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Well how can i start this. Hello my name is valeria aka beautiful IM 17 years old. I'm not vaery short or tall, I could say im a average type u know typical kind of my gurl my age. I have brown eyes and brown hair with highlights. I dress usually with pants and pretty shirts that are in style ofcourse. I sometimes wear skirts when i go out to parties with my friends. I love hanging out with my best friend Maria I've known her since 7th grade. I love my family a lot. Im from Origin Peruvian,my mom is peruvian and my dad is puerto rican. I move here to the USA when i was 11. I didnt know anyone really but as the years past I did.
my boyfriend
Im a proud peruvian mixed with puerto rican!

Me and my boyfriend live a very happy life we share everything and know we bpth have eachother for anything that we need. His name is George Amesqua. My name is Valeria crisostomo. The crazy thing is that his b-day is the same day as my brother and we're both the same sodiac sign.