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Bill & Boots with a couple of well deserved WV Jakes 4/06.

Todd Hamilton w/ a nice Golf Course Bass caught "sometime" in the middle of the 50 consecutive holes of golf we played that day. 5/06

Bill's #4 turkey for 2006 shot in Penn. This big guy who had 1.25+" spurrs stayed in FULL-STRUTT the entire time it took me to stalk the 150yards through a field full of cows. Even when I crested the hill at 35 yards away he still never spotted me so I shot him in full-strutt. Shot a jake 35 minutes later in WV to make #5 between WV/OHIO/PENN for 2006, which I literly stumpled on after being on the propertly on 5 minutes. Note: I decided against taking another picture w/ the two for the day because the Jake wasn't in "photo" condition. When I ran down to the jake after shooting him he decided to come back to life so we began a 5 minute wrestling match which resulted in him loosing 50% of his feathers and ending in me using the butt of the gun to repeatedly "finish" the job. I then drove to Ohio to shoot a trifecta, but couldn't find any birds so the double will have to do!!