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The homework for each course is designed to supplement the course exercises and increase your level of hands-on experience. They are only required for students seeking certification, but encouraged for all.

Web Design & Graphics Homework
1. Complete all the regular exercises.
2. In the file a:\homepage.htm of your class project, replace the words "Your Name Here" with your name.
3. Follow the examples in lesson #6 on interface slicing to recreate the same interface done in problem #8 and save your results to your Student Resource Disk.
4. After completing problem #8 you should now have both the blue button and yellow button versions of the example interface and the glow buttons should work when you pass your mouse over the buttons.
5. Acquire free Web space, if needed. If this is your first class or you need assistance, review these instructions.
6. Add your name to the top of index.htm on your Student Resource Disk and upload it to your free space.
7. Make a directory called "webdesign" in your free space.
8. Change directory to "webdesign" in your free space
9. Upload your class project and homework to the Web.
10.  Submit Your Homework URL.
11. Questions? Use the Homework Help form.

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