this. This was definitely a natural disaster. The earthquake bodily moved an entire island a few dozen feet, and had the power of over 2,000 nuclear bombs. It made a crack in the earth the length of California. These large scale natural catastrophes began last year with the Iran earthquake. They're going to continue and increase in size and devastation. To that will be added an endless war that is going to be joined by many other nations, begun by the invasion of Iraq. Add to that worldwide pestilences, and the next 6 years are going to see a drastic reduction in world population, never before seen in all of history.

27.         I always like to discover the "why" of occurences. blkroots, when I saw the clippings of many of the victims' surviving family members, I saw many 'Blak' faces...unless I saw wrong. If I'm not mistaken in my identification, what do you suppose the reason would be for destroying part of the one billion eight million? What are the implications for the remainder of us? Thanks again for the continued and endarkening education. Peace.

28.         There was another diet related question I meant to ask you. I hope I didn't forget or overlook any previous information you may have shared on the topic, but I'll inquire again...what's your take on the "eating according to your blood type" theory that is currently on the 'natural' health scene? Is there any validity to this idea or is it just another 'European' fad?

29.         Although the 100,000+ dead from the tsunami is tragic, it's nonetheless a miniscule number compared to the millions who die daily on earth, many of whom are Black.

30.         I have not yet posted anything to clarify what I meant by the secondary requirement for the ending of this cycle, i.e. the incarnation of the billion eight million. I'll explain briefly what it means, and hopefully go into more detail later.

31.         First, it does not mean that once all the Gods are incarnated on earth, Black people are never again going to die. That's impossible given the bodies we live in at present. It will be so only after all Black people have original, long lived bodies, when we will live continuously for 7,000 years.

32.         What it means is this:
All the B8M Gods have agreed to join in Yakub's project, and take part in this world of sin and death. This was not the case at the beginning, 6,000 years ago. When Yakub started his project of making the light races, there were only 60,000 volunteers willing to carry it through, not counting the leaders. The leaders were neutral, knowing already that it was inevitable (pre ordained). So the rest of the population (amounting to over one billion seven million seven hundred ninety five thousand people) opposed his project. They wanted nothing to do with it. Yakub went to a secluded island to carry it through. But since that time, all the Gods (the entire Black population) have agreed to join in the project and take part in it. Some things that are not easy to understand and accept while we are living on earth, become easy after ascension, when both hindsight and foresight are crystal clear.

33.         So then it was predicted that as soon as all the Gods have incarnated in this 6,000 year period, that will bring the cycle to an end. That's the reason why the Black population has steadily increased over 6,000 years to reach the maximum of 1B8M. To take part in Yakub's project, the Gods only have to live on earth at one time or another, but not continuously. They (we) live and die frequently because that's the normal rhythm of our short lived bodies. We don't even have to live a full life on earth to experience evil. A child who dies after 4 or 5 years has experienced enough of this world to know what evil is, because this world of white people is absolutely unlike our ancient world. It is opposite and contrary in every way imaginable.
So we will continue to be born and to die until the end, when we re gain our ancient original bodies.

34.         And yes, the eat according to blood type thing is a scam. Probably an opportunity to sell another diet or nutrition book. The only way to stay healthy is to eat less often. No one can be unhealthy from eating once a day.

35.         I'm not sure that ALL of the 1b8m have decided to assist in the Yakubian destruction of the Blak race. My question to you are those who continue to choose NOT to participate in self destruction doomed along with the others? I apologize if I keep re asking questions...but it's important to gather as much information as I can. Thanks.

36.         You're incorrect to call Yakub's work the destruction of Black people. Black people cannot be destroyed. God cannot destroy himself, let alone be destroyed by the puff of smoke called white people. So your question of whether you are doomed to perish with those who choose self destruction is based on a wrong premise. There is no self destruction, so there is no Black person doomed to it. Your question begs a much larger issue, i.e. the whole question of evil.

37.         The fact of your living presence here on earth is proof that you consented to participate in Yakub's world. If you hadn't, you would not have incarnated in this 6,000 year period. This holds true for all Black people. Don't ever be deceived by the teachings of the ignorant who say the appearance of Black people on earth is a matter of 'chance', 'accident of birth', or other terms they coin. The incarnation of every Black person on earth is intentional, and is never a mistake. This whole question of why God does some things that seem contrary to logic has been debated for millennia. But all the speculations that so called philosophers and religionists have put forth are based on ignorance; so they cannot reveal the true answer.

38.         The answer to this age long question is simple, and I'll address it in the next few days when I start a discussion of Yakub.

39.         I'm sure that's going to be an interesting story, because everything I've heard of the Yakubian "legend" says, for some reason or other, he was out to destroy us. It'll be interesting to find out why we would want to arrive on this plane to participate in Yakub's world and why a smaller number of us would arrive here and then NOT want to be a part? I mean how would you explain the existence of an individual such as yourself? you exist during Yakub's age, but what you present of yourself doesn't reveal a Yakubian essence/spirit. Ok. I sincerely appreciate you (I mean that), but I don't have a problem in admitting I'm a bit confused with a few things. Thanks for your patience, and I'll be waiting for that next installment. Peace.

40.         I'm postponing the promised discussion until a later time in order to cover some other topics first. Everything in its time, as the saying goes.

41.         Ok...I'll be waiting. Meanwhile, give me your take on the Mamiwata what's the history with that particular Vodun image? Peace.

Part 1 of Vodun/religions

42.         The religion of Vodun with all its symbols and God/ess, as with all other African religions, are creations of the past 6,000 years. They did not exist before then. They all came about as a consequence of the teachings of Yakub. Notice how many of your questions relate directly or indirectly to Yakub, even when you apparently intend to ask an unrelated question. The reason is because this is really Yakub's world, and just about everything in it results directly or indirectly from some part of his teachings.

43.         I'll answer your question by relating briefly how 'modern' African religions arose as a result of his work, but I'll leave the larger question of Yakub until later.

44.         Briefly speaking, Yakub, after he made the light races, was compelled to teach them how to live. Civilization is always taught. It can never evolve naturally, as modern sociologists and the like would have us believe. It is not in the same realm of natural events as eating, sleeping, and procreating. In fact, without civilization, human beings naturally decline.

45.         Yakub was a great scientist knowledgeable in the entire circle of wisdom. Knowledge is called a circle because it starts at the starting point and goes around until it ends at the same point, but higher and larger. If you will, imagine a coil or a snake coiled on itself with its head resting on its tail. The head and tail are at the same point on the circle, but the head is at a higher elevation. So it is too that the universe will end at the same point it began, which is divine unity, but at a higher level of wisdom due to the experience gained. That in brief is the true definition of wisdom, and in our language it's called a serpent due to the metaphor I just mentioned.

46.         Yakub took the circle or serpent of wisdom and condensed it into 6 major parts of knowledge. He left out the seventh part, divine unity, because it cannot be taught, but only experienced. He further divided each of the 6 parts into 60 parts, each one corresponding to one year of an individual's life. In his original plan of making the light races, their normal lifespan was to be 60 years, and in fact this is the average worldwide. So the 60 parts of knowledge correspond to, or sum up, what each year of an individual's life brings or is supposed to bring in terms of experience. Life is supposed to be lived such that when a person reaches a certain age, he or she has gained in experience, the equivalent of that amount of knowledge corresponding to that section of the 60 parts.

47.         For example, when a boy or girl reaches puberty, he or she is supposed to have learned all that can be taught about sex and its two purposes. But this is no longer the case today. The same holds true for almost every avenue of civilized life, including such basic things as how to cook properly, or clean house, or grow fruits and vegetables. How many youths can do these things today, or if not actually do them, know them theoretically?

48.         So the circle of knowledge was reduced by Yakub into 360 parts (6x60). The 360 parts or degrees of knowledge were not taught to the light races, but only to Black people. (All this applies to the past 6,000 year period. Before then, the division of knowledge was as follows...

49.         blkroots, I like the way you break everything down so that others may understand in depth. Please keep up the good work! Peace!


Part 2

50.         Ancient knowledge was divided into 7 major parts, then the 7 were each divided into 7,000 parts, each one corresponding to one year of the 7,000 year lifespan. That made a total of 49,000 subjects of learning. Therefore there were a total of 49,000 rituals. The vast majority of them are called minor rituals, and were performed differently in every town. Second are the major rituals, fewer in number and performed differently in every clan according to the Chiefs' teaching. The third type are seven in number and were performed exactly the same in every tribe. They are called the seven great rituals or festivals of the Black nation. Hence the ancient circle had 49,000 divisions as opposed to the modern 360 degrees).

51.         Yakub took 33 degrees of knowledge out of the 360 and established 'mystery' or initiation temples to teach them to the leaders of the light races. In addition, he took 3 more degrees and added them to the 33 for a total of 36 and taught these to highly qualified individuals who passed the standards of selection he set up.

52.         These 36 degrees of knowledge became the science of all the highest secret societies of the light races. They had their foundation in the temple schools of ancient Egypt. Selected individuals of the light races were recruited from around the world to the 'mystery' schools and taught. They then went back and started secret societies, a few of which still exist to this day. In Egypt, the 36 'truths' of Yakub became known as the 36 neters. The word 'neter' means 'truth', and has been misinterpreted by Egyptologists to mean 'gods'.

53.         The original 360 degrees of knowledge formulated by Yakub were taught in even deeper secret among the high priests of that time, all of whom were Black. This knowledge was withheld from the 'neter' mystery schools. The high priests migrated down into Africa when it became obvious that the decline of Egypt was inevitable. They took with them the original 360 degrees of knowledge and settled among 10 African tribes located across the entire African continent. These became the foundation of the 10 African schools of ritual initiation, as well as 2 others located outside Africa, which are practiced the same way to this day. At the same time, the knowledge of the 36 neters filtered down into the various African tribes when the priests began migrating out of Egypt into west, east, central, and southern Africa. It was from the science of these 36 neters that all the tribal religious systems of Africa originated. So in Africa today there are two types of schools of initiation; those of the original 360 degrees and those of the 36 degrees or neters. Add to that the 33 degree mystery schools that exist all over the world, especially among the light races, and that will give you an idea of the origin of the mystery or secret religions of the world.

54.         Now, each secret religion is different. Hence there is Vodun, or the religion of the Goddess Mami Wata (Mummy Water, or the Mermaid Goddess). It arose primarily out of reverence for water as sustenance of all life. So too did every religion have its primary God or Goddess, as well as many lesser deities and all their symbols.

55.         Now, here is the important thing. This present cycle is the cycle of decay. We can also use the word deterioration or corruption or any other word with a similar meaning. Everything decays in this age, especially knowledge. God has increased or waxed in wisdom since eternity, and has never known what it is to decrease or wane in wisdom. One of the purposes of this cycle is to gain this experience. It befell Yakub by pre ordination as the one to prepare the necessary conditions for evil (decay, ignorance, self forgetfulness) to manifest.

56.         He went about it basically by first deteriorating the human body to a 60 year lifespan, and reducing the serpent of knowledge to 360 degrees, then further to 36 degrees and finally to 33 degrees. The 360 degrees are practiced by 12 modern Black tribes today. The 49,000 degrees are held in abeyance in the custody of the 24 Elders until the end of the age.

57.         The 33 degrees are practiced by Freemasons, especially the secret group called Rosicrucians on one side, and their opponents called Theosophists on the other side. The 3+33 or 36 degrees are practiced by so called 'masters' of the light races, as well as others I will mention later. They are also practiced by the adherents of indigenous African and other religions such as Vodun. White people call this knowledge 'witchcraft' or 'black magic' in the hands of Blacks, and 'white magic' when practiced by them. The connotation is totally false, even though literally speaking the black and white terms are racially appropriate. When one considers the intent of the 'magic', then 'black magic' is the true form of magic, whereas 'white' magic is false. Both systems may use basically the same scientific principles, but the purposes to which each one is put determines whether it is true or false magic.

58.         Both systems rely on the 3 highest degrees of knowledge out of the 36 to formulate their highest principles. Of these 3, I'll mention only one...

Part 3

59.         I'll mention the other two later, as they relate directly to the larger Yakub story.

60.         This one degree of knowledge is called 'psychic' science. It's a science of the imagination. You may remember I introduced a brief account of this science in the Biology discussion. This is a natural science (as are all true sciences) that relies on the natural 'God given' power of the mind to be creative. The mind is naturally and spontaneously creative, and one can see this in dreams, where whole worlds are created out of nothing. Although dreams are unreal, given that they are imaginary (the same applies to day dreams and fantasies), nonetheless their effects on the human soul is absolutely real. A person may wake up from the most awful nightmare and be relieved that it was 'just a dream', but the fear he experienced was real. If he had come from somewhere where he had never experienced fear before, his dream experience of it will teach it to him as effectively as experiencing it in real life. It may not last long, but it is real at the moment he experiences it.

61.         This is one manifestation of the natural psychic power of all people. Now the art or science of controlling this power comes in the phenomenon called lucid dreaming. This power, although powerful enough on an individual basis, can be increased dramatically by involving other people in it. This too is natural, following the law of rhythms. Human minds, with their seat in the brain, 'oscillate' within a particular spectrum of frequencies.

62.         It's possible to 'entrap' this oscillation using the law of rhythms, according to which oscillations of the same frequency enhance one another and unite into a larger whole. When a person with a strong mind starts a certain type of imagination, and finds other people who are sympathetic to it, the rhythm of his mind will 'entrap' those willing participants such that all of them engage in the same rhythm and thus imagine the same 'reality'. That is exactly how children were taught in ancient days. The word 'entrapment' is totally inappropriate in the ancient context. A more proper word would perhaps be 'resonance', where a teacher gets the children's minds and hearts to resonate at the same rhythm as his. But 'entrapment' is quite appropriate in the modern context because the intentions and use of this science have become perverted in many, but not all cases. The truth of a science is determined by the intent of the user, so the same scientific principles can be used for both good and bad.

63.         By this 'entrapment', it's possible to make willing people to believe in a 'reality' that does not exist, that is totally imaginary. As the knowledge of the 36 neters deteriorated, so too were the proper uses of psychic science forgotten. In the passage of many millennia, the uses went from one end to the extreme until a whole slew of 'ancestral' religions were formulated. Many psychically gifted people down the ages came and contributed to them and started new ones, or changed and modified the old ones. Hence as time went by, there arose entire worlds of 'ancestral spirits' that are totally imaginary.

64.         The 'spirits' possessed those willing to participate, causing them to 'prophesy', 'divinate', 'cure' illnesses, 'cast' spells, and many other related activities that you are no doubt aware of. They gave rise to fetishes, symbols, gods and goddesses, and new forms of 'rituals' and sacrifices for enhancing the psychic power. What arose out of the corruption of psychic science is so convoluted and old in terms of centuries, that to try and outline it all would take many pages.

65.         Suffice it to say that in every system that comes out of the original, there always remains a kernel of truth at its center. It is this kernel that is important for the reminding of Black people about our ancient history. Those people who are involved in ancestral religions like Vodun are already at a decided advantage, and can comprehend the larger truths much more easily.

66.         However, there is always the danger of getting lost in the maze of the psychic worlds if one believes in them and takes them to be real. The truth is that they only affect those who are willing participants because their power, even the power of their symbols, actually emanate out of the mind of the participant, and from nowhere else. Others with stronger minds get it started with suggestions, but the participant has to pick it up from there and take it all the way for it to be effective. Without willing participation it has no power.

67.         That, in brief, is an explanation of the origin of secret religions.

68.         I've read that the Mamiwata was supposed to have been a foreign figure this is supposedly why all the images are of a lighter raced woman. Is this the Yakubian influence?

69.         What is the significance of the science of cartography?

70.         Yes, it is. The practice of using whites as the standard of beauty goes far back; the brainwashing in this regard is deep. For the same reason Black christians today prefer to worship a white God. The idea of a Black God is repulsive to most of them, if not outright disgusting. But truth is eternally true. It can't be changed by personal feelings. Eventually all will come around to the true beauty of the blackness of God.
(are you interested in maps?)

71.         blkroots:
Thanks again for the info. Yes, I'm interested in FULLY understanding, so I can more effectively understand what's going on around me why I'm here and where in the world I'm supposed to be. I heard once that cartography was one angle to explore. Peace.

72.         I'll look deeper into cartography to see if there's an angle I missed, and we'll see from there.
...not much of interest in cartography, except to those who want to carve up other people's lands and steal their gold.

73.         I'm almost sure you meant cartomancy (tarot cards). It's more interesting to talk about anyway.

74.         blkroots:
No, I'm pretty sure it's cartography, because the issue of dowsing comes up. Although you can proceed with the cartomancy discussion that definitely should be interesting. Another thing I'd like to know is about the idea of 'superlearning' and 'megamemory'. You provided some information about educating young students; I'd like you to elaborate on what activities can be used to quickly increase memory/retention. Thanks.

75.         Very good. We'll do it like that, and talk about dowsing and cards, but after I catch up with some regular posts. I'm falling behind my schedule.

76.         Superlearning or memory retention depends directly on habituation; i.e. making it a habit to remember. The human mind is organized in such a way that it can be trained by repetition. Forgetfulness is nothing more that the habit of forgetting. Similarly recall is no more than getting the mind into a habit of remembering, and this takes practice.

77.         Obviously the best time to start training the mind is when one is a child, when the conscious mind is very pliable, but one can do it as an adult also. The key to success is to be aware that superlearning or recalling is like making a path through a field by constantly walking it. Once this idea becomes clear in the mind, then the training plan will succeed.

78.         There are many systems formulated by many authors to do this, some more successful than others. The differences in success is caused by whether or not the learner is aware of the mechanics of conscious recall, which as I said, is to 'walk a path' through the nerve circuits that make up the 'forest' of the human brain. Most of the books, if not all, use the same technique of learning by repetition.

79.         There's a better method, though, that doesn't depend on books, using the details of your own dreams or daily activities. These two methods are the best and quickest because they are personal and therefore geared to each individual's uniqueness. What you do is keep a pencil and paper next to your bed, and write down your dreams every morning in as much detail as possible. Another alternative is to keep a daily journal, and write down your daily activities every evening in as much detail as you can. The longer you do this, the more details you'll remember.

80.         Recollection is directly related to learning. The easier you can recall details, the easier you can learn new ones; thus superlearning and super recall are two sides of the same coin.

81.         In tribal societies where there is no writing, children are trained by adults by being asked to recount their dreams of the night before in detail, and then relate their day's adventures when everyone is sitting around the home fire at night. This is done in an atmosphere of fun, making it enjoyable to the children. And so their memories become well trained, making it easy for them to remember and understand stories used to teach them.



he teacher continues discussing the children's ritual of character development as it was in ancient days...)

2.         When the children are in attendance, they don't sit in classrooms as modern children do. The lessons take place mostly outside in a natural setting. In every ritual, they are taught about the character development of a person. They are taught that each aspect of character is directly reflected in a specific part of the human body, and how each one created its plant and animal. The format of the lessons is somewhat like this:

3.         First of all, children are never discouraged from indulging in their imaginary worlds. Everyone knows that young children have imaginary friends in imaginary worlds that are as real to them as you and me sitting here. They are encouraged to indulge in these worlds of the imagination to the utmost degree possible for their minds. As they grow older and eventually become adults, they retain this power of vivid imagination, having brought it under complete mental control under the guidance of their teachers. As a result, all adults have this power, but more so the teachers of rituals. They use this natural gift (to us it's a natural gift whereas to modern people it's a curse from which they must "disabuse" their children); the teachers take advantage of this gift and use it to impart their lessons.

4.         They encourage all the children to create a common imaginary world. The teachers then magnify it with their own minds until it is clearly visible to every child. To all those modern people who have forgotten the imaginary worlds of their childhood, it's somewhat like a lucid dream, but wide awake. Once all the children have entered this imaginary world, the teachers put in it about 7 of the original plants and animals, using their own imagination. They re create them into this world the same way you intentionally create objects in your lucid dreams. The first 7 or so plants and animals they put in it correspond to those aspects of character that are the first to develop in a child, which are happiness, friendliness, activeness and so on, corresponding to the appropriate body parts like the heart, the eyes, the feet and so on.

5.         Then the teachers create a situation in the imaginary worlds that leads, for example, to sadness in the children. They feel this sadness and immediately become sick in the corresponding part of the body, and they also notice the same effect on one of the animals and plants. The animal becomes sick and the plant begins to decay. They are then encouraged to remove the sadness and replace it with a happy situation. For example, if the sadness was caused by the older children taking the younger children's toys, they give them back, thus restoring their happiness. Because it all happens in the imagination, the animal and plant are immediately healed, and the sickness disappears from the children's bodies.

6.         By the use of simple exercises such as these they are taught about the anatomy of the human body, and which body part corresponds to which aspect of their character, and which plant and animal were created from it. Because of the wisdom of the teachers, the imaginary situations come in endless variety, stimulating their young minds.

7.         After 7 years they graduate in a ceremony that celebrates the first 7,000 aspects of character and their prototypes. They spend 40 days of the graduation period in a place whose name has come to the present from the past as the garden of Eden. This was one of 12 such places on earth, one in each tribe's country.

8.         Every country's garden of prototypes is in 10 sections. The first section has 7,000 prototypes of both plants and animals, corresponding to elementary education, or the first 7 years from age 7 to 14.

9.         Every following section is larger than the one before, with more prototypes. The next nine sections have prototypes corresponding to the rest of the person's ritual education every 7 years until the age of 77. At this age, the person's character reaches full maturity and perfection.

10.         At the elementary graduation festival the children see the perfect plants and animals for the first time, in their natural habitat. After the 40 day period, the ceremony concludes with the preparation of food from the trees of life that grow in that section. The festival is held at the clan capital. It's a huge celebration with children from a thousand towns all coming together at the capital for a week. There is music and dancing, and the whole clan is invited. For at least one day of that week, most citizens will make sure not to miss the opportunity to attend and enjoy the feast.



ou said they are educated until the age of 77. What happens at that age?
They have a final graduation. All the graduates of the clan come together. They gather at the Chiefs' temple at the capital, in all 72 clans. 2,000 Judges welcome them there and guide them in the final ritual, called the ritual for the creation of life.

2.         The graduating group and the Judges together make 144,000 people. They are led by the 2,000 Judges and the 2 Chiefs into a state of consciousness called Divine unity. We will talk at great length about this state of mind because it is the culmination of every major ritual of the Black Nation. It is fostered methodically from childhood, where it begins as shared childhood dreams during children's classes. It is then developed in 10 stages until its culmination at 77 years of age.

3.         For now, suffice it to say that it is a state where all the people become one in mind. Their hearts and minds become single as if it were the heart and mind of one person, yet each one remaining as a distinct individual.

4.         As soon as this Divine unity is attained by all, they proceed to raise from their hearts, which beat as one heart, every aspect of their character one at a time in the order they were taught beginning at childhood. When the first aspect has risen to fullness in the heart and mind of every man and woman, it takes form right before their mind's eye. As soon as they release it from their minds, two versions of it, a male and a female, flash into physical existence in the appropriate section of the garden of prototypes. Then they go onto the next one. They continue this way nonstop for 40 days and 40 nights, without eating, drinking, or sleeping. They completely lose sense of time and space, and all physical cravings like hunger and thirst. The state of Divine unity is such that it balances the body's physical energies for as long as a person is enraptured in it. They continue this way until they create all 144,000 prototypes, both plants and animals.

5.         At the end of the 40 day period, they reach a climax of fully mature, perfect character, magnified many times by being united as one.

6.         They have then perfected every aspect of their character and are considered from then on to be fully mature adults. They go on to take their places of responsibility in society.

7.         That is the perspective from which we consider what modern scientists call biology. We look at it from above, as creators, whereas modern scientists look at it from below, as creatures.

8.         Brother Afrknroots, is there any education system still set up like the one you describe in the above post, here in the Americas or anywhere in the world today? If so where can one find such teachings?

9.         When you talk about the animal and the plants, it brings to mind The Paut Neteru that I am reading about in a book called Metu Neter by Ra Un Nefer Amen. He talks about the ten stages of initiation and the preliminary requirements. I had no idea that this process would start with children as young as 7. Although it does make sense to do so.
I really enjoy reading you! Keep on enlightening us Brothers!

10.         The ancient system of education by initiation is no longer taught in its complete form. It hasn't been taught like that now for 6,000 years. The reason is that the entire initiation system of character development took 70 years to complete in 10 stages. Each stage lasted seven years, starting from 7 to 14 and so on, and 70 77 years old being the final stage.

11.         It's impossible to teach it today in its complete form because we are much shorter lived than our ancient ancestors. So the system is taught in a shortened form suitable for our time. But it's no longer taught openly. It has been taught in secrecy ever since the appearance of the light skinned races 6,000 years ago. It's taught only by the elders of a few African tribes, including the tribe of Batswana in the southern region of Africa where I was born and raised. Unfortunately initiation is not taught in America. Even in Africa it's still the deepest secret. This will remain so until the end of this cycle called the cycle of white people, which is nearing its end. When it ends, then the ancient teaching system will come back into the open.

12.         This brings me to your first question of how to teach children some of the ancient knowledge. All the important knowledge in ancient times was taught in the form of rituals. We have a ritual for every important aspect of life just as moderners today have a textbook for every important subject. But the difference between ancient and modern learning is exactly the difference between intellectual or book learning and real life experience. This is why it's difficult under the modern system to teach true science and mathematics. They are intricately related to life, whereas the architects of modern education divorce them from everyday real life. They created a school system that incarcerates children all day inside a fenced up prison, completely removed from society, and expect them to learn how to live in that very society. The result is nothing more than superficial intellectual knowledge. Ultimately, everyone has to start from scratch after leaving school and try to educate themselves about real life, sometimes gaining some contribution from their schooling, sometimes not.

13.         To educate Black children properly, we must separate them from other children. There is no way I repeat (and you can disagree with me as much as you want) there is no way to teach our children properly as long as they are mixed in with the other races.

14.         There are many reasons why that is so, but I'll mention just one.
We Black people made the other races in our image 6,000 years ago. All the troubles on earth started as a result of this.

15.         Now, if you truly believe this, how will you teach it to our children in a multi ethnic setting? How will the other parents let you teach it in their school?

16.         You may say, well, I just want to teach them the principles of ancient science and mathematics. But these principles are based on the fact that God is the Black person, and all other people were made in his/her image. They involve rituals whose foundation is that we do not study science and mathematics, but manifest it on earth. Made human beings can only study what has been made or created. Creators on the other hand can only manifest the principles of creation, because these principles originate from within them.
These two modes of learning are worlds apart, and 180 degrees opposite each other.

17.         Now, having said all that, I'm sure that you can proceed with your good intentions (and they are good and worthwhile. Every way we can help our people, especially children, is more than worth the time) by mentioning some of the truths to them, namely that the ancients had ways of perfecting people's characters, and they also had ways of finding soul mates for everyone, as well as methods of health and hygiene that totally prevented all forms of illnesses, and many other truths we'll discuss in the future. And it's also important to tell them that these sciences and customs will come back into use very soon. As to teaching them the sciences in detail, it's not possible to do it except by the method of rituals and initiations. Black people did not choose this method of learning arbitrarily. They chose it because it's natural and superior to any other method imaginable, now or at any other time.

18.         im doing some studying of the metu neter
and ra un nefer amen makes a statement regarding huemans possessing reptilian and mammilian brains...i do not quite understand the implication...
is that correct...if so could you elaborate on that??

19.         In order to understand the following discussion on the different types of brains, it's important to know that the theory of evolution taught by modern scientists is the exact opposite of the truth.

20.         Modern scientists claim that all higher life forms evolve from the lower types. In other words, they claim that all people came from animals.
This claim is the direct opposite of the truth.

21.         People did not come from animals. ANIMALS CAME FROM PEOPLE.
I repeat; to understand biology/genetics, it's important to realize that all plants and animals on earth came from people.

22.         At the end of the universe the B8M original Gods absorb all life into themselves by uniting their minds and life with the minds and life of all living things. That is to say they absorb the being ness of all things (even inanimate objects) by joining it with their own being.

23.         They become ALL THAT IS, which is a state of mind called Divine unity, or the oneness of God. They then come into the present universe while in this state, and live on the first earth. I'll describe later in the cosmology section how they come from the previous universe into the present one, and how they create it.

24.         At any rate, they bring all life from the past universe as a part of their very being. As soon as they descend on the first earth, they create perfect plant and animal life from the integrity of their perfect character. These perfect plants and animals are called prototypes or the original totems of life. They are the first plant and animal life forms of the universe. All subsequent prototype life forms will be modeled after them, and be identical to them in every way. The reason for this is because all totems that are subsequently created are created after the creators have perfected their own character, such that it is as perfect as the character of the B8M original people.

25.         The totems then issue forth spontaneously from the overflowing beauty of the perfection of their integrity, meaning their perfect character. They issue forth from their vivid imagination and condense instantly into physical life. That is how all plant and animal life begins in every universe.

26.         The life of the Black man and woman on the other hand has no beginning. It is self generated and self created at the beginning of creation that has no beginning. Therefore the human bodies, the bodies of the Black man and woman, have always existed. They are the primary form of life, without beginning or end, without source or sink. These two bodies are the source of all life in the universe, as well as the sink of all life in that at the end of the universe they take all life back into themselves. Together they are the unification of every form of life that has ever existed in the past, all the way back to eternity, and also life that exists now as well as life that will ever exist in the endless future. All the past, present, and future life forms are contained and unified in the body of the Black person, the man with male life and the woman having all forms of female life, but only when the two are united as one in mind and heart.

27.         The original totems or prototypes are the source of all other types of life forms. The later forms evolve from these by means of a law of evolution called the law of integrity.

28.         According to modern scientists, all life forms evolve from lower life forms by a law of evolution called survival of the fittest.
That is false.

29.         The true law of evolution is called the law of integrity of character.
This law means that all plants and animals evolve according to the integrity of the character of the dominant culture on earth.

30.         The evolution or the physical development of plants and animals follows precisely in the footsteps of the morality or immorality of those who comprise the dominant civilization.

31.         In the case of the ancient culture of our ancestors before the advent of the light races, the animals and plants were far different that they are today. The largest animals were much larger than they are today, and the tallest trees were much taller also. They reflected the stature of the people who lived then. They were tall people, averaging about 71/2 feet tall. The sizes of the largest animals and the tallest trees were a symbol of the dignified stature of these people. Furthermore, there were no animals like apes, hyenas, crows, bats, rats, mosquitoes and other foul animals. All these vile animals as well as poisonous plants started developing 6,000 years ago. Their development is a direct reflection of the nature of the rulers of the world.

32.         To be specific, bloodsucking animals and other parasites are a direct reflection of the parasitic nature of the light races, especially as it is most obvious among Jews, Arabs and other Near East Asians. Foul animals like snakes reflect their deceptive nature, especially those of caucasians and Far East Asians like the Chinese and Japanese. Other disgusting animals represent other foul natures of these people.

33.         Before the light races came into existence, these animals did not exist as they are today. After the races were born and started showing their evil nature, the foul animals then began to develop accordingly. But not all animals were affected to the same extent. Some animals still retain a large part of their purity. For example, most cats, especially lions, tigers, etc retain most of their pure nature. Dogs on the other hand were mostly affected, as can be seen in the dog family like coyotes, hyenas, and all the dogs that have been bred from them. There is only one dog that remained unaffected by the appearance of the evil nature of the light races, and that is the African dog known as pharaoh's hound, which is black in color and still exists today in some parts of Africa. This clean, non smelling, non barking, majestic dog is represented in ancient Egyptian art as the God Anubis.

34.         Other graceful animals and plants like butterflies, some birds, flowers and trees also remain unaffected.

35.         The evolution of all plants and animals therefore follows the inner nature of the most influential people in any civilization. All development of life is recorded in the magnetic field of the earth. This recording comes directly from the minds of people. It condenses into magnetic substance and combines with the magnetic field of the earth. The plants and animals receive the direction for their development directly from this magnetic field, which acts as the mind of the earth. It is influenced by the collective minds of the members of the dominant civilization.
This knowledge is important in order to understand the effect of the human mind on animals.

36.         Now, the mind obviously uses the brain as its seat of operation. And so the brains of all animals are a partial manifestation of the human brain, and not the other way round. People did not get their brain by evolving it from the brain of animals. The exact opposite is the case; that is, all animals got their brain by developing it using the human brain as a source of their development.

37.         Animals are not fully unified beings as humans are. Human beings are the full unity of life in all its aspects. The perfect animals called totems each manifest one of these aspects. Developing animals then develop from them, taking on various aspects according to different combinations, all the while under the direct influence of the integrity of the dominant society.

38.         Therefore when you ask, "what is the implication that humans have a reptilian and a mammalian brain", the answer is that reptiles and mammals developed their brains modeled on the human brain, but emphasizing only certain parts. In other words, reptiles developed with an emphasis on the reptilian part of the human brain, and so with mammals.

39.         The human brain has three parts; reptilian, mammalian, and insectoid. The insectiod brain is the smallest of the three, but its contribution to the whole is not affected by its size.

40.         I hope I've made it clear that when I call the parts of the human brain reptilian, mammalian and insectoid, this doesn't mean they are named after reptiles, insects and mammals. The very opposite is true. These animals got their names from the three parts of the human brain.

41.         First and foremost comes the human brain. We'll call its three parts reptilian, mammalian and insectoid, although in the ancient languages they are called by their proper names. Now when the animals developed, the three types of animals each took one part of the human brain as the main source of its brain development, and are thus named after that respective part.

42.         This distinction is important. It is exactly the opposite of modern teaching about evolution. Its importance will become clear later when we discuss how certain "extra terrestrial" life forms came into being, especially those called greys and reptilians.

43.         I hope this answers part of your question. The rest of it will have to wait until later.

44.         How will the process of absorption of all life by the original people take place? Further, considering that much of the life (especially human) on this plane is very toxic, what would be the implications for the original people for reabsorption?

45.         The B8M Gods re absorb all life into themselves at the end of the universe, when they get ready to create the next one. That's countless trillions of years in the future. By then the light races, who are but a passing fancy, will be no more than a dim memory. Their toxicity, which lasts for only 6,000 years, will be no more than a drop of spit in the ocean of eternity.

46.         All life originates from God at the beginning of the universe, and is taken back by him at the end. He takes it back by the act of Divine unity. Divine unity is a state of mind where you unite your consciousness with all that exists. All existence is in God's imagination. The universe is the divine dream of God. When you enter the state of divine unity you discover to your amazement that you are the dreamer, as is everyone who is united with you. You are they and they are you in the most real sense. All is oneness at that moment. At the end of the universe, all people reach this state of oneness simultaneously, and the universe comes to an end. Divine unity, or being one with God, is the purpose of the universe. The purpose is achieved in stages by taking part in the rituals designed for it, especially the seven great rituals of the Black Nation.

47.         as always, very informative. I was wondering about the so called dinosaurs, were there any? You did say, however, that the animals were much larger & that people were too. So does that mean that dinosaurs as we know it did exist? Peace!

48.         Yes, dinosaurs did exist. Scientists have made a good enough representation of what they looked like. If you see some ancient Egyptian art, and see what is called the plate of Narmer, there's a better drawing there of what the large animals looked like.

49.         very interesting and informative post. In one of your post, you stated that black people have always existed. You have also stated that dinosaurs did exist. We have always been taught that man/woman and dinosaur did not live during the same period. Is this true? If the animals of the earth come from humans, and dolphins are said to be millions of years old, what evidence do you know proves that we are older than dolphins?

50.         It's a very tricky thing to prove using physical evidence that Black people existed prior to a time that white people consider as being acceptable. They laid down the rules of proof, and anyone who wants to prove any scientific fact has to play by their rules. If he doesn't then the proof is said to be unacceptable.

51.         Their rules are set up such that they can be fully satisfied only by those who subscribe to their preconceived notions. And every rule of theirs is founded on a preconceived notion. For example, they say that man/woman and dinosaurs did not live during the same period. This is a preconceived statement not based on any facts. If you oppose it then the burden is on you to prove otherwise. Those who made the statement do not feel obliged to prove it first.

52.         I could easily turn it around and say that people and dinosaurs lived at the same time, and ask them to prove otherwise. All they can say is that people's bones have never been found in the same place as those of dinosaurs. That is the extent of their "proof".

53.         On further thinking, what kind of proof is this, really? What people would bury their dead next to dinosaurs? They'll say that primitive people did not always bury their dead, but let them rot anywhere, because those people were not civilized. According to them civilization began only 2,000 years ago with the Greeks. If they're generous they'll say it began 5,000 years ago with the ancient Egyptians, or maybe the Sumerians a little earlier, but no sooner than that. So now the argument has turned from physical proof to subjective feelings about the civilized status of "primitive" people. And on and on it would go in circles. There is no winning when using their rules.

54.         Nonetheless, recently some anthropologists found human and dinosaur footprints embedded next to each other on a rock that came from a strata of rocks deep down, making them millions of years old.

55.         Here's a quote,
"In Glen Rose, the fossils indicate that man and dinosaur lived not only at the same time but even at the same place! To make matters worse, the particular layer in which the footprints are found is known as the Glen Rose formation, designated lower Cretaceous, and supposedly was laid down early in the Cretaceous period, estimated about 120 million years ago. One aspect that has caused no little amount of speculation has been the presence of giant tracks, prints made by individuals with huge feet and huge strides. It may be that humans before the Flood were much larger on the average than today. This is consistent with the fossil record, which frequently exhibits animals larger than their modern day counterparts. Scripture may provide an insight when it claims so matter of factly that "There were giants in the earth in those days" (Genesis 6:4). Quite a few of the tracks are in the 16 inch range, but several trails are of a man with a seven foot stride and a foot of 211/2 inches in length. Whether or not there is any connection, has not yet been determined, but several years ago the skeleton of a woman seven feet tall was excavated from the Paluxy River Basin and exhibited in the Somervell County Museum in Glen Rose."
(by John Morris, Ph.D, Institute for Creation Research)

56.         When this was announced, the scientists came out with guns blazing to disprove the discovery. They suppress such discoveries with the utmost ruthlessness, even to the extent of alienating their peers who go against their cherished but false notions.

57.         There is a different and higher type of proof for historical events. It's the accurate recording of ancient events by people trained to do this in their minds, and to pass the knowledge from generation to generation. This type of evidence is valued much more among Black people than cooked up physical evidence that can be interpreted every which way.

58.         It's wise to regard the "teaching" of modern scientists with the same skepticism one regards all new information. Then weigh it in your mind, relying on your intuition first and foremost, as well as your life experience, and then come to a conclusion.

59.         That is infinitely better than believing people whose facts change every six months or so. Their only goal is to deceive in order to prolong the status quo. Widespread knowledge of the truth would overturn their fragile and faulty belief system, which is already standing on one leg.

60.         Dang! Just when I thought you couldn't get any deeper! Really. I have NO debate with you. I've been having a DEEP feeling of unhappiness in my current work environment for a while now and haven't been exactly sure how to proceed. Most of the children I work with are non Black, and the few Blacks that are there aren't exactly what you'd call ...."on the path." So, even with good intentions, I'm not exactly sure how they'd respond to the use of ritual they're more likely to bust me out than the non Blacks would!! Yeah. I totally understand your view on the all Black environment. I've thought for awhile we NEEDED the lack of interference from outsiders in order to begin the recovery process. But, given what you've revealed and the kind of environment in which we live, how would I begin reconstructing my role as an "educator"? At this point, what's the BEST I can do at least in terms of transitioning to the higher learning that you mentioned? As much as the idea appeals to me, I'm not sure of the likelihood of finding an all Black environment in this country; many of the so called Africentric private schools are now admitting non Black students to my dismay. My fear is that they will begin to "sway" the curriculum to fit the outsiders. Again, I REALLY appreciate your insight; it's refreshing to throw these ideas/questions by someone who seems to have a clue! Keep talking!

61.         Although I've never been a schoolteacher myself, I do understand to a degree your desire to teach children true knowledge, or at least useful knowledge that can help to reverse the lies and deceits that form the foundation of euro centric education.

62.         That is the same desire I have to expose this type of knowledge to all Black people who are open to it, or at least to the possibility that our ancient glory was as I've described it. So because of our common desire, we are kindred spirits.

63.         The Black person is the architect/designer of all his situations and experiences. We conceived our present world situation many eons ago, and executed the plan necessary to bring it about. At the same time we conceived a plan to bring it to an end, and that plan is in progress. We have the power to bring it to an end, just as we had the power to bring it about.

64.         Two conditions were laid down as being required to end this cycle. The first is that the Black population should reach the number equal to the original Gods, which is one billion eight million. That condition has been fulfilled, or will be in a few more years.

65.         The second but primary condition is that there will be a group of 144,000 people who will form the foundation for a new society. Every new society starts with this basic minimum, which becomes the foundation stone for the new temple, to use biblical language. Or as Bob Marley used to sing it, they are "the stone that the builder refused, and shall be the head corner stone."

66.         There is one requirement needed to be part of the corner stone.
The foundation population will be formed by those people who have consciously and willingly removed from within themselves ALL SYMPATHY for the light races.

67.         This does not mean to hate them, because hate is just as strong an emotion as love, and fixes one's attention on its object. All that's needed is simply to know who we are and who they are. When this knowledge becomes clear in our minds, then it's not hard to see that we cannot exist forever side by side with them. Our natures are too different, even 180 degrees apart. It's like grain trying to survive side by side with weeds. When a person knows the natures of grain and weeds, it's only a short step to realize they must be separated. When there's a minimum of 144,000 people who come to this full realization, then the cycle will come to an end.

68.         It has been estimated by my teachers that this number will come predominantly from the Americas, the place of 400 years of slavery. A few will come from other regions where Black people have suffered for 400 years under the oppression of colonialism, even though our suffering was not as severe.

69.         It's these people who will better understand and fully acknowledge the true nature of the races because they have lived among them most closely. They will seek to separate from them.

70.         Initially it will not be a physical separation, but a mental one. It will come in the form of totally rejecting the point of view of white people that has been ruling the world for 6,000 years. The people will replace it with a more truthful and natural point of view. The two points of view will be seen to be diametrically opposed. Soon after this mental rebirth takes place, they will then begin to organize physically, in order to come together. Then they'll re discover the ancient knowledge and put in into practice.

71.         On this foundation stone the entire Black population will become free. All the B8M gods will then be incarnated in us, and our society will begin afresh.

72.         Peace Brother Black Roots,
Yes, I have more questions. You said you'd speak on this later, but I'll ask anyway: if ALL animals came from humans and certain animals (the "ugly" ones) started in the last 6000 yrs, why then do you find less majestic animal fossils in the rock record?

73.         What about vampires (energy suckers) and other derivations of the human form, do they really exist and if so are they also devolving manifestions of the light races?

74.         Also why are there no (well, published) investigations showing the devolution progression of these forms in the historical/rock record? Or are we just reading things backward, hummm? A lot is known geologically about the last 6000 yrs, what are scientists missing?

75.         Also, 6000 yrs is a very very short time period for these things to have occured, how do you rectify the timescale? The only people talking in this timescale are creationists and I KNOW they can't be right...

76.         In addition the dates of the "devolved humans" and apes are much older than 6000 yrs. Are modern dating methods faulty, ie radiometric, laws of superposition, uniformatarianism, U/Pb, thermoluminence, carbon age dating, magnetic dating, etc?

77.         I'm quite aware of the errors in Darwin's theories and I'm pretty familiar with these dating methods, does your information mesh with at least portions of the geologic timescale?

78.         I'm also on the edge of my seat, waiting to hear about aliens being spawned by the light races, I'm sooo curious. Also about spirits. You said this would be toward the end, after I presume you speak on Yakub and why on earth he'd create this situation we're currently experiencing. Why would he want to suppress the dark gene anyway, was he curious what would happen, or was he a mad scientist (like frankenstein)?

79.         I suppose its a lesson my original self needs to learn to help fulfill the pupose for this universe, but damn need we suffer so? I'm guessing, yes.
Again thank you for taking the time to connect,

80.         There are two reasons why the animal's fossils are not found. Many of them lived on two continents that have since been submerged. One was in the Atlantic ocean (the one rumored today as Atlantis) and the other in the Pacific. The two continents were submerged about 9,000 years before the advent of the light races. The fossils exist, but they are undersea.

81.         The second reason is that during the time of that cataclysm reported in the bible as the flood there were also massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions all over the earth that buried many other animals. The earthquakes were more severe than any that have occurred recently. They turned over the crust of the earth and buried many animals thousands of feet under.

82.         The fossils dating schemes of modern scientists are mostly based on where in the earth's layers they were found. They have divided the layers into geologic eras, and assume that the layers are laid down uniformly over the entire history of the earth. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The earth experiences a complete 'overhaul' of its continents every 700,000 years, at the end of the reign of all 24 Elders.

83.         (The 24 Elders each rule for about 25,000 years. After 700,000 all of them have ruled and they reset history for another 700,000 years. This is accompanied by a cleansing of the earth that involves major cataclysms that completely rearrange the continents).

84.         The last one was 15,000 years ago. To give you an idea of the error resulting from the theories of modern scientists, they claim that the Grand Canyon in Colorado was carved over millions of years by the river that flows in it. This is not true. It was formed overnight by a series of earthquakes and aftershocks. A similar effect, on a smaller scale, was formed under the sea by the earthquake that caused last year's Pacific tsunami. So certain fossils that are found deep underground and are reported to be millions of years old are only 15,000 years old, placed there during the mighty turbulence caused by massive earth movements.

85.         As to the other methods of dating, there is a lot of info on the web that proves that their reliability is well under 10%. They inflate it for the sake of their academic careers and other such superficial reasons.

86.         And about the development of the 'ugly' animals and plants, these are mutations. Mutations do not evolve by the rules of Darwin. They show up in one generation. As soon as the evil mentality of the races condensed into the earth's magnetic mind, these mutations started to form almost immediately and became established after only 7 or 8 generations.

87.         Vampires are psychic manifestations. We'll talk about them at some other time.

88.         Make a list of your questions, if you like, and send them to me and we'll discuss them when I return.
Till later, peace
(I'm afraid the Rasta question will have to wait also)
Black Roots

89.         Peace Brother Black Roots:
I still have a lot of questions, I'll list them, lets begin with the geology and earth history:

90.         If certain mutations of animal (lets take a "nasty" mammal, rats) began in the last 6k yrs why DO you find older fossils in the rock record, ie rodents begin to appear well into the mesozoic, beyond 1.5 million years.

91.         If beds are overturned, there are indicators, such as overturned ripple marks, inverted rain drops, etc

92.         Not all dating methods have such low realiablity, for instance magnetics dating, where the strength and direction of the earth's magnetic field is imprinted to at rock at solidification, this works well for dating lava flows. Also carbon dating, and radioactive decay, not all these methods can discounted as working only 10% of the time. Are there any dating techniques you feel might work better, or are useful? Or do you feel that there is no real point in unraveling the earth's history in this way?

93.         If the earth underwent drastic castastrophic upheaval fairly recently, why wouldn't deposition records be characteristic of rapid deposition, ie landslides, large scale mass wasting. When I look at movement along a fault line, there's "evidence" for displacement and mass wasting can be linked to a trigger, I'm still curious where scientists went wrong, the geologic timescale is riddled with errors I know, but I didn't think it was so grossly in error. What epochs or periods do you find to be correct?

94.         Are the oldest rocks found on the planet not really that old, ie continental cratonic material? (Canada, Africa, Austrailia), dated at ~1.2 bil yrs

95.         Is the island you're speaking of in the Pacific, the Continent of Mu? Will you tell the story of its existance? As a side note I read an article about 3 yrs ago about a Berkley scientist that found evidence for a sumberged island off the coast of California, some were saying it might be a piece of Mu moving with the Pacific plate toward the N.A. subduction zone.

96.         As you can see I'm very interested in how our Ancient Elders view geology, geologic change, and our response to earth fluctuations. I've searched a lot, looking for how we view the sciences specifically geology as a culmination of all the sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, etc). As I've learned, science is very intuitive, which is a staunch contrast to the types of people typically seen as "scientists." Generally, could you speak about geology as an ancient "art form" and how it should be practiced? Or will be practiced again?
Thanks again for taking to time to answer my questions.
One Love

97.         Modern scientists classify living things mainly by their form. The ancients did the exact opposite. They classified them by their function, paying little attention to the form when it comes to naming and classifying. Thus if you were to study the modern African names of some animals you'd realize that they describe what the animal does rather than how it looks.

98.         That's important, and is the proper way to classify animals because a slight change in genetic structure might not show in the animal's form, but could change its function drastically.

99.         All animals and plants were put on earth to serve a specific function. When the function of that animal changes, it can no longer be called by that name. To the ancients, it becomes an entirely new creature which in fact it is because the change in function is brought about by a genetic mutation, no matter how slight. So animals like rats, roaches and other modern 'ugly' types did exist, but were not 'ugly' then. The reason these animals are foul today is not because of how they look, but what they do to people and other life forms, i.e. being parasitic, causing diseases etc.

100.         Such animals did not exist 6,000 years ago. In fact, prior to 50,000 years ago there were not even animals that preyed on other animals. All animals then ate only plants. The only kind that ate flesh were small animals that ate only dead flesh, helping to break it down.

101.         Thus you'll find 'rats', 'mosquitoes' and the like in ancient fossils, but they are not the same foul creatures in existence today. They mutated as a direct result of the nature of modern people, taking on their current despicable functions to directly reflect those natures in the races.

102.         As for the dating time scales that I said are wrong, I'm referring mostly to human fossils (neanderthal, homo erectus etc), none of which are more that 50,000 years old, although I still maintain that all their dating schemes are grossly in error, being less than 10% accurate.
Till next time
Love and peace

103.         Peace Brother Blk Roots,
I know you are busy and I certainly appreci'love the time you take to listen and answer my questions. I've been contemplating your posts and working to wrap my mind around the new/old concepts while continuing down my own spritual path.

104.         I've been learning about traditional Afrikan religions specifically Ifa and spent some time with a well regarded Ifa Priest in order to solve a very real spiritual/psychic energy manifestation problem. The priest was able to solve my problem through a cleaning but now my spritual journey to realize my purpose and goals on earth still remain unanswered. And I do not believe the answer lies in religion, traditional Afrikan or otherwise.

105.         You spoke about traditional Afrikan religions beginning with the lighter races 6k yrs ago, this true spiritual path for the original 1b8m, how will this be revealed to those of us who seek? The Ifa priest I spoke of told me straight (through divination), that religion is not my path but an internal spritual journey, learning to hear/listen my true spritual self (Ori) will lead me to where I need to go.

106.         Do you have any suggestions for hearing? What is the elder's plan?
Thanks again, and I innerstand that you are busy and will reply when time permits.
One Love and Protection.

107.         Peace. I posted a simple exercise some time ago on hearing the inner guide in answer to an identical question from a brother.
I'll quote it here, as it may be useful to you too:

108.         "Dear Brother:
As I mentioned some time ago, every Black person has the truth in him/her, because God is incarnated in each one of us. Or more accurately, each one of us is God incarnated as a new personality.

109.         God comes from the completed previous universe in the form of 1 billion eight million Black people united as one in mind and heart. After they create the new universe, they leave the divine oneness and become separate minds. From that time until the end of the universe they (or rather we) incarnate time and again as new persons.

110.         Although we are new personalities who have never lived before, we are at the same time those very same original Gods who created the universe. That is how God renews him/herself. God is a brand new baby who has never existed before, but is simultaneously the oldest person there is who has always existed and is hoary with ageless wisdom.

111.         The eternal self that is incarnated in us is called our first Self, one of the original B8M Gods.
Whenever we think a thought, ask a question, or wonder about anything whatsoever, the first self is always the first to answer. He/she is the great interferer, so to speak. But he/she never imposes. His/her answer comes as direct knowledge, as if you are remembering something you always knew.

112.         Now, although the first Self always answers, we don't always hear. Or rather, we always hear, but we immediately enter into a debate within ourselves, especially when we don't like the answer. But his/her answer is always the only true one. So the trick is to train ourselves to hear it.

113.         There's a simple exercise anyone can do to hear better. Whenever you have a mundane question, try and remember the first answer you received in your mind. This is easy to do once you are aware that you are doing it. It's possible to remember that first answer every time, even after you have gone through the usual internal debate. All you have to do is become aware that you are debating with yourself and simply stop and try to recall the first thought that led to the inner argument. When you try this, you'll discover that you can easily remember it.

114.         It's important when you try this exercise to start with mundane questions, never serious issues. By mundane, I mean things like, "what should I wear today?", "what should I have for breakfast, dinner?", "what movie should I go see?" and so on.

115.         After a few weeks you'll be able to stop and remember the first answer to your questions before you start debating within. In a few months you'll discover to your surprise that you even receive answers concerning knowledge you thought you never knew at all, even ancestral knowledge.

116.         This exercise is most effective when one does not dwell on it and turn it into a chore. Do it once or twice a day, whenever you remember. It will pick up its own momentum effortlessly, and the long term results will be quite surprising."
Till later,

117.         Thanks. I did read that post a while back and was practicing, but I suppose the internal debate got the better of me for the moment. I'll go back to my exercises.
Thanks for the reminder.



RS What is physics?
It is the knowledge of the laws and principles of atoms and electrons.

2. What is astronomy?
It is the knowledge of the laws governing stars and planets.
3. What is the only difference between stars and atoms?
Size is the only difference. The laws and principles are the same.
4. What is the electron like, on a giant size scale?
The earth is a giant size electron.
5. What is the nucleus like, on a giant size scale?
The sun is a giant sized nucleus.
5b. What is the atom like on a giant scale?
Our solar system is a giant atom.
6. What is the atom made of?
The atom itself is made of atoms.
7. Why will the fundamental particle of matter never be found by scientific instruments?
It will never be found by instruments because every atom is made of miniature atoms, themselves made of even smaller atoms, to infinity.

8. What is the size of the solar system?
The solar system is measured to be 7,900 million miles across.
9. What is the size of the earth?
Our earth is measured at only 7,900 miles across.
10.What is the size of the electron?
The electron has been measured at about 1/4 trillionth of an inch.
11.What is the size of the atom?
The atom at about 1/4 millionth of an inch across.
12.What is the law of creation?
The law of creation is: As above, so it is below.

BRS 3 & 4
13. What can be considered as a mini earth; the electron or the atom?
The electron.
14. What can be considered as a mini universe; the earth or the solar system?
The earth.
15. How can we find out the size of the universe?
By knowing the size of the earth.
16. What is the distance separating stars?
The Stars are separated from each other by about 32 trillion miles.
17. How many solar systems can fit in the distance separating stars?
4,000 star systems will fit in the distance separating two stars.
18. How many atoms can fit in the distance separating atoms?
19. Why are the answers to 17 and 18 the same?
The same law applies. As above, so below.
20. By how much are atoms separated?
Any two atoms are separated by 1 thousandth of an inch.

BRS 5 & 6
21. How many atoms make up the earth?
There are 125 billion trillion trillion atoms inside the earth.
22. How many stars make up the universe?
125 billion trillion trillion.
23. Why are the answers to 21 and 22 the same?
The same law applies. As above, so below.
24. How much bigger is the earth than the atom?
The earth is 2,000 trillion times bigger than the atom.
25. How much bigger is the universe than the solar system?
The universe is 2,000 trillion times bigger than the solar system.
26. Why are the answers to 24 and 25 the same?
The same law applies. As above, so below.
27. What is the size of the universe?
The universe is 16 trillion trillion miles across and has 125 billion trillion trillion stars.

28. Was the universe created by a huge explosion (big bang)?
29. What does the law of cycles say?
The law of creation is the law of cycles, which says the end point is the same as the beginning point, and the cycle repeats.
30. Where did the present universe originate?
The present universe originated from the previous one.
31. Where did the previous universe originate?
The previous universe originated from the one before.
32. When was the beginning?
There is no beginning and no end. It has always been, and ever shall be.
33. Where did the earth's atoms come from?
They were actually the star systems of that previous universe of our ancestors.
34. Who created our universe?
Our ancestors, the original People called the First Gods.


The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit


he 24 Elders are called the Fathers and Mothers of the Nation. Each Elder is called Father by his tribe, and his wife, the Queen, is called Mother.

2.         The 144 Chiefs are called the Sons and Daughters of the Elders. Each Chief is called the Son by his clan, and the co-Chief, his wife, is called the Daughter. The 144,000 Judges are called the Holy Spirit, or Divine Life, by the residents of their town.

3.         The three groups of our leaders, the Elders, Chiefs, and Judges, are called the highest Holy Trinity.
Their designation as the highest holy trinity comes from the following teaching:

4.         We are taught that the true name of reality, or all of existence, is the holy trinity. At the beginning of creation that has no beginning, God created reality in the form of a triangle, or three-sided "form", or trinity. To this day, all reality is created in exactly the same way, every time. First God divided into two, and then into three, and when he/she became three, then reality, or all of existence in the universe, came into being. Since that moment, every event in reality, every action in life, every movement in the universe, every facet of life whatsoever, is in the form of the holy triangle.

5.         We are taught that when a young girl sweeps the floor of her house, that event is in the form of the divine trinity. When a boy plays a drum or a woman dances to music, all those movements are in the form of the holy trinity, or triangle of reality.

6.         In the case of the young girl, she is called the mother of her divine trinity. The clean floor that results from her sweeping is called the daughter of her divine trinity, and the act of sweeping is called her holy spirit.

7.         The boy playing the drum is called the father of his actions. The music he brings into existence is called his son and the act of playing the drum is called his holy spirit.

8.         The dancing woman is also the mother of her actions. The dance resulting from her actions is her daughter, and the action of her swaying hips is called her holy spirit. To our ancestors, every action is holy, and is called the holy spirit. When you type a message on the computer, that typing action is your holy spirit. The message you create is your son or daughter, and you are the father or mother of your holy trinity, or triangle of reality.

9.         Every result of every action is called the son or daughter of its creator, and the individual creating it is its father or mother. This is called the divine trinity by means of which reality comes into existence.

10.         All reality exists by the manifestation of the divine trinity in every universal event, however serious or mundane.

11.         Reality manifests on the highest level as God (the Father/Mother), the universe (the son/daughter), and life (the holy spirit). So God, the universe, and life are the highest manifestation of the holy trinity, or triangle of existence.

12.         The Holy Trinity is personified on the highest level in the persons of the 24 Elders as the Fathers/Mothers, the Custodians of Unity; the 144 Chiefs as the Sons/Daughters, or Custodians of Universal Energy; and the 144,000 Judges as the Holy Spirit, or Custodians of Divine Life. Our leaders are called the Highest Holy Trinity.

13.         In addition, the Elders are called the Custodians of Divine Unity. (Divine means perfect, complete, whole or holy). Divine unity is another name for the oneness of God.

14.         The 24 Elders are also called the home of eternity. When the singers compose their songs, they call them by many other names. The poets use even more names as they feel inspired to sing their praises. But of all the names of the Elders, the most popular and most beloved is simply Mother and Father. In the eternal language of the Black Nation, mother is Ma and father is Ra.
Ra and Ma, or simply RAMA.
That is the eternal name of God.

15.         And it is by the will of God that reality manifests on earth in the form of the divine triangle.

16.         That is the origin of the expression, "the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit", also called by our people, the Mother, the Daughter, and the Divine Life.



esus came 2,000 years ago in order to re introduce, among other things, the concept of the holy trinity.

2.         Soon after he passed, the light skinned races latched onto this concept and corrupted it beyond recognition. Today it is no more than a useless mystery, causing untold confusion as to who God really is.

3.         But He taught other lessons as well. The events associated with his teachings are recorded reasonably accurately in the bible, but the teachings themselves are no longer discernible in the events. As I mentioned before, Jesus came into Palestine at a time when the misery and oppression of Black people living in the middle east was at an all time high, coming from the Romans, Persians and every race that ever conquered Egypt and the middle east in those days.

4.         He came to offer comfort to Black people, his people, and to remind them of their origins and everlasting glory, which they had forgotten over the passage of many centuries.

5.         One thing he did not come to do was to start a religion or to be worshipped. Yet that was to be expected of the light races, as they have done the same thing with the four other mahdis or messiahs that came before him.

6.         The first lesson he taught was that true love is mind and heart unity. True or divine love happens only when two or more people unite in mind and heart as one person. There is no other kind of real love. Any other kind is material or physical love, of which animals are also capable. He taught this by means of the statements, "I and the father are one" and "I will be there only when two or more of you are united in my name (i.e. in mind and heart unity)."

7.         Jesus, as well as the 6 other mahdis that have been born, are said to have had a "virgin" birth.

8.         Every person born on earth is born with two types of minds; a conscious and unconscious (or subconscious) mind. The unconscious mind is called ancestral memory by our people, and is called the "collective unconscious" by modern psychiatrists. This unconscious mind is not to be confused with suppressed memories. Suppressed memories, or what Freud mistakenly called the subconscious mind, is really part of the conscious mind. It was conscious at one point and became subconscious by being suppressed for various reasons, chief of which is self preservation in the case where such memories cause trauma.

9.         This type of suppressed memory is not subconscious or unconscious in all people. There are people who have what is called total recall. They never forget anything they have ever experienced. In Africa, such people are called griots, or reciters of tribal history.

10.         True unconscious memory is a gift from our ancestors. It is a record of the lives of our ancestors going back to the beginning of the universe. In the case of the light races, their gift of ancestral memory, or their collective unconscious, only goes back 6,000 years, to their beginning point.

11.         This unconscious mind or ancestral memory is always unconscious in each individual. On the other hand it is always conscious in the 24 Elders, who are the conscious mind of the Nation, or the custodians of eternal consciousness. But it is always unconscious in individuals. It was unconscious when it entered the individual's mind at conception, and remains unconscious until it is kindled by rituals of initiation.

12.         Now, it so happens that there are seven individuals who were born on earth with their ancestral memory being conscious from conception. These individuals, when they are born, are said to have had an immaculate conception, or a virgin birth. The gift of ancestral memory, also called the mind of God, comes directly from the 24 Elders. When every individual is born on earth, the Elders send this incarnation or mind of God into that person by "detaching" it from themselves. When the Elders send the incarnation into a newly conceived baby without "detaching" it from themselves, then that ancestral memory becomes conscious in that individual, who is then united with the Elders. The person spontaneously becomes aware of it as soon as he reaches puberty. In Jesus' case this happened when he was 12 years old. Such an individual is sent on a mission by the Elders. By being born in unity with them, he is said to have had an immaculate or virgin birth. Jesus was one of seven such people in the last 6,000 years.

13.         By divine love he meant this unity with the 2 Elders of his tribe, whom he called the Father and Mother. In teaching about true or divine love he said, "Be one with your neighbor even as I and the Father (Mother) are one." That is, people can experience divine love only by being united as one in mind and heart. He did not say, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself", but rather, "Love your neighbor as yourself", meaning you literally become your soul mate, and he/she becomes you, the two as one in divine unity. That was his first lesson.

14.         The next lesson he taught was that in order to reach heaven, or the eternal state of mind in which the Elders live, the individual can only get there through the Son and by the help of the Holy Spirit, and no other way.

15.         The Judges, the Chiefs, and the Elders form the steps of a pyramid of ascendance, with the Elders being the pinnacle or capstone, the final point of eternity. To climb to this pinnacle during the rituals of initiation, it is necessary that individuals do so with the help of the Judges and Chiefs. In each of the seven great rituals of the Black Nation, the people unite first with the minds of the 144,000 Judges, then with the 144 Chiefs, and only then are they able to reach the state of mind of the Elders. Any other direct way would result in failure, as the divine state of the Elders is too far up to reach without the help of the Chiefs and Judges, who are called the Son (Daughter) and the Holy Spirit. That is the meaning of the second teaching that one can enter heaven (divine unity) only through the Son (Daughter) and by the help of the Holy Spirit.

16.         The third fact that Jesus came to remind Black people of is that the Black woman is God, just as perfectly as the Black man. Two thousand years ago Black people who lived in the middle east (especially in the region today called Israel and Palestine) had been under the influence of the light races for so long that they had adopted some of their oppressive customs, especially the evil custom of oppressing women. They believed the lie that the woman was made from the man's rib. People such as Paul "the apostle" and his followers did the most damage, after Jesus was gone, in furthering this lie. Jesus not only taught that the Black woman was the Black man's equal and soul mate without whom neither one is complete, but he actually demonstrated this truth in his relationship with Mary of Magdala. He developed a relationship of equality with this Black woman and elevated her to a status beyond even his male disciples. They were initially outraged by his attitude, but soon learned the truth they had forgotten.

17.         Because of his unity with the Chiefs, the Custodians of all universal Forces and Energy, Jesus also had what is called "supernatural" power, or power over the elements, as in the case of turning water into wine, quieting the seas and so on. He made use of these "miracles" to teach the lesson that Black people are not subject to the laws of nature, but rather the laws of nature are subject to, and originate from us. Our ancestors of his time, in the midst of their misery, had become superstitious and turned to worshipping natural forces in order to placate them. Such behavior was the result of centuries of ignorance and self forgetfulness. By demonstrating total control of nature, he reminded them that all the laws and conditions of nature originate from the minds of the 144 Chiefs, who are the custodians of all universal conditions.

18.         His fifth lesson had to do with the renewal of the laws of Moses, who came before him as the fourth messiah. Moses established many laws and customs that had been lost. After he passed, the light races turned his laws and customs into oppressive superstitions. Their leaders turned them into religious rituals with which they ruled and oppressed the masses, even as they do today in the superstitious religion called Judaism.

19.         Jesus said he had come to fulfill the laws of Moses, meaning to re establish them and explain their purpose. Their main purpose was to promote a clean, hygienic way of life, whereby people avoid disease through the proper treatment of their bodies, food, and animals. In addition, the laws served the purpose of promoting peaceful co existence through the so called "ten commandments". These two things, proper hygiene and proper social relations, lead to a healthy mind and body, and to peace, both of which are essential for the attainment of divine unity, which is the purpose of life. These simple laws had been corrupted beyond recognition, and Jesus simplified them in his fifth teaching.

20.         His sixth lesson was about the origin, nature and destiny of the light races. He described to his disciples all that will happen when the rule of the light races comes to an end. His description of the end times was taken by the races and turned into the scenario of armageddon as it is well known today.

21.         He also taught a seventh lesson which completed his mission on earth. I will discuss it at some other time, as it has to do with the process of ascension.

22.         dont get me wrong, i do appreciate the knowledge that you are dispensing
who are you referring to???
y'shua ben pindara(sp)
y'shua ben precuria(sp)
jesus christ is a figment of white mans imagination, and clarification of this is vital
krst is a principle that i aspire towards
it is not a person and it never was, it can be emulated by ppl but to define it as a particular individual who was born of a virgin suffered under pontius pilate( wait pilate never mentions him....hmmmmm)....( neither does herod hmmmm dfidnt he go around slaying the male children???....he doesnt mention this either...)

23.         i try to analyse facts and allegories and parables, but there are differences within those three things....truth can be learned from facts, alegory,myth, and parables...but to equate a fact with an allegory, or a myth, or a parable is incorrect, and UNTRUE

24.         Greetings, brother.
If I were to change the title to: "The true teachings of Y'shua ben Pandira or Y'shua ben Precuria", you would no doubt find it more acceptable. Why?
Ask yourself, where did you get these names?

25.         I'll be very immodest (allow me this one time) and answer the question for you: You got them from the white man. Would you deny this?
If that's the case, then why are they not also a figment of yt's imagination? I don't intend to sound arrogant, but I must call it like it is.

26.         You are arguing about the falsehood of one name that comes from yt, and want to replace it with a "true" one. But that also comes from yt. So now you reject one of yt's figments and try to replace it with another one of yt's figments of the imagination. This is a preposterous situation.

27.         The true name of Jesus is a particular SOUND. After all, alphabets only represent sounds. Now that sound which is his name can BEST be approximated using the Aramaic alphabet. All other approximations are translations, the closest being Hebrew and Arabic, as these two languages are the closest to Aramaic. So I approximate his name as Yeshua ben Yusuf. That SOUND (not the letters) comes the closest to the original Aramaic sound.

28.         But I prefer to use the name Jesus. The reason is because that's the common name most people are familiar with. If I were to use an obscure name like Yeshua ben Pandira, it would serve those who are well read in religious matters, but it would leave most people with the impression that I'm referring to another Jesus different than the one in the Bible. My goal is to reveal that the Jesus of the Bible actually existed, but his teachings were stolen and changed to serve the money and power interests of the Catholic church. The best way to get back what they stole is not to claim that he never existed just because we hate what the church did with his teachings, but to reveal his true teachings, which were, and still are, for the benefit of Black people. This is stolen merchandise. We must get it back by direct positive confrontation of their lies, and not by a negative method of denial or trying to erase history.

29.         i only have 1 minute here at this time...but i would find it more TRUTHful if correct names were used...
y'shua ben pindira etc are catalogued in the annals of VARIOUs historians that lived around the time and after....i can verify this info...wereas with jesus...it is FICTION
additionally y'shau be pindira, and y'shua ben precuria are two different ppl.

30.         The two names Pandira and Procuria refer to the same person, Joseph, the father of Yeshua (Jesus). They are what today would be called "descriptive names"; that's a name a person is known by instead of his proper name. For example a small town carpenter would be called "Joe the carpenter" instead of Joe Smith, to distinguish him from other Joe's in the town.

31.         In addition to being a carpenter, Joseph was a debt collector for rich people (money lenders). Hence he was called prokorios in Greek, which became procurius in Latin. It means to take care of something for someone else. The word pandira is a corruption of the ancient African word patela, which literally means "pay up". The Dutch word "betaal" (to pay) is derived from it. So the two words are identical and were used interchangeably to refer to Joseph.

32.         As has happened many times with the translations of other people's names, translators assumed these were two different people, and even assigned different time periods to them. To add to the confusion, there were many other people by the name of pandira, which was as common as the name for carpenter. And so there are other Yeshua ben Pandiras who also became famous for different reasons. So when you see this name mentioned, don't assume the narrator knows the difference between one person and another of the same name.

33.         If I may add my 0.02 to this discussion........
Yeshua ben Pandera, the talmudic character is fictional. A major nothern sanctuary of the worship of Ausar, Auset and Heru (and this held true also very heavily in the "christian era") is a city called "Tata" (often written with the metut/symbol for the soft 't'or 'd'). It is pronounced 'Dada'. It is often spelled 'Tettetu', or 'Tettet'. The triad of the city was 'Ba Neb Tata', 'Hat Mehit', and 'Heru pa khart'. (A "bishop" was sent from this region to the council of Nicea. Remember "bishop" is actually defined in by Webster as the head of a non christian religious sect/group, etc.)

34.         Ausar was identified with Ba Neb Tata. Look at the "names of Ausar in all the shrines wherein He dwells" (See Budge's 'Gods of the Egyptians, Vol. 2, Osiris chapter'.) One of Ausar's titles is "Ausar Ba Neb Tata". 'Ba' means 'Ram'. 'Neb' means 'master, lord'. 'Tata' (Dada) is the name of the city. 'Ba Neb Dada' is thus "the Great Ram, lord of the city Tata (Dada)". The greeks called the city 'Mendes'. 'Hat Mehit' was identified with 'Auset'. 'Heru pa khart', meaning "Heru the child", was identified with Heru or Khensu son of Ausar and Auset.

35.         'Ba Neb Tata' or 'Ba Neb Dada' became corrupted into 'Ba Ne Dada, Banedada, Bandada, Pandada and Pandera'. Remember, the rolling 'r' in our Ancestral languages (tongue tapping the roof of the mouth once) sounds like a soft 'd'. This is why Tuesday in the Akan language (Benada Beh nah dah) is veritably indistinguishable with benara (Beh nah rah), when the rolling 'r' is pronounced. This is why "Ra" is pronounced/called "Da" in Ewe Vodoun. 'B' and 'P' are interchangeable. The 'n' is nasal.

36.         Ausar or 'Banebdada/Bandara/Pandara/Pandera' is "the Father" symbolized as a 'Ram'. Heru pa khart is Heru (Khensu/Hesus/Yeshu) son of Pandera. The son of the Ram is the Lamb. There is no "historical jesus" named "ben Pandira". This was a major mistake made by Gerald Massey.

37.         All of this information is in the texts of our Ancestresses and Ancestors and in the languages and cultural/spiritual practices of our contemporary Ancestral Clans (Akan, Bakongo, Yoruba, Igbo, Bambara, Nguni, Dogon, etc.)
Source: Kwesi Ra Nehem Ahkan

38.         It's not possible to discover the truth by tracing it backwards. Truth can be known only by starting at the origin and going forward. Any other method will lead to error. God starts as a singularity or divine unity of all Black people and separates into the endless multiplicity that make up the universe. To try and discover the unity of God by reconstructing the multiple parts as in a jigsaw puzzle will ALWAYS result in error.

39.         In the same way, so too do all living systems in creation originate from unity and diversify into multiplicity. This is true of life forms (which originate from the unity of character into the 144,000 totems and then multitudes of species). It's also true of language, which is itself a living system. All languages on earth, without exception, developed from the 12 original languages of the Black nation. The 12 languages originate from one language called the unspoken language. It's a language of thought symbols, or telepathy, and all genuine symbols of initiation, including genuine hieroglyphs, originate from the mental symbols. As soon as this language is uttered, it differentiates into 12 spoken languages because there are 12 Gods at the head of the 12 tribes (12 Gods in mind unity, 24 Elders in physical manifestation).

40.         That's how the 12 languages came about. All other languages in turn came from the 12, and they developed by a process of corruption. Corruption comes about as a result of the deterioration of the human body. All human bodies on earth have been deteriorating steadily for 6,000 years, or longer if one goes back 50,000 years. As they deteriorate, the tongue and the vocal chords, as well as the parts of the brain responsible for speech also decline. This causes a downward change in speech, or a devolution, if you will. Thus all earth's languages today are inferior to those of the past, and those are inferior to the original 12.

41.         Now, the 12 original languages are spoken by 12 modern tribal societies on earth. Ten of these societies are in Africa. Of these 10, one is the language called Sechwana. The Batswana tribe of southern Africa speak a modern version of it called Setswana. The original itself, Sechwana, is the language of initiation of the Batswana. Similarly the 11 other Black societies that are custodians of the ancient languages use them in their initiations.

42.         In order to discover how the modern languages of the Bakongo, Yoruba, Igbo etc became what they are, one must start with the original language and follow its differentiation going FORWARD in time until the present.

43.         It's not possible to start with the multitudes of languages and reconstruct the original by a BACKWARD tracing type of scholarly investigation. It's as impossible as trying to put together a broken egg shell. There are so many discontinuities in the devolution from singularity to multiplicity that you would encounter insurmountable pitfalls. It's somewhat similar to the pitfalls modern paleontologists encounter when they try to reconstruct the original totems from the multitudes of plants and animals on earth. The discontinuities make it difficult to bridge across many of the gaps and variations.

44.         By discontinuities I mean sudden changes that show no relationship between what came before and what followed immediately after. For example, the change from a chrysalis (worm) to a butterfly is an insurmountable discontinuity. It's not possible to trace this change backwards by a scholarly or intellectual study. You can only understand this type of transformation by actually witnessing it; otherwise you'd never believe that a worm could turn into a butterfly. Similarly there are many such traps awaiting scholars in the development of languages.

45.         The erroneous reconstruction of Pandera from Ba Neb Tata is just such an example. This type of intellectual exercise relies entirely on guesswork. The scholar searches for words that sound alike and then associates them. This is completely arbitrary. By necessity the scholar must restrict himself to only those words he knows. What if the correct association is with words he's never heard of? He must perforce exclude them since he has no inkling of their existence.

46.         As you can see, the only correct way is to start with the original language and then follow it forward experientially over the millennia to see how it became the various languages. The only way to do this is by the infallible method of initiation. It allows the mind to travel back in time and live the lives of the ancestors, and actually experience first hand the diversification of languages, and at the same time confirm beyond the possibility of doubt the existence of these very same ancestors and discover their true names.

47.         First off, I disagree with most of what you have stated, more notably concerning your comment about the impossibility of discovering the truth by tracing it backwards. Especially since after you made that comment, you proceeded to "go backwards" to try and prove a point. You stated that the 12 languages originate from one language called the unspoken language. The "unspoken" language???? Are you saying this is the name of the original language, the "unspoken" language????

48.         I'll wait for you to comment on that while I compose other questions.

49.         The unspoken language is the mother of the 12 spoken languages. The reason it's called the unspoken language is because it doesn't involve speech, but only thought symbols. So it's a silent communication and cannot possibly have a name. Hence it's called the silent language. The word "language" may be an inappropriate translation here since it implies speech; but look, in English, computer programming is called a language. So too is the communication of 'deaf & dumb' people called sign language even though neither one involves speech.

50.         This is the nature of all corrupted human languages, especially the light race languages. They've reached a state of extreme devolution, and are riddled with self contradictions. Such is not the case with the ancient languages. They are a perfect means of communication whose words are so absolutely clear that they admit no possibility of misinterpretation. This may sound far fetched, but that's because the majority of Black people on earth have forgotten our original languages due to the circumstances of the past 6,000 years.

51.         I had brother in the priesthood named Kwesi Ra Nehem Ahkan have a look at your initial response to me and we both concluded the same thing. Since I referred to his work as a source of my explanation and being that you discredited his work, I had him respond to your response. Here is what he had to say:

52.         "The post made by the brother is simply a litany of errors. He makes a number of false assumptions and then draws conclusions which are equally false. There are also a number of inaccuracies promoted as facts (12 languages, 10 in Africa, deterioration of bodies for 6,000 years, etc., etc.). There are a number of influences, direct and/or indirect that lead to these kinds of mis guided notions Nation of Islam doctrine, 5% doctrine, Moorish science doctrine, Bobby Hemmit, Phil Valentine, Delbert Blair, Nuwapian, white and non white new age writings, white and non white mis interpretations of Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religious Culture and Practice, etc.

53.         I won't waste time addressing every single point, because the central theme is that in reality we do start from the beginning. The Kukuu Tuntum begins with the creation of the universe. The languages of the Akan, Yoruba, Igbo, etc. are not recent perversions or fragments of ancient languages, they are direct descendants with alterations in tonality and speech articulation patterns which were/are sanctioned by the Deities and Ancestral Spirits Themselves. This brings up the other essential point, which is that the ritual practices we employ are from the "beginning" as well.

54.         We still become possessed, empowered and guided by the Deities (the same Deities who have governed the Universe since Its inception and our most Ancient Ancestresses and Ancestors. They still speak to and through us. Our contemporary languages on the continent carry spiritual potency of the Divine. We have authentic initiations for priest/esshood and other offices (he speaks of initiation, but it sounds like new age "initiation" because no authentic intiations in Akan, Yoruba, etc. or any other Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit culture would confer upon the new priest/ess such mis guided doctrine). The Deities speak through us at the shrines, through possession, through divination, audibly, visibly and also symbolically. This by the way is how the proper derivations of the name Ba Neb Tata (Pandira) came from/comes from as well as all of the other etymologies. Our scholarship is based on communication with the Deities and Ancestral Spirits. They then direct us to the specific physical evidence (languages, metutu, ritual practices, etc.) which confirm for us physically what they have shared with us non physically.

55.         The brother's analysis of my vantage point, intentions, methods, etc. are wholly inaccurate. The fact that such a depth of inaccuracies are manifest in his single response is almost astonishing.

56.         Ultimately, any of us who actually embraces our Ancestral culture will begin to communicate with and ritually engage the Deities and Ancestral Spirits themselves. This is the major goal of informing our people about our culture the re embrace of Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit Ancestral Religion. They will then avail themselves of the various mechanisms in our culture which can be used to verify the accuracy of any kind of information including the info. I've published. This verification has already been done by a number of people who are involved in authentic Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit Ancestral Religion."
Ma asomdwoee Hetep,
Ra Nehem




athematics is the knowledge of the origin of numbers.
The numbers 1,2,3,7 and 12 came before all other numbers. They were closely followed by 5 and 10.

2.         These seven numbers are the parents of all other numbers. They are the only perfect and complete numbers. The rest are transitional or combinations of the seven. All systems in existence, natural or social, are the result of some combination of these seven primary numbers.

3.         1 is the number of divine unity, the beginning and end of all things. 2 is the number of equality or soul mates, man and woman. 3 is the number of reality manifestation, called the holy trinity of doer, deed, and action. The origin of the other numbers will be explained in what follows.

4.         All numbers lead to the most sacred of all numbers, which is one billion eight million, the number of Gods in the universe.

5.         The billion eight million Gods are the creators of the universe. They (we) are the first Gods and the original people. The number 'one billion eight million' comes about the following way:

6.         God begins as the divine unity of all Black people (in the beginning there were no non-Blacks. They were made much later from Black people).

7.         God thus begins as unity. Then he/she divides and becomes two, represented by man and woman. From two he/she becomes three, represented by man, woman, and child on a personal level, and by the highest holy trinity of Elders, Chiefs, and Judges on the highest personal level. Also by the triad of doer, deed, and action, or father, son, and holy spirit (mother, daughter, and divine life) on the existential level. 'Existential' simply means how reality comes into being. It always comes into being in threes, or trinity of doer, deed, and action, as I explained in the post about the holy trinity.

8.         From this three or trinity, God divides further and becomes 7, which is called the number of completion. This number belongs to all complete and perfect natural systems; for example the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven tones of music, the seven openings in the human head and so on. So all perfect and complete natural systems come in sevens, that's why seven is the number of completion. The reason it's seven is as follows:

9.         First of all, all reality in the universe exists in the form of a trinity. The highest holy trinity is personified in the persons of the Elders, Chiefs, and Judges. They are the creators and custodians of all that exists. First are the Elders, who are the divine unity of God. Second are the Chiefs who are the creators and custodians of all physical conditions in the universe. Third are the Judges, who are the creators and custodians of all life. The universe consists of these three things: unity, physical energy, and life. They interact with each other in various ways and result in the endless number of things that make up all reality...



ll of the things that make up reality are the combination of these 3 fundamental things; unity, energy, and life, personified in the persons of the Elders, Chiefs, and Judges.

2.         Thus whenever any major natural system is to be created, for example the colors of the rainbow, the highest holy trinity determine how it will manifest. The Elders are the highest of the three groups and have the first say in every major creation. Next are the Chiefs, then the Judges. So when the universe was being created, right at the very beginning when all was in darkness, the holy trinity came together to decide how it should all come about. The Elders spoke first, followed by the Chiefs, then the Judges. When all three have had a say, creation manifests the first three independent and primary manifestations. In terms of color, these are red, yellow, and blue. They are called the primary and independent colors because each one was created independently by each group of leaders. The Elders created the red color, the Chiefs yellow, and the Judges blue.

3.         Next the leaders collaborated to create what can be called secondary and dependent manifestations. First the Elders collaborated with the Chiefs, and their creativity resulted in a fourth manifestation, following the three primaries. In terms of color this was the combination of red and yellow, resulting in orange, which is a secondary color and the fourth manifestation. Then the Elders worked with the Judges and created the fifth type of creation. In terms of color this is the combination of red and blue, resulting in indigo. The Chiefs and Judges then created together and brought about the sixth manifestation. It's represented in color by the combination of yellow and blue, resulting in green. Then all three groups of leaders got together for the final type of creation, which brought about the seventh manifestation.

4.         In terms of color it's the combination of red, yellow, and blue, giving violet, the seventh color of the rainbow. As is clear from the combinations above, seven completes the total number of ways in which creations can be created, both independently (3 creations) and by collaboration (4 creations). Hence seven is called the number ofcompletion. The example given using colors applies to all natural systems. That is the reason why there are seven basic colors, seven tones of music, seven great rituals of the Black nation and other numbers that are multiples of seven.
From 7 God divided further and became 12...

1   2   3   1