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Thailand Amulets


Luang Phor Thuad





Phra Luang Phor Thuad, Wat Prasart, B.E.2506

Phim Wat Dee Luang



Size: approximately 2.6 cm x 3.7 cm


This Phra LP Thuad imitated the design and Phim of Phra LP Thuad Wat Je Dee Luang B.E.2505. It was consecrated in Wat PraSart B.E.2506 by many Guru Monks (over hundreds of them). Three temples used the design of this Phim and without careful examination or the lack of knowledge, especially on the details in the making of the amulet itself; you may miss a rare collection. The 3 temples mentioned are 1) Wat Dee Luang, 2) Wat PraKoh and 3) Wat Prasart.


Guru Monks participated in the consecration of Wat PraSart06 amulets: -


1) LP Chong, Wat NatangNok
2) LP Nak, Wat Rakang
3) LP Ngern, Wat DonYaihom
4) LP Tae KongTong, Wat SamNgam
5) Acharn Tim, Wat ChangHai
6) LP Noi, Wat Dhamsala
7) LP Phrom, Wat ChongKae
8) LP Thob, Wat ChonDaen
9) LP Toh, Wat PradooChimplee
10) LP Kuay, Wat Kositaram
11) LP Klaai, Wat SuanKhan
12) Acharn Nam, Wat Donsala
13) LP Thir, Wat Pah Laelai
14) LP Mui, Wat Donrai
15) LP Seng, Wat Kallaya


Translated from Temple book: -


The materials used comprised of the famous Wat Chang Hai Phra LP Thuad’s left-over Neur Wans (mixed medical materials), 108 kinds of herbs and the holy soils from many places that LP Thuad used to stay. In addition, rich contents of broken fragments of Wat Bang Khun Prom from Luang Ta Pan were also used. In total, more than 300 temples contributed materials in the making of these batches of amulets.


They were consecrated twice in B.E.2506, 5th to 9th March by 234 monks and 14th to 15th November by 180 monks respectively.


Characteristics: -


This batch of LP Thuad Phim Wat Je Dee Luang is thicker than the original LP Thuad Wat Je Dee Luang B.E.2505. Apart from the thickness, many white substances can be spotted on the surface and they are the Wat Bang Khun Prom powders. Likewise, its density can be felt much weighted when place on our palms.


Easy to identify Phim.







Verse of Transference


“May this virtuous merits;

Adorn the Buddha Pure Land;

Repaying four kinds of kindness above;

and avoiding those sufferings in the three paths below.


May those who see and hear of this;

All bring forth the Bodhi resolves;

When this retribution is over;

Be born together in the Land of ultimate Bliss.”