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Benjamin SeferagiŠ 2c

My Autobiography

As you can see, my name is Benjamin SeferagiŠ. I am 16 years old. I live in BihaŠ. I go to the Una Sana college in BihaŠ. My favourite sport is footbal. I have played for the football club "NK Jedinstvo" for 5 years and we are one of the best clubs in Bosnia and Hezegowina. We have won around 10 tournaments all around Europe. The best was the tournament "Upper Austria Cup" in Austria 2 years ago. My dream is to play one day for one of the best football clubs of the world, for ex. FC Bayern MŘnchen or FC Barcelona. My favourite player is Ronaldinho.. If you want to see his best moves visit That's me, but if you want to see more visit my photo gallery