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Internet Common Decency - Is it gone?

Hate Speech

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution provides protections for freedom of speech and freedom of expression, regardless of how offensive or derogatory that speech or expression may be.

This includes hate speech, the dissemination hate flyers and web content.

However, if this speech threatens violence to a specific person or group, it may then be considered a crime.

An example of this would be "fighting words," which includes comments that inflict injury or may incite violence.

To learn more about the relationship between the First Amendment and hate speech please visit the ADL's FAQ page. (1)


However, in Europe, Hate Speech has been outlawed on the Net.

Europeans Outlaw Net Hate Speech


We're not talking just cursing here. In some cases, cursing is warranted within certain contexts. We're talking about hate toward each other, in games, forums, and IRC. It's about respecting each other.


Some say the Internet can't affect you, but here's a more recent case where it did.

Online libel costs woman $10,000

Let's not forget the SideKick II Story that is still pending.


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