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Thailand Amulets


Luang Phor Thuad





Luang Phor Thuad is a famous monk in Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia. And amulets with the image of LP Thuad are highly sought after by collectors and those people that want protection of safety. The most popular LP Thuad amulets are those made in Wat Chang Hai by LP Tim or Archan Tim, the abbot of Wat Chang Hai in B.E.2497.

Many miracles were told and recorded by people wearing LP Thuad amulets and one of the legends (story handed down from the past) illustrate how LP Thuad saved people from a drought calamity is as follow: - “Luong Pu Thuat became famous during the 16th century when he saved the people from draught. There was at that time, not enough drinking water, and the weather deteriorate day after day. According to an account related by villagers, a monk was sighted in a small boat which moving along the river. He was in deep meditation and prayer. After he’d finished chanting, he lowered one of his leg into the river, and within short while, the river is filled with clear, clean drinking water. A miracle had happened. This bit of good news spread throughout the province and to other parts of Thailand. The monk was no other than Luong Pu Thuat himself. The people highly respected and graciously revered him from then on (”

In addition, the current situation in Southern Thailand has ignited inundated enquiries of LP Thuat amulets, especially from the Temple of Wat Chang Hai as narrated below: -

Southern teachers request 'Luang Poh Tuad' amulets and holy water at Wat Chang Hai - translated and summarized from Komchadleuk, February 11, 2006
A group of southern teachers recently traveled to Wat Chang Hai Rat Buranaram--a Buddhist temple in Pattani Province--to request amulets of the revered (long-deceased) monk Luang Poh Tuad. They also requested holy water to ensure future prosperity. Pra Mahacharutch Udjaro, the temple's assistant abbot, disclosed that the southern insurgency had left many teachers fearful of falling victim to violence. These fears have recently led many teachers to force the closure of their schools. During these school closures, many teachers have decided to visit the temple. The teachers believe that revered Buddhist objects will help them to survive the current danger. Pra Mahacharutch also said that Wat Chang Hai is extremely pleased to be able to help these teachers. He commented that many teachers had fallen victim to terrorism over the last two years and they had not been provided with sufficient security at work.
The temple has also produced 5,000 prayer books with which government officials and ordinary people can seek peace of mind. However, it appears that the prayer books have not been produced in sufficient numbers. The temple is preparing to produce more books, but still lacks the necessary funds to do so.
The Governor of Pattani Province has also made Luang Poh Tuad amulets available to people who wish to invoke their own safety through the worship of Buddhist images (

Lastly, we provide you with a photo tour below of some images of LP Thuat B.E.2497 amulets.


Photo Tour


Current Abbot of Wat Chang Hai – Phra Khru Pariyatkijsophon

 Wat Chang Hai at Tambon Hin rai, Koke Pho District, Pattani, is more than 300 years old was the residence of the late, respected Luang Pu Thuad until his passing away. Today it is regarded as a sacred site where Buddhist devotees go to pay tribute and undergo Dharma practice.


Luang Phor Thuad Wat Chang Hai, Pattani, B.E.2497

Phim Nuea Din







Luang Phor Thuad Wat Chang Hai B.E.2497

Phim Yai




Luang Phor Thuad Wat Chang Hai B.E.2497

Phim Yai




Luang Phor Thuad Wat Chang Hai B.E.2497

Phim Yai




Luang Phor Thuad Wat Chang Hai B.E.2497

Phim Yai





Luang Phor Thuad Wat Chang Hai B.E.2497

Phim Tor









Verse of Transference


“May this virtuous merits;

Adorn the Buddha Pure Land;

Repaying four kinds of kindness above;

and avoiding those sufferings in the three paths below.


May those who see and hear of this;

All bring forth the Bodhi resolves;

When this retribution is over;

Be born together in the Land of ultimate Bliss.”