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Technique comparison


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Same recipe-Different results

A member of the family was currently learning to make bread and was trying to make the basic white loaf from The Beginner's Cookbook by Pamela Gwyther. It was the second time that she was making the bread because the first attempt was not very successful. Her second attempt was much better. The result was similar to the picture shown in the book and the crumb was typical of the kind of bread that you get out of a bread machine.

Since I was asked to help, I thought that the best way was to demonstrate making the bread using Artisan processes. The rule was to use the exact same recipe and see how different it would turn out. Both loaves were baked in a sub-standard counter top oven. If they had been baked in a better oven, better loaf volume would have resulted. Since, both were baked in the same oven, the comparison was valid.


The bread made using the regular way had a more regular crumb. The crumb was a little coarse. The one made the artisan way had a more open irregular crumb. From the taste, texture  and mouth-feel of the bread, it was evident that process is everything and recipes are mere guideline.

The standard loaf baked in a loaf-tin.

The 'Artisan' loaf.

A comparison of the crumb.

Regular crumb of the standard loaf.

Irregular open crumb of the 'Artisan' loaf.



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