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Customs By Bekka

Customizing is really fun, and I encourage anyone who is interested to give it a try! There are many resources for beginners on my links page.


Shimmering Seashells - My first custom!

Shimmering Seashells was created from a bait G3 Piccolo. She has received a full body airbrushed re-paint. She has been re-haired with silver and pink. Her symbols are hand painted tiny seashells in silver, pink and white. Special thanks to Tealslippers from MLP Arena, who was generous enough to supply me with materials to use in making this custom.



I made this gal for my best friend for Christmas.

She is sporting a pair of camouflaged bibs (overalls). My friend loves bibs that she cuts off into shorts (even in winter ) and her favorites are the camo ones. She also has a cute little silver dragon fly clip (she loves dragon flies, too) to hold her hair in place so she can see where she's going!

I gave this girl a full-body re-paint. The black was airbrushed, and I hand-painted the bibs, right down to the tiny brass buckles! I glitter-painted the wings with gold for an extra special touch. Her eyes are green, although it's hard to see in the piccies. I sealed her with Mod Podge Matte, except for the eyes, which I sealed with Mod Podge Gloss. She is re-haired with a mix of poison ivy and black magik from



Also a Christmas gift, she was made for my sister.

Created from a G1 Sundance who was in very poor condition. She has received a full body, airbrushed repaint. She is sealed with Mod Podge Matte, all except for her brown eyes, which are sealed with Mod Podge Gloss for that extra shine! She has been rehaired with Dollyhair Chocolate Fudge.

*Customs By Bekka are my own artistic creations. I am in no way affiliated with Hasbro*

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